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  1. While not girdled the G2 cover was the best deal in terms of looks, ease of filling, extra capacity, etc. Only thing is I read the bolts that come with it are too short. Need M8x35 bolts for it. What fluid are you all using?
  2. So I found a good compromise. There are a couple other Girdled covers out there but, for example, if I went with the B&M after gasket and all I'm into it for like $230 which is more than I want to spend. Instead I ordered this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/gta-40-2023al/overview/ Its different from the picture according to reviews it has a fill hole and even a temp gauge hole. Holds some extra fluid which is nice but doesn't have the girdles which are kinda overkill anyway. Fluid recommendation? Last time I did a diff it was on my Camaro, and I used Mobil 1 which didn't need a friction modifier.
  3. That leak actually just started about a week ago, I've barely driven the truck since then so I haven't added any fluid. Very likely it will be sitting until a new cover and fluid can be procured.
  4. I'm thinking its gotta be 10.5, that definitely doesn't look like the 9.5 cover. Darn, really wanted that girdled cover.
  5. Hey guys, been searching but haven't found a simple way to look this up. I have a 2008 Silverado 2500 HD 6.0 Gas, extended cab, 8 foot bed, I am reasonably sure its a 3.73 axle ratio and it has the towing package. The truck has almost 180k on it and the rear diff cover is leaking (seeping through). What I want to get is: http://www.taperformance.com/proddetail.asp?prod=TA_1803 Has one on my old truck, its a nice piece. However I see that they only make it for a 9.5" ring gear. I see that my truck could be 9.5, 10.5, or 11.5. How do I go about identifying it?
  6. Factory Alarm issue

    Was worried about this and makes the most sense (wiring issues have caused me to pull the fuse and relay for my foglights). Guess its time to go hunting
  7. Ok so I know the factory alarm on these things is VERY simple. Basically opening doors and hood only will set it off. Well last night at 2 AM my 2008 2500HD decided to go nuts. Went out and checked, doors locked, no indication of someone trying to open the doors or hood, it was not windy out or anything, nobody crashed into it, nothing. It just started honking for no reason. Is there any electrical issue that could cause this? For reference it has an optima battery thats a year old, truck sits a lot I only drive it 3 or 4 times a month, I've owned it for about 4 years. Never had an issue before.
  8. 2014 sierra problems serious

    Glad to hear that. TBH as I mentioned a while ago I think theres a fundamental frame issue with your truck and I was worried that even if they got it "right" one day it would still go wrong. Hope it works out, and don't be afraid to lawyer up.
  9. 2014 sierra problems serious

    I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but you have MORE than enough case to lemon law this truck. Its a straight out slam dunk, you will get every penny you spent on it back. Get rid of it, why are you wasting your time/energy.
  10. Mod Plan fuel mileage concerns

    Where would I find a wait4me computer? I pull a 17 foot open trailer, but could def still use the MPGs. Only problem I see is I like the adjust-ability of the tune computers, Nice to have choices as my truck plays different roles. I can't imagine 1 custom tune could be perfect for every role? The Muffler as well or just the pipes? I will be doing all custom pipes since it seems noone offers an exhaust for the Ext cab long bed.
  11. v6 to 454 swap

    The answer to this depends how custom you want to go. The short answer is its very likely the frame mounts for the engine are different so thats your first hurdle, modifying your frame to carry the larger engine. Once you've done that and gotten the 454 into the truck, you will need the transmission as well, while the bellhousing bolt pattern is probably the same, the v6 trans will not handle the torque of the 454 at all. You will also need a custom drive shaft probably, although the one from the old truck may fit. The rear axle should work fine if you're not towing heavy, but again, theres a reason 1 tons came with bigger rears. That was the easy part, the hard part is how you want it to run. That 454 is carbed or maybe has TBI, the v6 is a Vortec EFI system and they are very different, and it will not work on the 454, so you can either carb it, or buy an efi system that will work. There might be a way to wire it up, but you will need an electrical engineering degree to figure it all out. Ohh and getting the gauge cluster and sensors/computer/ignition to work as well. To pay someone to do this you could honestly buy 2 used trucks that will pull better and have less bugs. To do it yourself is a monster project unless you have some really good fab skills and a degree in EE.
  12. Mod Plan fuel mileage concerns

    How do you guys feel about the Superchips Flashpaq 2842 tuner? I like How I can tune different modes, like fuel mileage 87 for when I need to use this for the commute to work in the winter, and Tow, for when I have the race car hooked up. I also see a Superchips Cortex 2950, any advantage to that one over the 2842? They both run around the same price on ebay.
  13. Mod Plan fuel mileage concerns

    Thanks for the replies. The exhaust really was more for the looks and sound. My concern was actually more so that these mods could make the mileage worse, if it will be the same or maybe better than I want to do them. I realize in reality the only real benefit of the exhaust is to look/sound cool, and the CAI will maybe give a crisper throttle response. I will look into doing a tune as well to maybe squeeze a bit more out of it mpg wise.

    Ok good luck! Keep us updated
  15. Have some questions on my mod plan ideas on my 08 Silverado 2500 HD 6.0. My truck is used mainly for towing my race car, and while I do want to mod it to be more powerful/sound cooler etc, if the mods are going to negatively affect fuel mileage I'd rather stay stock to keep my fuel costs down. The truck IMO is powerful enough as is, so to spend money only to increase fuel costs is dumb to me for my situation. Anyway I am looking to install a MBRP exhaust (going custom on the piping to make it dual outlet out the back), I also want to get some sort of CAI. Both claim MPG increases, is this BS or true? I realize it would be like 1 or 2 mpg but over a 34 gallon tank thats pretty nice. Or are the claims BS and I'm better off stock or even with some different mods. Any other suggestions? Truck is dead stock with stock size 245 tires.

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