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  1. 2016 5.3 I have the ATAK dual side exit. I'm a senior citizen and I love the sound of it. Crackles a bit on startup but quiets down in a few seconds. I live in the country so no early morning starts to bother my neighbors. I plugged in a Range device day one so no idea on drone. If I was in town tight to a neighbor, he might not like it at 5:30 am.
  2. Did your cover 40-2091MB come with the machined o-ring seal or the stock style gasket? I've looked a bit at different sellers and some say gasket, some say machined o-ring. Then I saw the Banks piece! So maybe I'll wait.
  3. A shout out to Phil on a great product! My harness came Friday. I put the new console in that evening. It took me some time to figure out how the two connectors on the 110v on the old ashtray door assembly released. Your harness looked nicer than a factory unit! Really good craftsmanship there! The two Amazon cords were easily trimmed to fit and easily routed. I did not pull or loosen my seats either but it did take awhile to figure how to get the connectors off the base they're on. The dash bracket was a bit tedious but doable. I only removed one cable from my HMI and never pulled it out, not sure why it would have to come out? The console looks great in there! Really glad I decided to go ahead with this upgrade. I still need to install the two supplied bolts through the console into the bracket. I watched that part of the video over and over where you open the console lid and lift the top off. I have tried and tried but afraid I will break something. Is there a trick to getting that to release? With the lid up I grab that edge like your video shows but I see top flexing a lot right at the rear and am afraid I'll break it. The console sits pretty solid but I'd like to get the bolts in there. Thank you for all the effort to get this whole thing available in one shot! I love setting my phone on the lid and it charges! Lol. Your video and harness really made this a simple job.
  4. Moto Metal 970's 18x9 with 18+ offset BFG K02's in 285/65R18. No rubbing anywhere. Even at lock both directions. I just have a 2" level on the front. I know they are not real big tires but I am really happy with how it improved the looks of the truck. Front tires are just even with the fender lip now, rears are tucked in a tiny bit.
  5. Nice ride! Wow, that really looks good! I kind of wanted to stay with the 18" sizes just due to all you read about the Chevy shake. I don't have the shake now. But after looking at this pic, I like those! And the 0 offset might just work too. Decisions, decisions. And I started reading through the "lift kit" thread. Man, now I'm thinking I might want to go with a lift. I should just stay off this site. Lol. Thanks for the reply and pics.
  6. I had time to go to the garage and check this out finally. There's not a whole lot of extra room in there when you're at full lock, even with the stock tire and wheel. I think a 285/65-18 would be ok. Appreciate the info!
  7. I have been reading all the tire/wheel threads for over two years on here. I'm finally ready to buy a new set for my 16 CC Silverado 1500 with a 2" level on it. I have them in my cart ready to pull the trigger but just want to verify I'm not going to have an issue. I've read some have and most haven't. I have the cast control arms. I'm looking at the Moto Metal Daggers in 18x9 with +18mm offset. Tires are Falken Wildpeak 285/65-18's. The tires calculate out to a half inch taller and just a bit over half inch wider than my stock 265 Goodyears. I see people go with the 0 offset a lot too but I don't want them sticking out past the wheel lips. I wouldn't ask but I just sat at a gun shop this weekend helping Boy Scouts selling tickets and about every fourth truck pulling in had the tires rubbing on the sharp turn into the lot. I really would prefer not to deal with that. Thanks for any and all help. Dave
  8. Sounds like you'll have a number for the complete console soon, I'm interested.
  9. I think it looks much nicer than what you started with.
  10. I'm looking at a set of wheels and tires on ebay and I want to check if these will fit. They are an 18x9 rim with +18 and 5.71" backspacing. The tires mounted on them are the Nitto Ridge Grapplers in the 33x12:50 size. I only have a 2" leveling kit on the truck. I don't go off road in this truck at all. I've got an old square body I use for that. Will these fit ok?
  11. I read about these catch cans starting last July when I purchased my white 16 CC Z71 1500. Bought one at Christmas time and installed it. Basic can with the nice lines. Mounted it up on the backside of the radiator support like some others did. I don't drive the truck all winter so didn't figure I needed it down next to the manifold. This is the first time I have checked it. About 1100 miles give or take. Looks to me to be doing a pretty good job. I'm at 9100 miles. At 10K I'm jumping to a higher viscosity oil. Anyways just thought I would share my results. Not sure why my picture is sideways. It was correct when I chose it. Too tired to mess with it.
  12. I bought a new 2016 Silverado Z71 couple days before the 4th of July. Next evening left for Hilton head Island from central pa. Never heard of the vibration issues and luckily have none yet. Had it up to the mid 90's on a couple stretches just running with traffic, smooth as silk. Nearly 5k miles now. Still smooth as silk today. I must admit I am a bit worried now and also feel for those of you who are experiencing this issue . I would be very upset if I had any of these vibration issues. I love this truck and can't imagine having all these problems. I pro-toured my early 70's Nova and had fits getting the driveline angles spot on to eliminate vibrations. I did not read all 623 pages but enough to know there seems to be no cure all. I will continue to follow this thread to learn what I can. Lots of good stuff here in this Silverado forum.
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