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  1. Good morning Philip! Success! 23 hours of driving in 3 days then the RVs were switched out. No brake issues and the 6.2 did surprisingly well and fuel economy. Around 10.8L/100km and 15 hauling the RV. No further brake issues yet. Cheers
  2. Wish me luck then. I have a 12 hour trip on Saturday (one way only) then back a few days afterwards. Then I’m moving a 9000 lbs travel trailer. I’ve had my brake issue already so I hope it doesn’t repeat itself. All they did to fix mine was bleed the brakes a few times and reprogram the computer...
  3. Mine did this coming out of the car was as well. Only difference was that I had a lot of sensor errors.
  4. All they did with mine is bleed the brakes (twice) and reprogram the computer, so I’m told. Hasn’t reoccurred yet...
  5. You should show your dealer this thread since they are working with transport Canada. There are quite a few people that have lost their brakes (power assist). All they had to do with mine was to reset the computer and a little bit of reprogramming. I’m only at 3000 km but it hasn’t happened since. This happened to me around 1500 K.
  6. I lost power assist and a lot of other sensors at the same time. Luckily I was at the dealership with the salesman in my truck when that happened. The brakes barely worked and you had to press down on the very hard to get the vehicle to stop... I’m just glad I wasn’t on the highway when that happened.
  7. Love the roll bar! That’s on my list to buy as well... Hopefully it will work with my Bakflip G2.
  8. I’m pretty happy with my beast. Sounds great and has gobs of power IMHO. So far, all I’ve done to it so far was add the BakFlip G2 tonneau. About $600 cheaper than the one from GM... Put 200 km on it the very first night...
  9. Well, I did end up getting it back last Friday. They cleared the errors by reprogramming the computer, bled the brakes twice and added new fluid again as stated before but the said they didn’t have to order or install a new module/sensor. When I got it back, it seems to be back to normal. I know they did some testing as they gave it back to me bone dry. Had to find the nearest Costco to fill in back up. Much cheaper for Premium there. ($1.229 vs $1.479 per litre at Shell) For the meantime, it seems to be holding.
  10. I haven’t figured out how to activate mine. Yes, I’ve read the manual. I had the light switch in auto mode and pressed the button at the end of the stick in low and on high beam but it doesn’t seem to activate on a dark country road with no oncoming traffic. There has to be one small thing that I’m missing...
  11. Not impressed to say the least. I’ve been sitting at the dealership for the past 4 hours and now they say I won’t be getting the truck back today. They’ve reprogrammed it, bled the brakes, bled them again after a test drive and now they say they have to order some parts, a module etc... This is a new build, May 2019ish. These brake issues should have been sorted out by now... Not sure when I’m getting it back...
  12. This just happened to me as well so I guess they still haven’t fixed the issue. The warning lights for brake system failure, service ESC, traction control off, and service trailer brake system came on. Thankfully I was already at the dealership dropping off some paperwork. My sales guy was in the truck with me when it happened as he let me use the dealership car wash. OnStar texted me as well; Diagnostic Alert: Service the Antilock Braking System in your 2019 Sierra within 7 days. Txt STOP to cancel or visit my.gm.ca/gm/en/l/blah blah blah It’s in with the Tech now.
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