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  1. Anyone run the mangaflow 15267 catback. ? It’s supposed to be there quietest system.
  2. I had mine Krown undercoated.
  3. 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 6.2L 4wd

    Great looking vehicle. Good luck on the sale.
  4. I thought about this as well. Went with the 18. In addition to the issues with new models, I didn’t think there was any chance of getting as good of a deal on the 19s. Just my two cents. You have to be comfortable with your decision. Good luck.
  5. I’d say this is more than a fair deal, so good for you. I didn’t do quite as well because I missed out of GM loyalty rebates.
  6. Longevity

    I was looking at both Ford and GM. Ultimately it came down to a combination of price and a slight preference for the small block over the small eco boost. As a casual observer, looking into the engine bay of the smaller eco boost gave me a mild amount of panic. It seems like sooo many possible issues. Once again, I’m not a mechanic, and I was leaning GM before I went to test drive and F 150, so there’s that. Looking down into this just triggered worry for someone who keeps vehicles for a good deal of time I could be wrong though
  7. I agree. You never know. I got a good deal compared to a co worker’s purchase last year, but folks are getting slightly better deals from what I paid. I pushed for the best deal I could at the time. Really enjoying my truck.
  8. Me too...I like it. On a side note, adding weather tech mud guards today. Got a better price than the GM versions. Seems like they are decently reviewed. I can’t stop thinking about mods with this truck. I barely did anything to my Ridgeline. Ha
  9. Thanks for the info in this thread. I’m actually looking for that “slightly louder than stock” sound, so the Cora’s might be the way to go. As a family truck, I’d have to deal with the response of my wife with anything too loud. Ha. Sometimes I have to pick and choose my battles. Lol. What’s the best deal people have gotten on it?
  10. Put some running boards the other day. I enjoy having them on. Tonno cover next.
  11. Well, this stinks. I purchased one of the mirrors listed in the thread from the ebay seller, and he sent me the standard non-dimming mirror. It's frustrating, and he's yet to reply, so hopefully I hear from him soon. Yuck. Well....it’s going to work out. Refunded and found a replacement. Thanks to Phil for making up a harness. I’m going to try the conversion soon.
  12. Good news from Apple

    Car play working for me okay. Had a glitchy interaction with the podcast player, but disconnected and reconnected, and the problem cleared up.
  13. Put running boards on. Tonno cover will be next. Contemplating a few other mods. I would love a heated steering wheel, but I don’t see that anytime in the near future.
  14. HD radio

    I agree. There’s a tremendous difference. I was pleasantly surprised.
  15. This is discouraging that there are still problems in 2018s. I hope isn’t a frustrating fix for you. I haven’t really driven past 70, so I’m not sure if mine has issues above that.

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