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  1. Thanks. Yes did some searches but haven't found a thing. For now I'm getting the back window replaced with a plain Jane window at my cost because I can't go any longer with a leaking window and taped section. Pierre
  2. UPDATE November 25 well GM backed out of coverying this on warranty. To add to the fustration, the rear frame is cracked. This seams to be another problem and related to the water penetration. So the frame cracks, my window breaks but it's not a warranty issue. I'm not an engineer but if water enters the craked frame (as it did, and it freezes like it did, why can't these forces shatter the glass? Grrrrrr.....
  3. I don't have a model number but my glass is the rear slider with defrost. I kept the sticker on the glass and will check tonight to see if there is any model/build information on it. BTW I never noticed any window leak as what I've read on this forum or had any repairs done to the window. Thanks Pierre
  4. Well this weekend I was driving and on rural paved road and boom, the same thing happened to me but it was the left side window. I was shocked as this is the first time that something like this happens to me. I backed out of the drive way and didn't notice anything. We didn't meet any cars and not aware my window being hit. I also have a foldable bed liner and can't see ever having hit the window accidently. The only thing I did that may or may not have anything to do with the failure is that I let the truck warm up twice (remote start) before actually taking off with it. Hope these are isolated cases. Pierre
  5. I cut the opening without removing anything. Worked out well!
  6. Nice light (RIGID) but too expensive for me. I really like that RC Chevy setup.
  7. Ran relay control off my high beam and ran the relay control ground into the cab incase I want to have high beam without the led bar.
  8. After months of waiting for a company to make brackets or someone to share ideas on a led bar install, I finally installed one today. (Auxbeam 22” Curved) I cut a hole in the lower bumper plastic, made simple brackets, wired a relay (with freewheeling diode) off the high beams and voilà!!! The Sierra lights are very poor, especially in high beam - the lights create a blacked out horizontal band that drives me crazy. Not anymore.
  9. Glad to find this post, describes very well the same issues i’m experiencing. What is very disappointing is there is no fix. GM engineers need to get their thinking hats on and find a solution.
  10. Just got 2019 Sierra Elevation. Looking at options to install a 20 or 22” LED light bar. Had one in my bumper opening on my 2012 2500 HD and found it indispensable for night time driving in the backwoods. Has anyone installed one yet? Share your pictures of your setup if you have. Thanks!
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