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  1. Steve with the garage flex of the week
  2. All, I reached out to Bilstein for an updated date now that we are into the new year. Their response..... "We are estimating by the end of 2nd quarter" And the wait continues........
  3. Thank you, good info. I looked back at my notes, and the quote for the 2 inch level with alignment was $399. So, ~$220ish for the parts, do you have an idea of what the quoted install time is for the labor charge, or is this something simple enough that I can do in my garage? I would assume the labor charge would be at least two hours, or another ~$200 on top. Is an alignment still necessary on top of that? Sorry for all the Q's, but this just seems like a better bang for my (400) buck(s). Thanks for the help!
  4. So, I was quoted something like $350 for a 2 inch front level with alignment. Will these new shocks do the same? How much more $ are you talking? I have no problem waiting if that is the case. Thanks for the info!
  5. In the main app screen, look for Driving Activity. It's the 5th one down the list for me. Then you can click around to look at driving stats by trip, day, week, month.
  6. I agree. I just like to review when I have a few minutes. Does anyone know how either metric is defined? I know when I worked at a trucking company 10 years ago, I thought it was an increase/decrease of greater than 7 MPH within 1 second. Not sure if that standard has changed or what GM uses.
  7. Just curious what other drivers hard brake and hard acceleration stats are per the MyChevrolet app. In about two months of using the app, I have 16 hard brakes and 32 hard accelerations in 3700 miles, or one HB every 230 miles and one HA every 115 miles. My wife has earned a couple of these, but I don't have the time to log who is earning what. I like to think I drive my truck with a light right foot, but am curious to see some stats on other drivers, especially some of the hard acceleration numbers on the 6.2 guys. The majority of my hard accelerations are from pulling out of my neighborhood onto a 60 MPH road, where most routinely go 70+. What are you best (worst) scores?
  8. Found an odd glitch (odd to me at least) this weekend. When I was looking at the 400 mile MPG on the DIC (as I was approaching 400 miles on my tank), I was seeing 22.1 MPG. When I scrolled up to the trip meter, those same 400 miles since my last fill up were showing 22.6 MPG. I would think a tenth or two falls into a margin of error, but a .5 difference seems large to me. The pictures were taken less than 30 seconds apart (within the same mile as you can see). Do you think there are any other reasons it would be so off? I realize it is only 2% or 3%, but it just seems like a lot to me. There are probably a multitude of reasons why, but I would think that GM would have had these values synced some way. Either way, not complaining at all with either 22.1 or 22.6, I just found the discrepancy interesting.
  9. I picked up my 19' LTZ during Labor Day weekend. I noticed it on mine within a few days and have been dealing with the dealer on it. They indicated GM was well aware and working on a program update. Reached back out in October and they indicated the strike put everything on hold. Spoke with them again last week and they said they heard rumblings of a program update in the coming weeks, but committed to nothing. I plan on reaching out every month until a repair is made. I assume, if no fix is made available, I will start raising hell in Q1. Not sure what options I would have, but might start with a lawyer. I have all my calls/texts/emails documented on my end. It's a PITA for me since I drive in rush hour to and from work, it damn near feels like your being rear ended sometimes. It is the only thing on the truck that I don't like. If and when it gets fixed, I'll go back to a satisfied customer.
  10. Define "pretty expensive"? I'm sure it's something I don't want to pay that much for, but just curious on what it would cost, since I do about 60 highway miles a day. Thanks!
  11. I plan on doing this mod this weekend. I admittedly haven't been under the truck yet to review, but am confused at how to clamp open the flapper valve. Covering the screens makes total sense; I am just looking for more clarification on how the flapper works to best clamp it open. Thanks!
  12. Just curious what the most miles anyone has gotten out of a tank. I've had my 19' 5.3 for a little over a month and have gotten ~430, with enough in the tank to possibly hit 500. I would think with the right trip/conditions, 550 would be possible. Any 600 unicorns?
  13. Nice, what site did you purchase these from. Leaning towards BD Trims, but still considering EyeCatcher as well. Thanks for the input!
  14. I am wondering if I am able to set artist/song alerts on SiriusXM like I can do in my wife's Fusion (also her past two Explorers going back to 2012 or so). I liked being able to have the option to change to a preferred artist if they were playing on another station. If that something the Silverado can do, has been able to do, or could do with future software updates? Thanks in advance,
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