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  1. That is how it comes from the factory, then GM offers the larger guards as a accessory add on. Part numbers on the accessory guards are 84649174 for the front and 84109906 for the rear. It does seem odd that the fronts have them behind the tire and the rear does not.
  2. Just grabbed a rear set of the molded GMC guards from stock, these are GM part number 84420656.
  3. I do not believe it does, the picture shows what appears to be the quad-fold but the description states tri-fold.
  4. That cover is made by Truck Hero, I do not see any notes in my GM parts catalog about not working with the auto down feature. That particular part number is specific to the 5'8" box, only shows to not fit vehicles with E3Z (Alternate material-inner pickup box) and RW9 (Composite full length bed storage box).
  5. Even after it ends it will be weeks before things get back to normal.
  6. Accessories are usually stocked at local distributors so they are not as effected by the strike, replacement parts are difficult especially for smaller dealers. My dealership currently has well over 8000 parts on order, we usually receive 2 trucks a day but have been seeing 2 trucks per week.
  7. Last I checked I believe they were mostly available, didn't check all of those numbers though. I am missing the previous model year console swap, GM included most of the parts in the main console assembly. I figured sharing those .pdfs was going to be the best way to help out. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. Hi guys! I may not have my 2016 Silverado anymore but I helped many people with this upgrade on the previous body style (which was much easier and less part numbers required). I attached some helpful .pdf files for part numbers needed, these are based on a 2019 High Country Silverado 1500, black, with wireless charging (K4C). I am more than happy to assist with different options you may be looking for, I would just need a VIN from a truck with the exact console you want. I am not on here daily anymore but feel free to contact myself or one of our other reps at [email protected] 2019 CONSOLE (1).pdf 2019 CONSOLE (2).pdf 2019 CONSOLE (3).pdf 2019 CONSOLE (4).pdf
  9. It is GM's fix for the water leak on the sliding window, they do not specifically tie the leak and glass issues together. As I mentioned my theory is pure speculation, in my opinion the leak could very well be getting on something electrical creating a short or power surge through the defroster that causes the glass to shatter. I am by no means an expert on the subject and will gladly admit that I was wrong if it proves I am, I just feel like it makes sense that the water leak and my electrical short being in the same exact area and not just a coincidence.
  10. I looked all over for a TSB relating to the rear glass shattering, found nothing. As a GM parts sales guy I could not find anything from GM saying "This is why" or "How to fix", the only thing relating to the sliding rear glass I found was about the water leak in which customers were complaining about a slightly damp floor under the rear seat.
  11. GM has nothing to address the broken glass, my assumption is pure speculation but I do not feel it is unreasonable. Water leak in the same exact area that I saw the smoke, a electrical short that caused my truck to blow a fuse every time the defrost was turned on, to me it just makes sense.
  12. Complaint filed. Curious on how you think GM should remedy this concern? It seems obvious to me that this is ultimately caused by the water leak outlined in the service bulletin, would others agree that they should make that bulletin a special policy to extend warranty coverage for those who experience the same problem or just make their water leak fix a recall?
  13. Now if I could only get GM to compensate me for all the stickers I am going to loose! lol My lease is up in September anyways!
  14. Luckily I am just under my 36k warranty, it was some kind of short and where it is requires the rear glass to be replaced. This is the bulletin about the water leak, I never noticed a water leak but it is the same area I had the smoke. https://gm.oemdtc.com/8793/water-leak-under-back-glass-from-power-sliding-window-2014-2016-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra
  15. I will pass along what information I can, he is checking grounds right now. I did see a document regarding a water leak in that area, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
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