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  1. Should show us when you get the new part
  2. It is the cover over the opening for the seat belt. I took them off and put rubber bands and that took care of the problem.
  3. Jealous! I wish we could get some snow. Can't say much about the 10spd since I don't have much to complain about it in my 8spd. All this talking makes me want to try the 10spd. Too bad GM does not offer it in the LTs
  4. Good luck. If you read into an issues with the wheels. You could check eBay for take off wheels. And I presume the 18 going to be really cheap since no one wants them Like other had mentioned the brake caliper is the problem
  5. The guy want to have a piece of mind. I mean oil change is like $50 +/- if it doesn't actually help, I am sure it doesn't hurt.
  6. Had the same issue a while back. Easies way to replicate it is drive over a piece of lumber 4x4 or sometimes 2x4. And yes my dealer gave up on it so did I but in a stroke of luck its gone. I think what ever was the issue it rattled its way out and fill of the pickup for good. Either way can't hear it anymore
  7. Sounds like the buttons are not communicating proparly, you should have the dealer software
  8. True but I think electric car are more superior. Would i buy one? Hell no. Not with the anorixic infrastructure and low ranges and the prices. The consept is really great most of the energy goes to your wheals vs heat. And the flatish curve of power delivery is just so good. It is great but
  9. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/236-2019-2020-silverado-sierra/ There is the link where you will find everything. I don't have an iPhone but it made bluetooth connection kind of wonky. Really slow to connect on start up and yesterday it says I was connected but I was unable to stream music or make phone calls. AC/DC was on the radio so all is good.
  10. So when Trump won in 2016 it was JD power who controlled the media? I am from ND so you probably know who I voted for. If you wanna play the game you need to understand to make a winner you need a looser. My grandfather use to say if you are a politician you either had done something wrong or about to. They are all crooked if you ask me luckly we have democracy and we deal with disappointment 4-8 years at the time. God bless America! Now back to the car topic, yes Tesla are crap and this is coming from an electrical engineer. The only thing Tesla had done right is lighting up a fire under real car companies. I mean cyber truck? Sure when I was 4, my opinion the best ev was made by GM in the 90s. And today it would be the honda ev which we don't get in North America yet. Finger crossed
  11. Intermittent electrical issues are buggee to find. I would start with checking any possibile wiggle points. 7/4 pin connector. Have someone wiggle it while applying the break and so on
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