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  1. Thanks for the help. Doubt the truck is a metric truck, as it was originally sold to a dealer in FL, and has stayed in FL based on the CarFax service history. Even though the print out from Auto Zone read in miles, based on how damn close it was (forgot the exact mileage I was on), I will also go with the miles/kilometers conversion.
  2. Hey All, I bought a used 2019 High Country back in July. When I bought the vehicle, the odometer had like 31k miles on it, which aligned with what the CarFax report was showing. Fast forward to this week. When I was out running some errands, my check engine light popped on. Conveniently, I was going to be passing by an Auto Zone in a mile or so, so I stopped in and had them read the code. The employee hooked the reader up and gave me my printout. The issue was a Knock Sensor, but what caught my eye more was the Fix Finder report said my truck has 60k on the odometer, when it only reads 37k. My questions are, are those machines accurate when pulling the mileage? Should I be going back to the dealer and see what they say? Has anyone else ever come across this? Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to the feedback.
  3. Can this be installed by a regular schmuck (me) with basic tools or should I have the dealer do it? How long did it take you to complete the install? Thanks,
  4. Hey All, Just purchased a 6.2 and am looking for the best exhaust option. I have never put any money into an exhaust before and I have read through numerous posts with tons of differing opinions and got a bit lost/confused. I am not looking for anything crazy that will piss off the wife or neighbors, but just something to make it sound a little more beefy. I'm sure the best options will be the most expensive, so I guess I am looking for "cheaper" initial options prior to putting more money into the vehicle at a later date. So I guess the feedback I am looking for is: Best Bang for the Buck (Under $200) - Best Moderate Investment ($200 - $1000) - Best Option ($1000+ presumably) - Hoping for a consensus Thanks in advance!
  5. Got it. Misunderstood your initial post. I agree that any mod would not be cost efficient, if even possible. I guess I've always been a creature of habit using a key fob, it doesn't bother me.
  6. My 2019 can do it. There is a setting in the Vehicle (I think) settings on the main screen. I believe you have to double tap either lock or unlock on the key fob to do it, once the setting is completed.
  7. FL peninsula for 95%+ of my driving. Never more than 150 ft. above sea level, probably usually closer to 50 ft. I agree with most that 91 will suffice, but I will probably still stick with the 93 for piece of mind.
  8. Hey All, Just traded in my 5.3 for a 6.2. I've always used Race Trac/Wawa (87 octane in the 5.3), as they are closest to the house/work. Question is, for the 6.2, would you go with 93 octane at Race Trac/Wawa for $3.55 (current price) or 91 octane at Costco for $3.05 (current price). Just curious if the extra $10-$12 per tank is necessary for 93 over 91. I have a Costco closeish to the house and another on the way home from work. Not completely ideal, but also not out of the way. I have no problem spending the extra ~$500 over the course of the year if needed to keep the engine in optimal running condition. Also, I don't want to get in an octane pissing match, just looking for feedback. Thanks,
  9. I can beat that offer.......I'll give you $12k cash.......and I will drive it to you today
  10. Thanks for the info. I will give this a shot. All of my attempts were in 2020, so its possible something changed.
  11. Do you have any other info pertaining to this update? My 2019 5.3 8spd LTZ needs this ASAP. I've had it in three different dealerships, bugged GM on Twitter and still have gotten nowhere. I just want to make sure I am armed with as much data as possible before calling the dealership again. I'm sure they hear "I saw it online" all the time. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey all. My wife is in the market for a three row SUV. Does anyone know if any of them have ventilated seats in the second row? We live in FL and it's always hot, so just looking out for the kids (first world issue, I know). It's hard to Google since the searches primarily bring back vented seats in the front. I think I saw the Kia or Hyundai have them, but not a huge fan of those, even with their very strong reviews. Would love to stay in the GM family with the new Tahoe, but an Explorer/Expedition would work too, or even a German brand. Thanks in advance.
  13. Figured I'd try bumping this one more time. Any Putco Blade owners that could take a pic of where their bar sits relative to the ridge and/or dimples stamped in the metal? I might be making a mountain of a mole hill with the dealer, but I'd figure I would reach out. Thanks in advance!
  14. Update. Went back to the dealer, and they fixed the level, but barely changed the height of the bar compared to the ridge. As you can see from my amateur pics, the height of the bar is roughly 3/4'' inch above the ridge. They claim that is as low as it should sit, and if it sat any lower, it would be blocked by the lip of the bumper. They said if I wanted it 1/4'' above the ridge, they would do it for free, but if I was unsatisfied, that they would charge me to move it back to its current position. Is there any way to get a pic of how close yours is to the ridge? I know it will be hard to compare just based on pics, but a better way could be looking at the small circles stamped in the metal, and use those as a good baseline. Would be interested to see how much of the small circle is covered on yours. There is a chance I could be completely overthinking this. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  15. I already have the heated rears, but would love to find a way to add cooled rears as well. I mean it only sucks for the kids, but living in FL, they would be useful 9 months out of the year. I knew the Ram had them, but no way was that enough to get me to switch ??
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