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  1. GM originally had them all on national control, stock was not available for people to add them to a non-centennial edition but it looks like the restriction was lifted. Not sure where you ordered them through but I work at GMPartsNow.com, I set up a promo code for people on the forum for 5% off (FORUM5).
  2. I hadn't looked in a while but just noticed the centennial side door emblems are no longer restricted. https://www.gmpartsnow.com/oem-parts/gm-100-year-anniversary-door-emblem-for-both-doors-must-order-qty-2-84149657
  3. Temperature Sensor

    The sensors in the mirrors only applies to diesel models. They did make some major changes to adding camper mirrors to get them to function correctly, if you have the last 8 of your VIN I can tell you the correct part numbers you'd need.
  4. This has bothered me for some time! GM calls it a skid plate but when I think of a skid plate I think of a metal plate that actually protects the vehicle, not a fancy shiny piece of plastic!
  5. 2014 driver seat rear panel

    PM me the last 8 of your VIN and I can get you the correct part number to match.
  6. PM me your VIN (at least the last 8), I can get you a build sheet.
  7. Checked out a 15 truck on our lot today with the black 4x4 that I think you are looking for, picture below. They show in my parts catalog as part number 23218801 and are labeled "Gray". The truck I found them on has a GE7 appearance package, which is the Rally-2 package. https://www.gmpartsnow.com/oem-parts/gm-graphics-4x4-decal-23218801 If you decide to buy them through my site I created a 5% off promo for forum members, use FORUM5 at checkout. I also found a pricing error so they are not supposed to be $51.56 each, the price will drop when the site updates which should be daily...by the end of the weekend it should update for sure.
  8. I checked my parts site (GMPartsNow.com) and see what you mean with the 2 styles being shown, my GM parts catalog shows a drawn diagram that more resembles the 2nd picture. The ones from the first picture look more like the stock ones that came on my 16 which is sold individually under part number 23269921. What is the difference between the first picture of the ones you want and the ones currently on your truck? <-----scratch that question, went back to some pics and mine are red on the interior of the 4's. I will look more into this tomorrow, I am sure I can find the ones you want.
  9. I am a GM parts guy, I was not able to find it last week but am going to try and find it again when I have extra time this week. I have been having this in my truck as well, mines a lease so I have not been too concerned about it.....but it is annoying!
  10. Center console swap?

    I will admit my mistake, I hadn't quoted one in a few weeks so it was my mistake adding the lid when it was not needed. That is why his quote was higher.....my bad!
  11. A/C Condenser

    Part number 84496335 has now been replaced by 84537373.
  12. Shipped out 2 more sets today, I have 6 more sets in stock.
  13. This site has many available for all makes: https://justgivemethedamnmanual.com/ For those who like the physical paper book for their GM, Helm Inc is who prints them for GM as well as many others: http://www.helminc.com/helm/homepage.asp?r=
  14. I work with GMPartsNow.com, which is owned and operated by Berger Chevrolet. Any dealer should be able to get the accessory part number in the link I originally posted but they will probably charge you the $195 list price and need to special order them which could take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on their local Accessory supplier stock. The individual part numbers along with the side emblems are still on restriction, there is stock available but they are restricted for use only on vehicles purchased with the 100 year anniversary option. I should have the other 8 I ordered in any day now, as of this morning 7 of those will still be available through GMPartsNow.com.
  15. The emblems themselves are different, the rear could be used on either since it is just double sided tape but the way the grille changed between 15-16 resulted in the emblem changing as well. Unless someone out there has actually tried it and made it work but according to my catalog it would not.

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