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  1. I had my recall for brakes completed today. So far, knock on wood, no problems. I’ll try starting the truck remotely and thru the app in the morning to see if the errors come up. When it happened 10k km ago, I used the Start/Stop button and it only lit up the dash when I was in the dealer car wash.
  2. I go in for the brake recall on Tuesday. Wish me luck!
  3. I received the update last night as well. Haven’t noticed anything different yet but will report back if I do. Where would one find the bulletin for what was included with the update? Would be nice to know. Thanks.
  4. I use the app to remote start often and I haven’t had that issue. My dealer did reprogram the after bleeding the brakes a few time’s and it hasn’t happened again. That was July 2019 and 10,000 km ago. Not sure if I’m the lucky one or that I’m due for it to happen again...
  5. Mine happened at the dealership, while it was already running, inside the dealership carwash. My sales guy was with me and he saw the dash light up like everyone else’s. They bled my brakes 3 times to bring the pressure back up and reprogrammed the computer. This was last June/July. Since then, I’ve put on 10,000 km and it hasn’t happened again. Good luck everyone.
  6. Good morning Philip! Success! 23 hours of driving in 3 days then the RVs were switched out. No brake issues and the 6.2 did surprisingly well and fuel economy. Around 10.8L/100km and 15 hauling the RV. No further brake issues yet. Cheers
  7. Wish me luck then. I have a 12 hour trip on Saturday (one way only) then back a few days afterwards. Then I’m moving a 9000 lbs travel trailer. I’ve had my brake issue already so I hope it doesn’t repeat itself. All they did to fix mine was bleed the brakes a few times and reprogram the computer...
  8. Mine did this coming out of the car was as well. Only difference was that I had a lot of sensor errors.
  9. All they did with mine is bleed the brakes (twice) and reprogram the computer, so I’m told. Hasn’t reoccurred yet...
  10. You should show your dealer this thread since they are working with transport Canada. There are quite a few people that have lost their brakes (power assist). All they had to do with mine was to reset the computer and a little bit of reprogramming. I’m only at 3000 km but it hasn’t happened since. This happened to me around 1500 K.
  11. I lost power assist and a lot of other sensors at the same time. Luckily I was at the dealership with the salesman in my truck when that happened. The brakes barely worked and you had to press down on the very hard to get the vehicle to stop... I’m just glad I wasn’t on the highway when that happened.
  12. Love the roll bar! That’s on my list to buy as well... Hopefully it will work with my Bakflip G2.
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