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    2019 LTZ Double Cab
  1. Plethora ???

    My dealer wouldn’t honor the service code that came with the CAI. Said they wouldn’t get paid since I didn’t buy it from them. Charged me another $85.
  2. 1.5 inch rear bock

    The only block I’ve seen on a 2019 is on the TB.
  3. Red tow hooks

    Anyone replace their black tow hooks for the red ones? Just wondering what’s involved.
  4. I’d try another dealer if they can’t give you anymore info then that.
  5. 1995 max payload. LTZ Double Cab 6.2 max tow
  6. Undercover Swing Case

    What’s a swing case?
  7. I’ve emailed Bilstein if they were available for the 2019 yet. I’ve heard nothing back.
  8. Previously owned Fords for for 15 years. Just love my new LTZ. The interior to me is excellent. I sit in a Dodge and couldn’t get over that creepy ram head on the steering wheel looking at me.
  9. GM 2” lift

    Could the shafts just be longer? I called Rancho about a Quicklift. And they said soon. It’s in the works. Probably wait for that.
  10. GM 2” lift

    Has anyone put one on yet? What’s the reason for the different cv shafts?
  11. Is there a way to find the build date? I’m used to Fords being on the window sticker. This is my first GM in awhile. Thanks.
  12. T1 Exhaust

    What’s everyone doing with their original mufflers and pipes? I had to cut mine in half on my double cab to get it off. Is anything worth saving?

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