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  1. It’s been one issue after another in the last week or so with my truck. Felt better after my rant on here and I know I’m not the only one with these annoyance so...... the reason I wanted the nav maps loaded in the truck was I do a lot of camping in areas with no service so my apple maps don’t work without it. Just helps while I’m driving on county roads and trails to have a map to look at for directions rather than stopping and looking at paper map. ( my GF tries to read map and thinks that turning right is always going down on the map ). Is there any way to load a map free and have it work without cell service ? thanks
  2. White letters in man, white letters in!
  3. Some morning while backing out of my garage and the temps are cooler here in Michigan I get the blue screen of deaths and service vision system screen. Do I need a software update or is it a connection issue ? anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  4. Ok. Should have worded that different. I understand the tow truck situation. Scenario : My truck dies while idling in Park in front of my garage door , I want to shift into N and push my truck in my garage. how is this done. Someone must know.
  5. So if your battery is dead or you blow an oil cooler line and cannot start ( like some have already ) how does one shift truck into neutral??? Anybody else thought of this??
  6. If the engine still turned over it wasn’t “blown”. As in seized up anyhow. Truck was problem stalling r shuting off front the computer telling it to because very low oil pressure what bearings are they going to replace? Should be at minimum all crank, rod, thrust , cam bearings.
  7. No sign of leakage on my LT TB 2/19 build. But I’d sure feel better to replace these lines with something else. I work for a Cat dealer and have access to any hose and fitting I could need. However ...... I asked local dealer service dept about replacing them myself, He told me he wasn’t sure if it would void warranty or not and don’t worry because it’s not common and he’s never seen it. Does anyone know for sure ? If my truck lines fail I’ll run it until the engine seizes and or oil sprays on hot exhaust and truck most likely will burn to the ground.
  8. For those of you that have leases on new 19’s, if you don’t mind , what kinda payments you all come out of the deal with?
  9. Check out Voice Motors in Kalkaska. Just leased a silver trail boss from there. Great deal and delivered to my doorstep, took my lease return back also. Ask for Mitch. Great prices and easy to deal with.
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