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  1. Sir you are 110 percent right. So my dumb ass decided not to use all the hardware that came with mudflaps. and when removed the short ones that came on the truck I left the sheet metal nuts that are not needed for new flaps. So the mud flaps are rattling and hitting those nuts and made all sort of noises. I have to deal with it till I get home since I don't have the hardware on me. But I am glad its nothing serious. Made it to our destination and got some nice picture
  2. Do you have the rancho shocks?
  3. Yeah I hear ya. Lots of people say they are harsh but in comparison to my 13 F150 it is really soft it literally make the F150 feels like a sport car. The noise is driving me nuts but after some thinking I thought maybe I am the reason because when I installed the front mud flaps 1. I didn't use all the hardware because it didn't looks like they were needed 2. I had removed one screw on each side without putting anything in place Another thing could be the crash bars inside the door are rubbing against something. We will keep you updated
  4. Started our long trip from Bismarck ND to glacier national Park. Truck start making a weird rattling noise sounded like if you have coins stuck somewhere and rattling. Interestingly it came from both driver and passenger front sides. It gotten worse with speed and wind. It was very windy. Not sure what is making the it also sounded like really bad wheel bearing which I don't think that is the cars because it got louder with more wind and the steering felt fine. Got out of the truck checked every where could not find any thing. The other thing those rancho shocks are not my favorite but I also think the suspension of to soft for my liking. Reminded me of uncle buck car. For younger folks Uncle Buck is a nice whole some movie highly recommended Will keep you posted!
  5. I can dig two tone if its done right. Imo i think this should be like 1999 two tone. And someone mentioned no white with black. I agree with that comment silver or gold would've been better.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07J2T7DZC?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Got this for 179 on sale. It is back at 199. Pretty good but liked my tonnosport the best its even better than my buddy access roll up 450 option Tonnosport no water pooling but crappy one lock when rolled up Access fancy $450 on my buddy truck. Water pools but have better straps when rolled up Gator ETX water pools but really good tie down when rolled up and feels softer For installation the tonnosport was easier can't mess it up because it has tiny edges that sets in the top of the bed rails
  7. Real world city MPG?

    Most thing that helps fuel is driving calm. You can floor it stop light to stop light. But you are going to stop because it's the law so accelerate with ease. Don't drive like grandma on Sunday after church tho lol. Cheers
  8. 5.3. Truck is rated for 9600 and I had 9500 +/- 200lbs I usually stay under 55mph and its only 20 miles round trip once a week. Thought of buying 2500 but they are 10k more for similar specs 6.0 gas
  9. 33" tires on LT?

    Also the 275 70r18 are popular but those are 33.2 that is about 1.6 inches difference. I know discount tire might mount a tire and check for rubbing at no extra charge. At least the one in Minneapolis MN offered me that
  10. 33" tires on LT?

    https://tiresize.com/calculator/ There is a link I use to compare sizes. Now what fits in the wheel well without rubbing idk but based on Ebrown 275 60r20 those are 33s. My old F150 came with 265 70r18 and they are 32.6 which is about an inch taller than what you have. They made tons of those F150 so that size is cheap and available almost in every brand you can think of
  11. Towing Pics

    This a picture with trailer only. 14k lbs pj trailer
  12. Towing Pics

    Yeah that makes sense. Because my F150 had some stock shocks and didn't squat as much. Also just checked the pictures and the difference was about 4inch picture shows 34 7/8 i think the truck empty was 38 3/4 didn't take a picture of that because I getting eating by mosquitoes

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