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  1. Couldn't be happier. 19 TB custom. 0 issues, a few recalls.
  2. Currently: 15 Willys Wrangler 03 HD 1200 custom 02 ZZR1200 00 ZRX1100 96 ZX11 85 ZL900
  3. This is in the Jeep. Works well for me and easy to get to . http://www.gumcreekcustoms.com/
  4. 19 TB custom- 5.3 6spd. 10000 miles 0 problems. Only issues were recalls but never a problem.
  5. Had the recall for the recall done this morning. 40 mins in and out. Have not had any issues with the truck. Very happy. 19 CTB.
  6. Have never had so many people comment, wait for me in grocery store parking lots to tell me how much they like the 2019 Trailboss.
  7. Everything I thought I didnt like about it has grown on me now. Wanted the custom driveline but thought I liked the LT looks better IE front grille, led lights ect. Love the looks now and have been very happy with truck so far.
  8. Had them on about a week and no issue so far. You do have to bend the fronts to get them in but straight forward install.
  9. The auto window triggered on the first time up with the EGR's but has not done it since.
  10. No tape on front set some tape on rear set. Installed in 10 mins.
  11. Could have gotten the LT but really only liked the front end better. Didnt want all the electronics and thought that sticking with the L82 that they were putting in the customs was the better choice for me ( no start stop. or possible first year issues that may popup in the new L84) I could be wrong though. The audio controls I had listed stated they were for a 19 and knew they looked different but was hoping if plug and play they just wouldnt control center screen. Audio controls are sounding out of the question. would have been nice. Just need a couple upgrades to get her there.
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