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  1. I have the same issue. Just decided live with it. I figured either that or trade it in and loose lots of money. Also, the dealer told me they can't figure it out.
  2. I hear mine humming even my 65yo dad with his weary ears commented on my compressor wine. Its is not so loud and the AC still blows cold so I am not going to bring it on till it get worse. It's been like this since beginning of summer and it didn't get any worse so far. O also I have the 5.3.
  3. I like mine. I don't mind the material I prefer hard plastic it feels more rugged. However, I feel like there is not enough arm support. Like I can either hold the steering wheel or rest my arm but not both and the speedo have too many notches. I prefere the old one was easier to read increment of 10 with one notch in between. Other than that it is pretty comfortable ride i like where the knobs are placed and the way it looks.
  4. 19 LT1 4x4 crew 5.3 8 spd - 18+k miles no shake or window leak but i don't have the beer window option so I don't know if the window leaks apply to the non beer window option. My dad have a 16 optioned out like my truck his is a 6 speed no shake either.
  5. I think you are right. I am pretty sure I would love the 6.2 if I tried it. Interestingly enough it is the only engine I have never driven before. But again I don't think I would complain if I have extra hp. It kinda of like having more money or a bigger wiener (there is no such a thing)
  6. Agreed. I usually have to put my hand on the display otherwise I won't be able to back out of my drive way. I live in rural area and we don't have street lights so the issue is amplified. Is the HD camera dimmable or aft least dims at night?
  7. I have 5.3 8sped LT 4wd crew. I really love this power plant combo. Never felt its lacking power. Unless I am towing 9000lbs but honestly towing 9000lbs with these truck is pushing it and I won't want to do it regularly, once in a while it's okay.
  8. 19 5.3 4WD crew cab 8spd. Last 3 tanks I averaged 18mpg +/-0.3 this is what the computer says. I am pretty pleased with this number as my previous truck(13 F-150 crew 4x4 5.0) was unable to achieve 16mpg.
  9. I would keep the wheel you have on. They look really sharp. Maybe put a slightly bigger tires. Good luck. Nice looking truck. Looks very sharp comparing to my chromy LT.
  10. Holiday because I got card when I bought my truck to get 10cents off and 5 dollars car wash (touchless usually cost $11) and put 87. I wish my truck can take flex fuel because it is cheaper and my old truck felt peppier using e85
  11. The trail boss seems to hold value the best thus I would not recommend buying a used one. Have you considered a brand new one. With all the incentive they are not much more (actually here around the Minneapolis, MN) you can get one for under 44k LT 5.3 10SPD and as far as leather. get some katskinz the nice ones cost about 2k and some dealers will add them for you and roll them into your loan and in my humble opinion they are better than the oem leather. Plus like what other said 10spd is probably better. I have no issue with my 8spd but lots of folks prais the 10spd and some had complained about their 8spd My 2cents Cheers! Moe.
  12. One thing about the factory mudflaps, they are very stiff. They don't have much give and might damage the body panels specially the rear ones if they hit a hard object or bottom down in a ditch crossing manuver Good luck!
  13. I thought the mechanical part basically an oil pressue controlling a collapseable lifters ( can't be turned off unless u replace part of the head and new lifter. Very invasive process). But I could be wrong
  14. The thing is part of the system is mechanical. If shutting the electrical part off while leaving the mechanical part stock the guy would think it might have some bad side effects. No?
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