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  1. Its terrible..nothing like my maxima or my corvette..i hear it has to do w the direct injection..
  2. wonder if anyone added one of these nice blowers? http://www.magnacharger.com/p-127-silverado-sierra-2014-53l-direct-injection-radix-supercharger.aspx
  3. coming from me a racer..the 6.2 man!!!...its a totally different powerplant when u drive it
  4. Well see the throttle response is horrible on these 5.3s
  5. Remember if u lease your married to it for 3 years unless u wanna pay 1000s in fees... I tried to get out of mine cause of the sluggish 5.3
  6. Im pulling w mine saturday..5.3 ..342...open 1500 car trailer with my 3400 lb corvette on it..maybe total 5000lbs..im almost positive it will struggle
  7. its an awesome truck inside and out...but i want the 6.2
  8. well when i went to check it out was burried in snow and coulnt test drive and i knew it was an ltz but they gave me a deal i coulnt resist so i bought it
  9. wish they came out with a lease u can turn it in if u hate the power like me:(
  10. I like the interior and the pandora..back up camera is awesome and the mirrors go in..the power of the truck is weak
  11. I called up lingenfelter today while purchasing a line lock for my vette and question him about the Maggie on a 5.3 well 2014s..He said there so impressive and will drive around a 6.2..and doing a lot of them..hmm..5.3s only I love to see a 6.2 vs Maggie 5.3 same gear For the ones who have not drive a 6.2 your in for a huge surprise close your eyes u think u were in a vette.lol
  12. leasing they really screw u if u want to get out of it trade in value was only 33k and payoff was 45k 12k negative equity not worth it same truck as mine even same color wheels and all just the 6.2 and nav that isnt that good
  13. yes its not worth it...Im gonna see the numbers tomorow..But it maybe alot cheaper to buy the magnusun supercharger for mine..I still dont think it will be more powerful than the 6.2
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