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  1. These are old photos from 2016, that was a record year. My neighbor got stuck trying to get me unstuck. Had to bust out the shovels and other neighbors with snow plow fourwheelers. Needless to say two hours later we were having cold beverages by a fire in shop. Just an average North Dakotan day
  2. I need to swap out mine. It skips pretty badly on washboard I can't believe GM uses that crappy ranchos in the Z71
  3. Not to scare you, but my friend is in a similar boat. The dealer gave him a VIN number then after 6months or so of waiting told him they can not track progress any more. He cheched the VIN himself online and ended up finding the truck parked at some wearhouse or something. His guess it is missing some parts. And apparently GM decided to focus on completing trucks that are being build on the assembly line rather than going after ones in wearhouses or parking areas with missing parts. The above info is what my buddy been telling me.
  4. Nice wheels. Can you share what type of wheels and tires you have. Is your suspension stock?
  5. There is my old 08. Some days I miss my old trucks. Could not find a picture of my 99. My 2019 is by far the best in the snow. I love the 4A. But the 08 felt a bit more comfortable. I don't remember much of my 99 but I had young bones then so I didn't care to much for the comfortable ride
  6. I feel bad for op. His question turned into political debate. My grandfather use to say to make it as a politician you must have done something bad or about to. They are all crocked a$$hole just pick your poison. I am from ND and voted Republican all my life until last election. And It didn't matter eitherway. Trump biggest accomplishment is distroying the republian party. I was hoping for Mr Pence to take over he could have saved us. Back to EV. They are far from being ready to replace our ice engines, and as far as environment. Make me a truck that run on $hit and exhauste holy water with no to little compromises I will be first inline to buy one. In conclusion I wont start a polar bear on fire, and I wont throw my kid to feed a starving one either.
  7. Hey guys. I figured I make a thread for trucks in the snow. Here is mine
  8. EV is going to catch on eventually, I seen the TFL video of the electric Silverado and it is impressive. But like other stated EV are far from being ready. Hopefully the engineers will figure out the better range and better charging capabilities. If it can tow my camper for 200 miles between charge and charges up in 20min top then I would make peace with it. EV in general have less moving parts, batteries can be recycled, less maintenance cost due to no oil changes etc They are good for the environment so you will make environment cautious folks happy (I throw back 22" plus walleyes to keep producing) so there I also save the environment in my own way. Is the gas or diesel going away the answer not any time soon. Do I like the V8 rumble yeah but I am getting older and enjoy my quiet comfortable truck more.
  9. I had a very similar setup. I had the round bar WDH with chains. It didn't work that good. Switched to husky centerline and I was okay going 65mph. I wont take it across country or drive fast. The engine didn't feel under powered And I was able to stop. Just didn't feel I was stable enough
  10. Not that I can notice. I have an identical truck.
  11. looks like mine is setting @500, could be an issue with the display is not showing the right RPM because I doubt the truck would run as low as 200
  12. if you guys still having issue with super bright cams go to the dealership and have them run the update, it took them 10min todo mine
  13. I started my truck this morning @ -24°F and didn't see the message, I have the 5.3 with 8spd - I don't warm it up in the morning start wait 1~2min then drive.
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