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  1. My heated steering wheel might be little too warm at times. My hands are very soft and this could cause discomfort.
  2. I think I have DFM on my 2019 SLE 5.3 cant tell. Drives great smooth shifts great.
  3. Driving up thru Turnagain Pass yesterday -10f solid black ice autotrac on shifted perfectly very smooth rides great. Love this truck 5.3 8speed SLE crew.
  4. If the 5100s work like the ones I put on my 2014 will loose any ride quality the truck came with. Very happy with the way the truck rides now. Keeping mine stock happy camper here.
  5. First 1000 miles then every 5000. Using Walmart SuperTech 0w20 Delco filters.
  6. Installed Bilsteins on my 2014 Ext cab. Did not like them thought too much compression damping. If I wear out the Ranchos on my 2019 will replace with same. Am very happy with the ride and want to keep it that way.
  7. Wonder why the need for a different dash pad? On my truck the heads up cutout is already there and has some type of lens over the opening..
  8. Will be watching. Have heads up display in my car great feature.
  9. Total @21. On the hwy just normal driving 23 may little better. Hard to believe how smooth the engine runs. My last GMC was a 2014 5.3 6 speed drove it 55000 before traded in on this one. Only problem with the 14 was a small coolant leak that GM took care of. This one feels much more refined did not appreciate the tail gate when I first bought but really find it handy. Happy camper so far.
  10. Could not be happier with mine smooth, quite, shifts perfect, great gas mileage best truck ever owned at this point. 6000 miles 2019 GMC 5.3 SLT 4x4 with the pro tailgate. Very happy with it.
  11. My 5.3 with the 8speed works perfect maybe missing something. Seem to shift smooth much improved from the 2014 5.3 with the 6 speed I owned . Have 6000 miles and tow a 5000lbs trailer great truck so far.
  12. K&N is a great way to get elevated silicone levels in oil samples. Letting more dirt thru.
  13. I replaced the Rancho shocks on my 2014 Z71 with Bilsteins big costly mistake. The Bilsteins really screwed up the ride. Not a thing wrong with the Ranchos I removed. If I ever do need to replace the shocks on my 2019 will be staying with the factory oems. Did get some cool stickers with the Bilsteins.
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