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  1. The auto shutoff was $89 and gas is $2.29. Question the studies and savings. Cost of a replacement starter at 50000 miles?
  2. Would I rebuy my 2019 GMC? Yes.14000 miles works perfect best truck ever owned. Tow a 21ft Bigfoot trailer works great. Only thing that has been a problem is the Z31 emblem has sharp points on the Z part that catches microfiber towel. GM should issue a recall on this.
  3. Installed the auto stop kit last week. Seem to me totally changed the truck no more bullshit shut off at stops and forgetting to turn the dam thing off. Very easy install could not worked out better.
  4. My GMC CC at 13000 miles has been perfect. The paint quality is better than any truck I have owned in the last 30 years. Happy camper here
  5. Supertech 0w20 Delco filters from Amazon. Changed at first 1000, then 3000, and now every 5000. 2019 5.3 with 8 speed perfect truck.
  6. Has anyone that has Autostop Eliminator had any trouble with it. Getting tired of remembering to hit the shut off button. Thanks.
  7. Red is the color. 2019 crew cab SLT with the X31 really happy with truck. It has the 8 speed also seems to work well I do tow a small 21 foot Bigfoot trailer . Trucks have come a long way in the last 30 years.
  8. Just washed, waxed truck today could not believe how good my paint is holding up. 11000 miles lots of dirt roads one Alaskan winter still looks factory new. Wondering if GM is using a different type of paint process paint whatever? Happy camper.
  9. Had the same thing happen to a new truck bought years ago they repaired and I forgot about it till now.
  10. My heated steering wheel might be little too warm at times. My hands are very soft and this could cause discomfort.
  11. I think I have DFM on my 2019 SLE 5.3 cant tell. Drives great smooth shifts great.
  12. Driving up thru Turnagain Pass yesterday -10f solid black ice autotrac on shifted perfectly very smooth rides great. Love this truck 5.3 8speed SLE crew.
  13. If the 5100s work like the ones I put on my 2014 will loose any ride quality the truck came with. Very happy with the way the truck rides now. Keeping mine stock happy camper here.
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