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  1. Very nice! Where did you purchase those lights? Do you have a part number?
  2. Has anyone installed a Peragon cover with a multipro tailgate? Does it clear the tailgate handle? What do you think of the quality?
  3. I designed it. My cousin and I installed it, he works for a shop that does wraps. I wanted something that is little different to set the truck apart from the others on the street.
  4. Have you drawn a wiring diagram for this? I would love to install in my truck
  5. Yeah it does add a few inches to the overall length
  6. I used Plasi dip to coat them. It’s a very easy process. I painted them on the truck by masking off everything around them. Some others that have done the same thing have reported theirs have bubbled after driving them for a bit. I have had zero issues with mine. Since painting them I have been on a couple of long trips where I was driving for several hours and have several thousand miles on the truck since painting them. I did clean mine well with alcohol really well before painting them. The Plasi dip is cheap and can be peeled off if there is an issue. It’s worked really well for me.
  7. They are individual LEDs. Here is the post on this forum I started about the installation.
  8. Thank I got mine installed and I works great, responsive, great sound and no drone.
  9. Definitely a work in progress. So far: 2” Readylift level Flowmaster FX exhaust Blacked out the logos Fabfour front bumper Graphics Rough Country light bar Front marker lights Blacked out exhaust tips
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