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  1. 2019 Custom V6 4x4 with limited slip 2,000 miles Nothing but problems. 5 months old. 1) original headlamp assembly’s where loaded with dust. Dealer replaced both. 2) vibration with load on engine from dash area. Dealer found a trans harness rubbing on floorboard. 3) infotainment radio froze up 3 times since new. Embarrassing. Shut off engine and wait few minutes to fix. 4) Apple CarPlay works when it wants. 5) if I don’t use the stupid electronic tailgate for, let’s say a few days, it takes me a few hits of the button for it to actually release. I’ve now made it a habit to just open it once a day. 6) went to put running boards on, went under truck and trans fluid everywhere!! turns out a transfer case seal failed. if I didn’t already add running boards, tonno, rear wheel well liners, and rubber liners inside, I would just take the beating on trade and never step foot in a Chevy dealership again.
  2. My Custom does the exact same thing have owned it 5 months and has done it at least 3 times. I’m done taking this thing in. I wish it would blow up. Miss my Ram.
  3. Bought nilight lights like above this week. If we catch some decent weather ill try to play around see if I could find them a home on the front lol.
  4. Do you use those daily? Wondering if these aftermarket fogs are blinding. Alot of them say off road use only.
  5. Would that be the same fuse for 2019 Silverado also?
  6. Ok so tried a search for this idea but nothing popping up.... I was thinking of buying a set of pod lights, probably the flush mount ones, cutting an opening in the fog light "caps" that fill the hole for us non fog light owners, bolting them on and wiring up. Anyone think its possible or any other thoughts to this??? Can buy a nice set on Amazon for $50 give or take. I know there is a company out there (Baha something) that sells an aftermarket kit but they want $460 or something like that. Ill buy the factory ones for that amount. Appreciate any comments. Thanks.
  7. Will the Sealights allow the dust cover to fit???
  8. Just to update everyone: Took truck to dealer. There was a gm bulletin out about dash rattle. Turns out I had the same problem. Issue was engine harness above transmission was rubbing on floorpan. They adjusted the harness, so far no more rattle!
  9. Yea I think im sold on the Sealights. I did have a LTZ last night coming towards me, it definitely was bright. I can see why some of these owners of the higher models get flashed. Beautiful trucks though....
  10. Idk maybe its me, but the tailgate on my custom is so light im concerned of driving my atv up there! I have a Polaris Sportsman 450. My Ram never had an issue but didnt have a tailgate this light. Anyone drive one up on these new models yet?
  11. So it has gotten worse... Only rattles in gear at a stop. No rattle in neutral or park. Apparently only when there is a "load" if you will, on the engine. Even my kids asked what that is. Sounds dead center of dash. Im hoping just something in engine bay rattling. At this point going to make appt next week at dealer. Would you guys be ok if they had to tear your dash apart?????
  12. Researched this topic and noticed many have used Sealight H11's. Apparently plug and play. Anyone responding use these? Any issues? I like that they replicate an h11exactly but I dont need fuses popping and flicking issues
  13. I do agree with Silverstar and so on, but another issue is we have DRL and ive read because of this Silverstars and types like that do not last very long.
  14. Having an issue with these H11 lights on Custom model. Great looking but cant see anything at night. The LED models were just outside my price range. Anyone have the factory foglamps installed on this model OR perform a mod to assist? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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