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  1. Yes they are the red factory tow hooks. They are not some crappy spray painted version. I took them off my truck when I installed a non-factory bumper. Here are a couple of photos.
  2. I have some I took off my truck I’m willing to sell.
  3. I do have some available for a GMC AT4.
  4. What’s your website url so I can take a look at all your development features?
  5. Just got my new wheels and tires installed. They are 35x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on 20x10-12 Wicked Off-road wheels. I also added a 4” Zone lift to my existing 2”.
  6. I switched my round ones out to the ones f150leds and the work great. However, I got screwed on the price. I walked into O’Reilly Auto Part and they have the same ones for $30.
  7. I just installed everything this weekend and right now I’m still playing adjusting. I’m working on finding a setting on the Fox DSC that I like and have started playing with tire pressures. I will try your recommendations and see how they work. Thanks
  8. Big upgrade weekend. Add a 4” zone lift (so gives me 6” total), Fox 2.5 coilovers in the front, Fox 2.0 in the rear, flares, new tires and wheels.
  9. I get what you’re saying locks are only for honest people. But this safe would not be very easy for someone to get into with it’s placement in the console. Will some realize “oh there’s a safe here let me go get my tools to get into it”. I doubt it. They are not going to spend that much time breaking into a truck and getting caught. It would be faster for them to just steal the whole truck at that point.
  10. GM offers a safe that fits in the center console. I think mine was $150 or so. It installs with just a vet bolts. I mounted a holster inside so mine is easy keeping. I cut the bottom mat so it fits on top of the safe. Unless you really look you don’t even notice it.
  11. I have some red ones I pulled off to put an aftermarket bumper on that I would sell. These are the real thing not some aftermarket version.
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