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  1. Congrats and good luck, RST by far the coolest looking
  2. I have to agree on the T1 is better. I like the ride better and forward visibility. Also, like you said the fuel economy is outstanding for being v8
  3. Lol I was joking around. I'm horrible at typing. What I meant to say The seats are made out of ants hide - implying how rare and special they are.
  4. I did it over the internet. Compiled a sheet of everyone of them and the dealers and sent it to the salesmen. When they asked me to come and take for a test drive I would tell them that I already did and when they said our truck more because the seats are made out of ants hide or whatever bs I would tell them I won't pay for a feature I don't want so you either give me what I wont or if you really want to sell something off your lot I would gladly take it but wont pay for the extra. Ended up getting the Z71 package, preferred package 1, running boards, and all weather mats for free. Just be firm and straight forward. And tell them what is the amount I need to write the check for if I would to buy it outright. No non sense this the price and this is what you going to pay because there is this fee and that fee I actually drove 400miles to get my truck but saved close to 6k not counting the extra features I didn't want but got because they want to sell something from their inventory.
  5. Haha that would be my to go to method. But boy on a 40k+ truck it is hard to execute
  6. Anyways the most misconception is that 4wd or AWD improve safety and confident on the road. I would say that is false unless you are taking off on a slippery road and you want to get out of the way fast. And will never try to use 4WD on dry pavement. I remember in my previous job a coworker came from TX to ND and drove the rental truck on the highway for about 2 hours in 4hi - not harping on folks from TX some of them are much better driver than me. But it was funny to feel the truck hopping in the parking lot
  7. Fair enough. Around here I don't trust dealers mechanics. Not because they don't know, but mainly because they don't care. That right there was supposedly checked and didn't needed to be changed but I told Dad lets do it at the house . It cost about 20 bucks and good way to spend the weekend with my father and my son. And ended up with that picture. I mean maybe that metal shaving is nothing to worry about on the count of the truck has close to 100k on it now.
  8. Yeah i am not sure my 2000 Silverado was horrible when I left it in auto. It felt like auto and 4hi were the same thing. When i put it in auto it never knew when to switch to 2hi and that is when I stopped using that feature all together. My dad keep his 2016 in auto prettty much all winter unless he is traveling on the interstate and when we did transfer case oil change the plug had tons of metal shaving which was double what was on mine with twice the mileage on mine if not more.
  9. 4wd will help you taking off but will do nothing to stop you. So on slick icy intersection instead of spenning the rear wheels forever u lock it in 4hi and zip through the intersection then back to 2hi. Never came across you have to engage 4wd every few months to prevented from seizing.but I never went more than 6months without using 4wd. I live in rural area and 2wd won't cut it most of the time. Big tall pickups get stuck in my area. I mean when u have snow drifts 3-6 ft high there is nothing you can do. Picture below is the proof
  10. Only time I used it while towing is pulling the boat on a slippery ramp on a frosty day.
  11. I actually don't like the auto all together either 2wd or 4wd. Auto in these truck mean it will engage on/off when it need it. And if its anything like the old trucks will be cycling on/off all the time which is crazy amount of wear on your transfer case. Some might argue that.
  12. Congrats on the new truck and sorry about your accident. Great to hear you are okay. I can not help you with the question but I can add don't paint chrome bumper the paint chips easily.
  13. Crazy I know. Going to leave it at that. Deleted all my political opinions because I am sure they will make people upset and its a car forum after all.
  14. Yeah, called the dealership and asked them to order the part so when I bring it in next Monday they can work on fixing it. They want to see the truck first. Problem is the truck is at the body shop getting chubbed up after the hail storm.. so there goes another wasted day for their tech to check it out and me waiting on part for months... Frustrating.
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