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  1. Thankfully my brakes have been fine. And no warning lights. ( knock on wood) No recalls performed ever even tho I’ve gotten notices in the mail. From reading all this crap about no stopping power and no brakes at all, it got me somewhat worried. I tried pressing e-brake button at 35 mph going down my street in the snow. Did this three times. All times the brake clunked and rear tires pretty much locked up and I skidded to a stop. It’s less than ideal to have to do this, but in an emergency it will work. Also a friend of mine tried same thing and his also worked. Sad to hear of this crap with these new trucks. I am a Chevy truck owner and always have been. But I may Take a hard look at Toyota when the time comes in two years to dump my trail boss. Not saying Toyota is perfect, but damn GM this sh*t is getting ridiculous with all these issues. Good luck to all you
  2. It sucks that lots of you are still dealing with this leak and how hard of a time it is for some of you to get it fixed. I guess I got real lucky. Mine leaked, they sealed it on top with clear sealer , didn’t work, a week later a new window was installed and no leaks. if I have any two cents of advise to anyone getting sheet about a new glass , get or go find a better dealer. Or another option...... hammer to glass...new one installed through insurance.
  3. Nice truck!!! How much horsepower did you gain with the hood vents? I heard as much as 30hp.
  4. Great. Since your cars never have problems. That good. Maybe Boeing and Cat and GM should get Acura engineers to build their stuff. My point was that anything that has moving parts and electronics is susceptible to breakdowns and issues. And im Not giving anyone a PASS on anything. I’m just not living in a fantasy land where I expect everything to be perfect. Thanks
  5. I usually don’t respond to these type of posts but I’ll chime in my two cents. My 19 TB has had the leaky rear glass, blue screen of death, and small shutter while cruising, all which was fixed. If you think about it, any new mechanical and electronic machines ( vehicles, atvs, snowmobiles, heavy equipment, etc...) have and will have some issues. I work for CAT and it’s very common for $40k to $1M pieces of equipment to have bugs of some sort. It is what it is really. It’s not the end of the world. Find a dealer that has good techs that can troubleshoot and fix shit. It seems as tho a lot of peeps on here cry and whine about most piddly stuff and act lik it’s GM’s fault they don’t like something. Remember nobody forced you to buy a GM and there is plenty of fords and rams and Toyota’s that are most likely problem free. Again this is just my 2 cents , agree or disagree.
  6. Having owned at three tires I would rate them as follows. And I live in Michigan so the tires are used in heavy snow , ice, mud, and dirt trails. 1- Goodyear duratac. Best in snow, decent on slick pavement great in mud, look good 2- BFG KO2. Pretty good in snow, ok on slick pavement, good in mud, looks good 3- Ridge grappler Not good in snow, not good on slick pavement, borderline in mud. Would never buy Grapplers again. And they look like coopers. Coopers = junk this is just my opinions take it for what it’s worth. You really can’t go wrong with BFG or Duratracs.
  7. One more question. For you guys who have the gator cover. Does it have the tubes in it that roll up with the cover for supports? thanks
  8. Well after my first sealing fix didn’t hold up at all, I’m happy to report my new glass was installed yesterday. Body shop guy was great and they did good work. Glass company leak tested it and cut window out to find that the window has three pieces sandwiched together and they were not right so in went the new glass. Went through car wash today and not one drop. Good luck to all you guys that have this issue.
  9. I know, I know, the tonneau cover thing has been discussed many times. I just wanna here from a few people who something to say about the Gator roll up cover. I’m trying to talk myself into getting the gator instead of the truxedo lo pro for the few hundred in savings. It’s a lease so I’m not shellin more than $500 on a cover. Thanks
  10. That’s a nice truck. But a little high on the lease payment. You should be able to get a better deal,than that. Don’t let others try to tell you leasing is a bad thing either. I hear that all the time from most of the inbreds that live up here. It’s only money and you only live once why not enjoy it by driving a new rig. Living up in Michigan leasing is the only way to go. If I was to buy a new truck and pay it off in say 5 years, the damn thing is half rotted out from the outrageous amount of salt they use on the roads in the winter and worthless.
  11. Good luck to you with the sealant job. I was hopeful it was gonna work for me , but no luck. I taped my spoiler and window up with clear tape and somehow this weekend the water started dripping in on drivers side. Back of my rear seat is soaked and musty, I had towels to soak up the water but I took them out to dry over the weekend which was a mistake. And dealer says they won’t give me a loaner and to just park it until my new glass comes in which could be weeks!!! I spose I’ll just walk to work while my 55k dollar truck stays parked and dry. Starting to get pissed about this also.
  12. Just in case anyone has this issue. My truck is build date 2/19. The rear window has leaked and been re sealed at dealer. So it leaks again. But since my truck does not fall under bulletin for trucks 11/18 or earlier the fix per GM is S follows. First, apply sealant around rear window, if it still leaks and cannot identify leak remove existing window and install same window with new sealant. If it still leaks after some time , install new glass. I have gorilla tape on my rear spoiler and rear window on my new truck window to prevent quite a bit of water coming through cab. And to make sh•t better because of the strike there is no rear windows available. This is pretty much bullish-t!!!! WTF GM!
  13. Leased my truck from 5 hours away. Dealer beat any price by quite a bit from any local dealer. They paid off my remaining 4 months lease, drove new truck to my doorstep and drove my old lease return back. I’ve had service and now dealing with leaking rear window and my local dealer is treating me just fine. Dealers don’t care I found out when you bring your truck in for warranty work, GM is paying them to repair. More money for the dealer. Just my two cents.
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