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  1. I felt significantly more pain paying $63k including tax for the truck than I did paying $250 for the install. It all depends on the perspective.
  2. I paid $250 for the install. On the invoice it says $50 to remove existing and $200 to install new ones.
  3. I replaced my running boards, installing AMP Research boards. I like this look much better. Before / after photos below. (Original running boards up for sale on the marketplace - Houston area)
  4. I installed AMP Research running boards on my 2019 Sierra AT4. I’m selling the factory set that came with my truck which had 2000 miles on it when replaced. I’m in the Houston area (Katy) - $350
  5. Thanks for the photos, guys. Very helpful.
  6. I never knew these existed - I'm definitely interested. Does anyone have pictures? I'm interested in knowing how visible the sticker is or if it just blends in. It has to look better than the ugly warning label. Thanks
  7. Hat tip to @Lions00 for the Stealthbox info and others on this thread for putting me in touch with [email protected] (John) for the wiring harness and LC2i. Pleasure dealing with him and very quick shipping on the harness like other have experienced. I'm thumping nicely now! Pricey...my wife hates all of you.
  8. Yes, it allows the fog lights to be on with the auto headlights. When the high beams turn on, the fog lights also go on to make it as bright as possible. Hat tip to whoever posted about the mod here... http://boostautoparts.com/products/6hi
  9. I received and installed the Boost Auto - Fog Mod today. Quick and easy. First night I had the truck I thought my auto headlights were broken. Surprised I had to mod this to get it to work as I expected it already should.
  10. I'm looking forward to the pictures. Hope they work well for you.
  11. Ceramic tint 5% on all windows. 70% tint on windshield, 30% on sunroof. Replaced the GMC logos with black ones. Removed the tailgate Sierra.
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