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  1. Not an exhaust pro so the question may be dumb.... What is the diff in Gibson vs Corsa or borla that drives the massive price point difference? Put aside sound... what drives 500 vs 1200+ ?
  2. Makes sense...So if one were to change their tire speed rating, how would we update the truck?
  3. I recently installed Extang Xceed (replaced faulty Trifecta 2.0) and got it to work with the auto-down power tailgate....BUT i had to ensure the cover was pushed all the way forward to make it work. If you follow the instructions in the box, it says to leave too small of a gap between the cover frame and tailgate lip; the extra pressure on the top of the tailgate in this config will prevent the tailgate from coming down without manual assist. I also got and installed the same stake covers mentioned above from the eBay vendor. Nice find Thunderstruck!!!
  4. Hmmmm....how does the computer know what tire rating i have?
  5. Confirmed (i am a dope i guess)...the button does in fact turn them on. Wish i had a button at the back of the truck too....but oh well!
  6. Hmmm... thought i tried that but maybe not. Ill give that a try tmrw!! Thanks!
  7. I will admit it is very rare...and the utility is also rare but i hit the speed limiter recently making a pass on the highway around left lane hogs slowing down a ton of traffic. 98mph? Really? Most highways around me the typical speed is 80mph. Feel like my 2011 didnt have this limit...but cant recall Anyone know how to remove the limiter?
  8. 2019 trailboss lt: Does anyone know how to make the bed lights that come from factory turn on? They seem to only come on when i just shutoff the truck and thats it....is that all i get? Any way to mod these if so?
  9. Trifecta 2.0 does not work at all with the tailgate for me. Leaks at all four corners and prevents tailgate from opening and closing easily at all. I am trying to return the trifecta 2.0 and get an exceed.
  10. I have 2019 quad cab trail boss. Got a soft trifold trifecta 2.0 frim extang. Quality is great...but i am not happy with it. I loved the trifecta on my 2011 quad cab, but on this truck it leaks near the cab in both corners and at the stake pockets in the rear. It also prevents the tailgate from coming down and makes it hard to even open. Sigh.
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