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  1. Hey all. My wife is in the market for a three row SUV. Does anyone know if any of them have ventilated seats in the second row? We live in FL and it's always hot, so just looking out for the kids (first world issue, I know). It's hard to Google since the searches primarily bring back vented seats in the front. I think I saw the Kia or Hyundai have them, but not a huge fan of those, even with their very strong reviews. Would love to stay in the GM family with the new Tahoe, but an Explorer/Expedition would work too, or even a German brand. Thanks in advance.
  2. Figured I'd try bumping this one more time. Any Putco Blade owners that could take a pic of where their bar sits relative to the ridge and/or dimples stamped in the metal? I might be making a mountain of a mole hill with the dealer, but I'd figure I would reach out. Thanks in advance!
  3. Update. Went back to the dealer, and they fixed the level, but barely changed the height of the bar compared to the ridge. As you can see from my amateur pics, the height of the bar is roughly 3/4'' inch above the ridge. They claim that is as low as it should sit, and if it sat any lower, it would be blocked by the lip of the bumper. They said if I wanted it 1/4'' above the ridge, they would do it for free, but if I was unsatisfied, that they would charge me to move it back to its current position. Is there any way to get a pic of how close yours is to the ridge? I know it will be hard to compare just based on pics, but a better way could be looking at the small circles stamped in the metal, and use those as a good baseline. Would be interested to see how much of the small circle is covered on yours. There is a chance I could be completely overthinking this. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  4. I already have the heated rears, but would love to find a way to add cooled rears as well. I mean it only sucks for the kids, but living in FL, they would be useful 9 months out of the year. I knew the Ram had them, but no way was that enough to get me to switch ??
  5. Good to know. The wife will be in the market for a Tahoe next year.
  6. No judgement from me, lol. When I saw that GM accessories only wanted $55 to install it, I kind of thought that was a steal. Turns out they had the truck in the bay for two hours yesterday, which at ~$100 per hour, I think I got a pretty good deal, minus the installed wrong part. I have a follow up appt. with the dealer on Thursday, so they can deal with it (hopefully). I will provide an update then. On a side note, your location shows Clearwater. Is that the FL Clearwater? If so, I am in Land O Lakes. Which dealer do you use, because so far I have not been overly impressed with either Jim Browne (purchased from) in Tampa or Wesley Chapel Chevy (using service). I am always interested in hearing feedback from other people regarding dealers in the area. If you're not in FL, ignore this entire paragraph. Thanks again for your help!
  7. Thanks for this. I must have overlooked that, I did only skim the wiring portion. I didn't take off my tailgate, but using tapered shims (as well as the eye test) it looks like my drivers side is about 1 inch above the ridge and the passenger side is about 7/8'' above the ridge, so ~3x higher than it should be (as well as not level). But just so I am clear, there are only two ridges correct, one on each side? I just want to make sure I am measuring from the correct starting point. Thanks for the help!
  8. So I purchased this light bar from GM accessories and had the dealer install it (was only charged $55 for install, so it was worth it to me). After reviewing it a bit at home, it looks to me like it is installed a bit to high and thus possibly being blocked by the tailgate. Hard to say though, as it could be the lighting or the angle. My question is, I reviewed the instructions online and unless I was looking at an outdated file, it does not say how far above the lip to mount the brackets. I didn't find this post until now, so I will measure where my brackets are at in the am. In the event my brackets are mounted too high, I would like to go to the dealer with proof that they are too high and can't just use this post to corroborate (no offense). Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  9. Good to know! I can use some rewards points to knock the price down. Only question I have is which harness are they including. Is it the quick connect harness (529004) which I have read many people have had good luck with? Would I still need to purchase that separately for $60? If so, that would make it much less attractive. I might shoot them an email to find out.
  10. Same question from me. What are the pros to the gauge that make it worthy of 2x the price of the standalone unit?
  11. Truxedo Lo Pro Affordable, easy install, no leaks (minor seepage) and zero issues with power up/down tailgate on my 19 LTZ
  12. Are there any other options for this mod that just include a brighter light to illuminate more area? I really don't care for the Bowtie, but like the idea of brighter light covering more space. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone installed a Pedal Commander whose truck has the clunky 8 speed when shifting between 1st/2nd? I'm interested in installing it, but I already have to somewhat baby the throttle to minimize the clunk effect, which would defeat the purpose of spending $260. I realize what the PC does, so I know it won't make my issue go away, I just wouldn't want to spend $250 to make it worse (or at least "feel" worse). I am thinking of ordering with the intent of returning within 30 days if I cannot reap any benefits. Just looking to see if anyone else has come across a similar issue.
  14. I use that feature pretty much every day. My only issue with the dial is sometimes one click up (or down) can move me two or three stations forward, instead of just one. Completely minor in the scheme of things, but my moderate usage of it, as well as my OCD, don't mix well. ???
  15. All, What is a decent price for a shop to charge to install both the fronts and rears, including the alignment? I am debating with myself about attempting to install myself and just pay for the alignment. Thanks in advance
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