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  1. looks like mine is setting @500, could be an issue with the display is not showing the right RPM because I doubt the truck would run as low as 200
  2. if you guys still having issue with super bright cams go to the dealership and have them run the update, it took them 10min todo mine
  3. I started my truck this morning @ -24°F and didn't see the message, I have the 5.3 with 8spd - I don't warm it up in the morning start wait 1~2min then drive.
  4. Snow traction usually not an issue. Ice what concerns me the most. BFG KO2: weren't good Bridgestone dular revo 2: were auful Goodyears SR-A: okay Coopers Discover AT: my favorite Firestone Destination: okay The falken used to be really cheap when they first came out. Today they are on bar with expensive tires
  5. E rated tires have thicker side walls will be more resilient to punctures if you are running trails
  6. I am in a similar boat. I dont have a leveing kit nor I want bigger tires. However, I am looking at E rated LT265/70R18. Just more load range E in that size vs the stock size. Hoping not to get any rub. One thing to watch for is not only no rubs lock to lock at stand still. but also in motion and while articlating. I use this website to gauge the tires different https://tiresize.com/calculator/ I don't think an inch or two will make that much of a difference at least from previous experience I was never able to tell when I put slightly wider and taller tires on my old truck. Good luck.
  7. Have you guys tried renting one from o'riley or auto zone If it is a one time deal why have to store a tool and they probably have better ones. Just an idea
  8. Actually that is one of the things I thought it was unpleasant about the T1. I even compared it to Uncle Buck car. https://youtu.be/OA-FmsSdSMY
  9. Just realized we have an almost identical truck. Do you have max tow package
  10. Nice looking rig. I actually found something that says airbags are bad if used to level the truck but okay to use to stiffen the suspension and to help with porpoising, that is why I am thinking of sumo springs instead of bags plus they are cheaper
  11. Thank you guys for all of the input. Chris, do you have a picture of your setup. Also, i saw this guy on youtube he was towing I think 36ft trailer with and older F150 might been 2006 or so. He said biggest upgrafe was tires and shockes
  12. Aha found it. And it shows 3800 front and back which is compind is more that what is my truck compined. It kind of make sense in a way the axle can handle more that what the truck at max probably away to protect against over loading an axle over the other
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