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  1. For sale- 2018 LTZ chrome grille

    Well, I would be interested if shipping isn’t too crazy.
  2. For sale- 2018 LTZ chrome grille

    Any idea what shipping to Upstate NY would be?
  3. Great looking truck. I’m jealous.
  4. Hey Volkster. Just giving a shoutout as I’m in Clifton Park as well.
  5. Sierra DeMod Sell

    Do both screens project the same movie at the same time? How hard was install?
  6. You’re very welcome. If I get it installed sooner than later, I’ll be sure to post pics.
  7. I would agree for the Denali. I’m definitely installing this as well. It seems pretty straightforward. The only tricky part is routing the main wire from the camera. This page has the installation guide to give you an idea. https://echomaster.com/catalog/all-products/19366657
  8. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2018-silverado-1500-single-front-camera-system/19366657-p-92297317.html
  9. There’s a thread somewhere about the intellihaul camera by echo master. It’s my next mod.
  10. Since June. Not a single issue so far. I just unplug when I go to the dealer for service.
  11. Wow...love that leather. Looks great. Makes me want to investigate this further. I use a range device on my 18 and am very satisfied with it.
  12. FS : AMP bed extender HD

    No worries. Be safe.
  13. Wish it fit a Silverado. I’d grab and search for a match. Good luck.

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