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  1. That’s going to look great. I have been trying to decide if I’m going to paint my zone or not. Look forward to seeing it installed.
  2. Thanks. I like how my truck is progressing. I ordered a 4” zone lift for mine, plus the 2” factory, so I’ll have 6” total. I also ordered some Fox coilovers to go along with it. Hopefully it will all be in next week. I already have some 35x12.5 on 20x10-12 wheels setting here ready to go on when I get the lift installed. Here are a few more pictures of my bumper. It’s a very heavy duty bumper. It’s raining today so not the best photos. Send some pictures when you get your lift installed
  3. Here is one for you. https://zroadz.com/i-23909941-2019-2020-chevrolet-silverado-1500-hood-hinge-led-bracket-to-mount-2-3-inch-led-pod-lights-pn-z362181.html
  4. I am looking to take mine apart for painting. To do that I will have to remove the red insides and glue them back together. When you separated these were they reusable?
  5. This guy makes all types of emblems. He made me this for my AT4 and they look great.
  6. I’m glad to hear the BDS Fox coilovers are worth the money, because mine are on order. I did go a little different route than the BDS kit. I ordered the 4” Zone kit with the skid plate and the Fox rear shocks. I spoke with Zone about the kit. The engineers for BDS and Zone are the same engineers. The kits are the same except for the front cross member (square vs curved) and the BDS has one extra skid plate. Oh I almost forgot, I was also told the BDS has more logos to show off. The Zone technical person gave me the part numbers to order the BDS Fox coilovers and brackets, same kit so they fit. I did learn the BDS coilovers are not to the same ride spec as the standard Fox coilovers. The engineer told me they are designed so they are not as aggressive and have a softer ride than the standard Fox coilovers. For the price difference I was able to order the Zone upper control arms ($500) and still save a few hundred dollars. However, I will not get the no questions asked BDS warranty only the Zone warranty. Which I understand Zone fully stands behind their lifts. The only issue right now is long lead times due to getting in parts at both Zone and BDS. I can’t wait to get everything installed.
  7. Did you change out your upper control arms or go with stock? I hope the rear shocks are better than the rancho stock ones because they are horrible. I’m going with Wicked Off-road 20x10-24 and 35” Nitto Ridge Grappler. I think I’m going with the Fox shocks I found them for $120 adder.
  8. Your truck looks great. I am about to order the same Zone lift for my AT4. How do you like the ride? Did you go with the Nitro shocks or the Fox?
  9. I need some help from the group. I’m ready to pull the trigger on new tires and wheels. I have an AT4 with a 2” Readylift level on it. I would like to go with 35s with 20x10-25. Does anyone have this setup? I talked to Custom Offsets and they thought they would work if I trimmed the mud flaps. But I would like to hear from the experts here. Also if someone has this setup where did they rub? I do have a FabFour bumper so I have extra clearance in the front.
  10. I would love to know if the 35s fit. I see people that say they do. I am ready to place an order for new tires and wheels but unsure what I can stuff in there.
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