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  1. Will, we got some snow today but it wasn't Worth busting out the plow. Finger crossed we get more soon (I never imagined myself saying these words )
  2. My father in law had boss v plow on his 3/4 and it felt too much of a plow for drive ways and such. This one for home use will be fine. I had a snowsport prior and it was okay. Not the cleanest but sure get most of it out. I sure hope this one do better considering it cost twice as much
  3. that is the one that got away form me. I wish I would have waited for 3.0 Diesel. Maybe on my next truck if they are still making them.
  4. Thank you, this plow is kind of whimpy so it should not be too bad. Plus I will be doing my house, my parents, and few friends probably
  5. I just installed a snowbear snow plow on the truck, plow was about 2k, assembly was about 4 hours over the course of two days. and the end result looks like this:
  6. Not saying its the greatest thing since sliced bread either. And please liberty is just a statchu. We should have a balance in our lives. I like traffic signs, seat belts, bumpers, airbags, and backup cameras Those are not optional you know..
  7. I installed a WDH, and it made it a lot better but still a bit squirmy when car passes (over take). For some reason passing traffic from the opposite direction had no effect (2lane back road) going 65mph et
  8. How are you liking your hitch, mine is the chIne style harbor freight one. And I don't know if I have it tuned right.
  9. I have a setup very similar to yours. Actually just got it but boy o boy I didn't like the drive home. I now have a WDH but still think the trailer is too much. I have no power issue but I don't feel warm and fuzzy going faster the 60mph and if a car passes me I feel the truck suck. Not ver pleasant experience.
  10. Good looking rig how is the towing experience
  11. What are the specs of your travel trailer, how does it handle, do you use weight distribution hitch. I just bought my first camper and lets say towing it is not fun. Especially without the WDH. i also feel that the airstream are much better travel trailer for towing.
  12. See I looked at both and the sumo are softer and get harder the more you compress them that is why I thought they might be better but without prior experience with either. I would say to listen to you considering you have at least tried them.
  13. See I find it hard to believe the reason GM don't offer the higher gears because of CAFE only, ot might be a contributor. Its probably to save on manufacturing more or less. Because it is a ratio. So they have to make so many of the fuel efficient ones to the one that isn't. Therefore they could've made few with 4.10 and such. Now I do agree turbo charged engine might be troublesome if you ran them boosted all the time. And you are correct, actually a friend of mine had one of the early F150s in Huston and ended trading it for a 5.0 because of all the issues. In comparison my buddy in ND had a 14 ecoboost that was amazing never had an issue with it. Also, most poeple uses their trucks as a car mejorty the time, yours truly is gulty of doing as such. That is why I like the 8/10 speeds and that is why I like the cylinder deactivation. And I like all the technologies, if you can get me from point A to point B for half the price without compromising the things I care about and then why not. Anyways, to not derail this thread more tthanwhat we have, I will leave it at that. Cheers! There is nothing that beer can't fix
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