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  1. Define "pretty expensive"? I'm sure it's something I don't want to pay that much for, but just curious on what it would cost, since I do about 60 highway miles a day. Thanks!
  2. I plan on doing this mod this weekend. I admittedly haven't been under the truck yet to review, but am confused at how to clamp open the flapper valve. Covering the screens makes total sense; I am just looking for more clarification on how the flapper works to best clamp it open. Thanks!
  3. Just curious what the most miles anyone has gotten out of a tank. I've had my 19' 5.3 for a little over a month and have gotten ~430, with enough in the tank to possibly hit 500. I would think with the right trip/conditions, 550 would be possible. Any 600 unicorns?
  4. Nice, what site did you purchase these from. Leaning towards BD Trims, but still considering EyeCatcher as well. Thanks for the input!
  5. I am wondering if I am able to set artist/song alerts on SiriusXM like I can do in my wife's Fusion (also her past two Explorers going back to 2012 or so). I liked being able to have the option to change to a preferred artist if they were playing on another station. If that something the Silverado can do, has been able to do, or could do with future software updates? Thanks in advance,
  6. Thanks guys, those both look nice. I have the chrome bumper and was planning on keeping the chrome emblems, so I will probably go with chrome. I see one thumbs up for BD Trims; I was between them and EyeCatcher. Anyone else have any positive/negative feedback on either of those companies? Thanks in advance!
  7. Anyone have any luck with tailgate letter inserts? Was interested in getting some, but wasn't sure what color to go with on my Northsky Blue Metallic. White might make it pop, but the silver/aluminum or American flag might look cool too. Any pictures on yours might help me as well. Thanks in advance.
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