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  1. I hear ya brother. I work in the industry and unfortunately people like us are not the majority - most people don't care and/or don't know if they need to change such a thing (life time bs) and I agree with you the hood will be a dealer only deal pretty soon people don't want to be connected with their vehicle that way they want to be connected the Bluetooth way. I like doing my maintenance myself for few reasons: 1. I actually enjoy it - I can't explain why but I see people running in the street for no reason and they enjoy it, can't judge me for turning wrenches in my garage 2. I don't want a scrawny kid who is spacey %90 of the time and mastering fortnite dances the other %10 to change my oil. After my father retired he worked as a part time lube tech at one of the best dealers here in town I want to say it is the number one. he could not stand how worker treated customer car (the 20millions point inspection) it is just a joke most tech don't do it and even if the air filter is dusty the tech will recommend to have it changed. And any recommended maintenance the customer agree to perform the tech will get a percent on it - and they will not let tech show customers bad parts unless customers requested that. Also, some people don't care - drop the car off, get in the courtesy vehicle, get a phone call later, agree on all recommendation, whips out a credit card, get the car back (God knows what been actually done), and then drives home.
  2. I know and cylinder size of a garbage can lol. That size engine should be putting 500horses at least
  3. I don't know. But does anybody think that materials quality was much better back then. I have a feeling my 19 Silverado cloth seat going to be torn in 3 to 4 years just from getting in and out. Technology was basic back then but worked unlike now my display freeze up or glitch at least once a week..
  4. I hear ya. Actually, I would love a 99 5 speed 5.3 rcsb for a Sunday ride Big 5.3 fan here. Between me and my dad we owned 6 of them 99 07 07 08 16 and now my 19 and the 8 speed has helped this engine be even more peppy
  5. Love watching these remind me of an era I lived in when I was a small boy. used to see these trucks in magazine cut them out and put them on my wall and drool over them. My favorite part 10mpg and folks here complain about 17mpg lol Cheers
  6. I two near the max all the time, I actually prefer the truck loaded over unloaded - I think the Z71 might have stronger suspension because I always end up having to put more tongue weight to counter act the jerkiness. but with how light is your load you would think you don't have to worry about it. the first picture was my first tow with this truck - I use to put it a little further back with my 13 F-150.
  7. okay the video was about lowering kit so scratch the shocks thing (my bad)
  8. exactly what he said, and no trucks don't ride like this - my 13 F-150 XLT 4x4 crew cab road like a dream I currently have 19 Silverado LT 4x4 crew cab and it ride so bad I feel like every time I go over rail road tracks it bounce and feel like I lost control Just wait till the Bilstein comes out - The 1999 Ram 2500 would fit I think I seen a YouTube video on that but can't find it to save my life
  9. I have the Chevy bed rubber mat. I got it using my points. I like it. But I am old school prefer plastic bedliner so I can slide things around
  10. Thanks for the heads up buddy. Yeah i don't like the idea of changing brand new shocks. I feel wasteful but 40k+ truck shouldn't bounce like that when crossing rails and when hitting bumps on the road.
  11. Can you post the Amazon link of the one you are using. Can't find any for my 2019 but the 2017-2018 might fit. Thank you!
  12. Did you get new tires. I like the white lettering on the side walls of your tires.
  13. I am interested as well would like to swap mine. Thanks
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