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  1. Same question from me. What are the pros to the gauge that make it worthy of 2x the price of the standalone unit?
  2. Truxedo Lo Pro Affordable, easy install, no leaks (minor seepage) and zero issues with power up/down tailgate on my 19 LTZ
  3. Are there any other options for this mod that just include a brighter light to illuminate more area? I really don't care for the Bowtie, but like the idea of brighter light covering more space. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone installed a Pedal Commander whose truck has the clunky 8 speed when shifting between 1st/2nd? I'm interested in installing it, but I already have to somewhat baby the throttle to minimize the clunk effect, which would defeat the purpose of spending $260. I realize what the PC does, so I know it won't make my issue go away, I just wouldn't want to spend $250 to make it worse (or at least "feel" worse). I am thinking of ordering with the intent of returning within 30 days if I cannot reap any benefits. Just looking to see if anyone else has come across a similar issue.
  5. I use that feature pretty much every day. My only issue with the dial is sometimes one click up (or down) can move me two or three stations forward, instead of just one. Completely minor in the scheme of things, but my moderate usage of it, as well as my OCD, don't mix well.
  6. All, What is a decent price for a shop to charge to install both the fronts and rears, including the alignment? I am debating with myself about attempting to install myself and just pay for the alignment. Thanks in advance
  7. For those with the Putco setup, what size bar did you go with? I assume the longer bar (60 inches) will look better as it would fill most of the space. Also, did you go with the Red/White option or the Red/Amber/White? If I recall correctly, why would you choose the Amber option if the rear turn signals and four ways are all Red, unless it is trim level dependent, as I am in an LTZ? Lastly, I plan on purchasing the 529005 adapter as well; so how long should I plan on the install taking? Do I need to remove the tailgate? Is it just an adhesive backing? Sorry for all the questions, just looking to make sure I know what I am getting into before spending $300. Any additional pics not already shared would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  8. I used Boost Auto. Super quick and easy install for like $20. Others on here did it themselves for cheaper, but I just went with the kit, since I tend to screw things up when installing. It works as directed, I no longer need to flip the fogs on manually. https://boostautoparts.com/products/1999-2020-gm-auto-fogs-mod
  9. I'm looking to give this a shot. Can you provide the link to the lights you purchased? Thanks
  10. No plan at all, just looking to add cool/fun stuff to continue making the truck mine. Thought about a CAI, as I saw another thread on the S&B. Looked like a lot of solid feedback on that one. I'm leery on the brake light bar, as I have heard so so reviews, whether it be the lights not matching stock, bulbs not lasting a long time etc. I assume both of those are easy installs as well. Any suggestions on brands to start targeting?
  11. Looking for input on what mod I should do next. I have a 2019 LTZ. Not really looking for tires or a lift, although I am waiting on the Bilstein 5100s. Truck came tinted as well. I have already bought a lot of the basic stuff. Tonneau, Husky Liners, tailgate letters, exterior LEDs, center console organizer, black bowtie, auto fog lights, stubby antenna. Looking to keep it somewhat budget friendly, under $500, but the cheaper the better. Thanks!
  12. I've tried that twice already with two different dealers, this is what I got back.... Hi, Vance. After speaking with your dealer, it has been found that the shift concern you are experiencing fits within the expected vehicle operation for the specific components and technology present in your Silverado. Therefore, no repairs will need to be completed at this time. Since we rely so heavily on the expertise of our dealerships to provide a proper resolution, we must stand by the dealership's decision. I'm driving a $55k truck that can't shift properly.......
  13. Reached back out to Bilstein again this week. Now looking at September/October per their rep. Damn near two years in the new model......these things better wipe my ass after I install them
  14. I purchased my truck in August 2019. Never had the 20k points loaded to my account either. Went to the website and used the chat feature. 2 minute chat got me the 20k points, plus 2,500 more for it not loading right the first time. Well worth the time if you're missing the points.
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