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  1. I lived in Huston, TX in 2013 and it was too hot and humid, I also like ice fishing and snow plowing.
  2. I don't think there ain't is the problem. Might have a bad thermostat its unlikely but possible. Also, I was reading on the VW forum and lots of people are experiencing the same issue with the 4 cylinders turbo engines
  3. No block heater fired right up. Actually it was 40 below this morning and started fine
  4. I like to be mobile and those big shacks are nice to keep you out of the weather but boy they are pain to move around unless you have a big side by side or enough ice and guts to drive your pickup on the lake
  5. This is my setup for ice fishing - I think that day it was -30 but we had a buddy heater, was the only one on the lake my son first ice fishing trip (good time)
  6. Nah not with the right gear. Now -30 or colder that would be crazy talk.
  7. Don't do it. Units you read what you are getting after deductable and adjustment you will end up paying for the service. I don't think they are necessary. There is something called the bath tub rule Basically if you are looking at across section of the side of the bath tub. The x axis is time and the y axis is the chance of something going wronh with your vehicle. Higher chance for something to go wrong in the first 0-5 years and last 15-20 years.
  8. Yeah it is cold and with wind-chill its about -35. Keep the lake frozen for this weekend ice fishing
  9. Are you using any specific music app? Have you tried to force close that app? Are you talking connecting both Bluetooth devices to your phone at the same time? Like a headphone and the truck? That could be a phone issue. I am not familiar with the note 10+ but might be something in the Bluetooth settings to allow multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. I don't know why it won't be true by default but Samsung are crazy, not as crazy as Apple
  10. I don't think there is a different. Both my 08 and 19 can from Mexico. I had no problem with my 08 and small but very annoying problems with my 19. And the videos that been shared mean nothing. There is always an ugly side. I have worked for a lot of companies and whenever the big wigs come in for a tour we tidy up the place. But it doesn't look tidy every day.
  11. That stinks buddy. Wondering if you can rig something to put the broken one together temporarily till you get your part. If it make you feel better I have been waiting on a front shock since November of last year. Dealer said they are still waiting on the part.
  12. Yeah buddy. She is going your way. At least you have the trees that usually help.
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