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  1. I like wood trim on the inside. Would love to put did that matches the dark wood trim on the door.
  2. Have the same issue and they replaced the front left shock but unfortunately still having the issue. I decided that i am just gonna live with it for now till someone find a solution.
  3. 14k miles on mine. No problem with the 8 speed. By far the most refined drive train I ever used on a pickup. And this might sounds boaring but I think it is plenty fast and responsive for a truck.
  4. You can get some katskinz but they are pricey. I would wait till yours wears out then get the katskinz pretty sure you would be good for at least 5-6 years before you see any major wear or tear. And another 5-6 on the katskinz. Can't beat that My 0.02
  5. No problems with mine either. 14k miles towing all kind of heavy stuff.
  6. I never tried the 10speed but the 8 speed is treating me good. I never had issue with it. Or left me wanting more
  7. They can enter the truck but they can't started. And it depends. I think it the key or not in the front part of the cab it will not let you start the truck. You can try it out.
  8. If the vent selection is only on feet it will blow on both feet and defrost(windshield). to shut off defrost you will have to put it on face and feet. Not sure if this is a cool feature or a defect. Either way.
  9. Finally got mine done last Thursday. And what a different. The down sides. The dealer managed to scuff the handle on the shifter They really trashed the truck greasy foot prints all over the door sill Pretty sure the dashboard was used to put tools on. Left me couple of scuffs there too Over all it operate much better and it does not wobble anymore.
  10. I would get this https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Qi-Certified-Charging-Compatible-Qi-Enabled/dp/B079KZ49PJ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=wireless+charger&qid=1581865174&sprefix=wireless+&sr=8-3 And do this with it I like to do thing the cheap way as long as it doesn't hender functionality and look.
  11. Check the front mudflaps. Mine were rattling have the GM mud flaps
  12. Have you tried different cable? And check the fuse. Some parasitic could have occurred while jumping the other car blowing up a fues
  13. GM all day long. I don't even take them out to clean them. They cover every thing to the door sill.
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