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  1. Thanks for all the replies! My father who has driven 4x4 trucks his whole life was riding with me and said it sounds like the front half of your truck is falling off lol. It's extremely audible, I have had 3 other 4WD vehicles prior to this, 2 of which were trucks and dont get me wrong, I understand the sounds from a 4WD truck but this is like a mechanical grinding coming to a sort of clunk when coming to a dead stop on a straight line with no turning. We had about 5 inches of snow hit within an hour after rain so it was pretty bad conditions.
  2. Hey all, So we got the first big snow in our area tonight so I kicked in the 4 wheel high and noticed some odd sounds coming from the truck. NOTE: This does not happen in 2WD. It's a bit hard to explain, sounds like a mechanical-almost grinding type of sound. It's really present whenever coming to a slow or stop and it sounds like a grind then coming to a stop it sounds like something from the front like a space ship winding down lol. It's all coming from the front. When turning slowly, it also makes a pretty horrid noise, kind of squeaky grinding as well. No real mods yet, waiting for better weather but anyone experience something similar?
  3. Now that is a great looking truck! Couple of questions.. 1. What height are you running the coilovers at? 2. How's the ride? and did you run into any issues. 3. Any side pics?
  4. Mine are sitting in the garage haven't had the chance to toss them on yet due to me taking it back and forth to the dealer with issues...
  5. Following because I have been looking to do the exact same thing.. lol with my sierra. Slightly concerned with the angles without a diff drop but others on here said its not a problem for the angles on the axles. UCA's will definitely help for a portion of concern but doesnt solve the diff.
  6. Great looking truck. Do you have a link to this kit by chance? What height are you running your coilovers? If max, do you have a diff drop? Sorry for the question parade... lol super interested in this setup.
  7. Hey All, Just ordered some Icon coilovers for my 2019 Sierra that have adjustable height of 1.5-3.5" of height. I also have a 2 inch rear lift block in my garage. Now the next thing I need to do is decide on my wheels and tires deciding between a 20 inch wheel or 18 inch wheel because I sometimes really like the look of the smaller wheel with more tire. Looking at minimum of 34" of height ideally.. I really dont want to rub or do major trimming but I also dont want something that'd look to small for a lift that'd go up to 3.5 inches. I like the look of the wider stance and not the tiny pizza cutter tires. Just trying to find that sweet spot. Looking for any suggestions/help please. Been looking around and seeing 295/70/18 that on some tire sites say its a 34.4" height but its a 11.5" width? But some say 11" so not sure about that route but any info with pictures would be very helpful
  8. Fingers crossed! I'll bring that up to them when I go for the ride along Wednesday
  9. Do you have anymore pictures of this setup? Been wanting to go for the exact same haha.
  10. I am on my 6th trip back to the dealer, have done everything from transmission fluid swap regarding one of the service bulletins to road force balancing of the tires. How much of these things they actually did.... well that's a tough question. But just called them back after my 5th or 6th trip, after buying the truck just a month ago, letting them know ill be back in.....
  11. If I wanted to get CST or Icon coilovers, just stage 1 so 1-3" adjustable lift, would I need the corresponding control arms or could I just keep everything else factory? Or is that more of a stage 2+ serious offroading condition. Want to make sure there's going to be no other stress of premature suspension wear going on. 2019 Sierra SLE so not other lifts or modifications done suspension wise.
  12. Thanks for the info. I knew about the warranty and that is definitely a plus. I see a bunch of people on here tossing on spacers and pucks that are usually 1.5-2" tall. So I am wondering if it really is worth going to the GM lift if others are just doing 1.5-2" spacers and IF that is really not much of a concern on the suspension geometry and lifetime.
  13. Hey All, Been on the forums for about a month now and have been doing a ton of digging into anything I have been trying to do. So far these forums have been a huge help. One question I had however is doing the 2 inch GM lift from the dealer or just adding a 2 inch lower mount spacer and a 2 inch rear block. How much is the GM lift really giving you that helps out with angles and helping out the suspension life with their kit? If I were to just get a 2 inch front spacer and a 2 inch rear block, I would achieve the same but would I run into quicker suspension wear with that route down the line? I have no problem with going toward the GM route but understanding that I can get the same look with less money I just wanted to try and get peace of mind of knowing if I do something that isn't the GM lift, will it really cause premature issues? I have the 2019 GMC Sierra SLE. So not factory lift or anything like that.
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