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  1. Man I can't thank you enough for the recommendation. It was slick this morning on I94 and 694. So many cars were squirming I had 0 issues. And Went and visited my folks out west and it was a white out, so many cars in the ditch. It was like nothing for me. I just hope they stay the same for 3 more winters
  2. I venture out every now and then. But mostly I commute 65miles/day
  3. Nice lake. I believe I fished there once with my brother in law. They live in cohasset You are not far from lake bemidji and I fished that a ton.
  4. I love my 5.3. And if you get the 10speed you should be solid. I towed my 30ft ish travel trailer and never thought I was low on power or wanting more
  5. Even if it slower it is going to be outdated in few year use android auto with Google map much better. If I was in your shoes I would wait. My biggest bet peeve with my 19 is the interior. The designers done a great job on the exterior but completely ignored the interior. Yes it is functional and easy to use but man it looks so ugly. They rectified that on the 2022.
  6. Snowed today enough to make a mess but not to get the blows out, anyways least to say it is weird having traction again and the LE3's are super quiet on the highway - thank you for the recommendation @CamGTP
  7. Will guys ended up buying the Firestone LE3, got one size up 275/65R18 - they don't look too special but they are nice it is hard to tell they are actually a bit bigger.
  8. Anyone tried the Firestone LE3. they have good reviews on tirerack
  9. Nice. I sometimes take Rogers exit on 101 on my way home. I seen on Walmart website coopers that are priced good 185 dollars a puppy I want something good on ice and soft ride for the highway, i don't offroad at all unless you consider section line offroading and I tow a fishing boat that weighs 3500lbs at the most. What are your thoughts.
  10. 25000-30000 it is on the low end but not too low. Where in MN? Just moved to Elk River/Otsego. And in need of tires the good year are finished at 45k miles
  11. These are old photos from 2016, that was a record year. My neighbor got stuck trying to get me unstuck. Had to bust out the shovels and other neighbors with snow plow fourwheelers. Needless to say two hours later we were having cold beverages by a fire in shop. Just an average North Dakotan day
  12. I need to swap out mine. It skips pretty badly on washboard I can't believe GM uses that crappy ranchos in the Z71
  13. Not to scare you, but my friend is in a similar boat. The dealer gave him a VIN number then after 6months or so of waiting told him they can not track progress any more. He cheched the VIN himself online and ended up finding the truck parked at some wearhouse or something. His guess it is missing some parts. And apparently GM decided to focus on completing trucks that are being build on the assembly line rather than going after ones in wearhouses or parking areas with missing parts. The above info is what my buddy been telling me.
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