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  1. Has anyone installed one of these? If so was the connector wires under the dash hard to get to? I’m going up to 34” tall tires is this the best option? Thanks
  2. Anyone put on 275/65/20 on stock wheels with no lift?
  3. I’ve had mine for over a year now. Would never go back. Great guy to work with.
  4. When I start my 2019 T1 it always goes to the main home screen. Is there a way to keep it on the radio on start up? If there is I can’t find the setting.
  5. Do you have a part number for the kit? Maybe I missed it.
  6. Thanks, that all worked. Got my center console tray. Nothing like showing them how to do there job.
  7. Does anybody know how they work? My dealer says I have to use them all at once. I got the 20,000 ($100)when I bought the truck. I want a $50 accessory but they say I have to redeem them all to get it. Is this right?
  8. Doing my first oil change. Should I go to dealer and get Dexos or Walmart and get Mobil1 ? What’s everyone using?
  9. That’s what I’m running into. They don’t show them on a 2019
  10. Has anyone put one on yet? Which one did you go with? I need a smoked black one.
  11. My dealer wouldn’t honor the service code that came with the CAI. Said they wouldn’t get paid since I didn’t buy it from them. Charged me another $85.
  12. The only block I’ve seen on a 2019 is on the TB.
  13. Anyone replace their black tow hooks for the red ones? Just wondering what’s involved.
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