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  1. I’d like to purchase a set as well. This is a complaint of my little girls.
  2. Sorry to hear about this, and I hope you hear something soon. Is it just particular models where you’re from that are the usual targets? I see yours is a higher end model.
  3. I have an 18 LT Plus that has been very enjoyable except for a few minor issues. I hope you don’t have any further issues.
  4. Congrats. I’ve seen a fair amount of the LD s around.
  5. It’s hard to beat Phil on tow mirror posts. I’m lucky I found a set locally.
  6. Seat covers fit great. Thanks
  7. Looks to be in great shape. Good luck.
  8. They look like they’re in pretty good shape. You said $170 shipped?
  9. I’m interested. Does it matter that you had leather? I have cloth. whoops. I didn’t ask....crew or double cab?
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