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  1. Wonder if it would affect your brakes. Wonder?
  2. I installed a new pump last winter after reading about possible problems. Bought the pump from Amazon $121.00 installed it in about 2 hours did remove the little steering shaft much easer access. Added heated steering wheel while I was working on the truck nice. I work very slow a good mechanic could do it in 1 hour. My truck is a14 SLE with 45000 miles very happy with it tow 21ft trailer perfect. Did get the letter yesterday applied for refund for the pump. Will be buying a new 2020 next year.
  3. Going to replace my vacuum pump with the new designed one. Has anyone removed the lower steering shaft to gain more access while doing his repair. Could doing this cause any damage to steering system? Looks like I could just remove the steering shaft knuckle for more clearance. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info that what I was wanting to just replace the screen. Wanted to keep the stock setup probably will be getting a 2020 in a year or so.
  5. I don't own a cell phone. Damaged screen using my Garmin while driving the Taylor hwy to Dawson in the Yukon. Cell phones don't work in this location. Thanks.
  6. I don't own a cell phone. Damaged screen using my Garmin while driving the Taylor hwy to Dawson in the Yukon. Cell phones don't work in this location. Thanks.
  7. last fall I cracked the touch screen on my 2014 Sierra with a suction cup mount. Has anyone had to replace theirs? Any ideas other than replacing the entire radio. Thanks
  8. Just my opinion would leave it alone. On my 5.3 14 the afm works great love this engine at 12000 miles no problems.
  9. GMC dealer in Wasilla installed the upgrade to my headlights Sat morning new bulbs and the BCM programming. Took them about 1/2 hour just enough to finish my large Starbucks. All i can say it is vast improvement worked great am really happy. i had installed 9012 hir bulbs that did work better than the stock bulbs but i think this factory improvement is better. Am done with headlights. Feel lot better about truck that GM came thru with this. Just turned 3000 miles no other problems or issues just a really nice truck.
  10. I had set of the 5100s installed on my 2010 Sierra ext cab with preload set at one down from the top setting lifted front up think about 3/4". Just my opinion it really lost any ride quality very rough any bumps the front suspension did not react at all just pounded the front. Another $300 had the spring settings set at the factory preload another alinement rode much better suspension working as designed smooth. Guess i felt dumb paying hundreds of dollars and having the truck just pound it self to pieces because the front springs were preloaded to much. I now have a 2014 would never do the lift thing again.
  11. "Working as designed" Meets all current DOT regulations. I am sure that there is no TSB or anything else that GM is going to do.
  12. Really hope General Motors is working on the design for new and improved bulbs. Going to Homer tomorrow sure not traveling after dark.
  13. I am not holding my breath that GM is going to do anything about the headlights recall whatever. Guess the good thing is we are gaining 6 minutes a day sunlight. By the end of March really won't be getting dark enough to be problem. Might sell this truck off before next fall for something with headlights that work.
  14. All GM is going do is just not acknowledge any problem with headlights while everybody flops around with aftermarket junk and time passes.
  15. One thing that i have been doing driving at night with my new GMC Sierra is i wait on the side of the road till a Ford or Dodge truck go past and follow . They have headlights.

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