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  1. Not really. But tried to follow instructions. And after spending 3 hours freezing my knuckles and other body parts. I came up empty handed. Every thing looks loose but not too loose after fiddling around with the light switch and the fuse box cover, under the steering cover and under the driver side foot well. Didn't find any thing that makes the noise. I decided to wait till the summer and possibly take the dash apart and reassemble it again in hope of finding a loose screw or harness that i can tighten or zip tie.
  2. I haven't done ceramic coating. I don't keep my vehicles long enough for it to be worth it. My friend on the other hand ceramic coated his 2500 blue truck and I feel it still get as dirty as my truck. What I usually do to keep the truck clean is bringing it to the touch less car wash and when I get home a bucket of warm water with some APC and wipe it down and of course wash the floor mats. I have the gm all weather mats and they are surprisingly good. And wash pretty easy. It is pain to own a dark vehicle. But if I have it my way I will never drive any thing that isn't blue
  3. Thank you very much guess going to try every thing here this weekend. Will report back. Thanks again!
  4. Do you have pictures of the area Thank you!
  5. Update#3 So after dropping it off yesterday they called me the same day and informed the truck is ready for pickup. Went to get it and the service manager informed me that they are suspecting it is the struts. They have one on order and will call me when they have it in. I think at this point they are frustrated and going after guts/guesses. Nothing wrong with that. I am glad they didn't give up on it. Will keep you posted. Thank you!
  6. Happened to me. I ended up taking it ro the dealership having them reprogram it. Its been good ever since. Waited forever for OTA update but no use. That is why I ended up going to the dealer Good luck.
  7. We are in the middle of a blizzard now. And driving on a snow packed road such a nuisance. I don't even know if my truck is falling apart on me or what the heck is going on. I use to enjoy driving on snowy days and helping other who are stuck or get stuck myself. But this issue just sucked the joy out of it.
  8. I thought of that myself a lot. And tried my hardest to fix it, on the other hand I paid 40k+ for this thing and expected to be top nautch because let me tell you a clunker in my neck of the woods cost much more less.
  9. Update #2 Truck is going back in next Wednesday. I honestly don't have high hopes they know what they are doing but i have spent most of my day today reading things and cross them off and result noise still there aside from the ability to reproduce it by driving over a scrap piece of 4x4. I had a lengthy talk to the service manager and he said they are going to use a device that can pin point noises (can't remember the name of the damn thing to save my life) but I will ask him about it again. This is it for now will let you know after Wednesday. Thanks!
  10. Had similar issue with audible, turned out I had a low quality cable. Check with other apps if its the same issue i bet ya it is your cable. Find a short cable they usually work better
  11. Thank you for the info. How did you end up fixing it?
  12. Can you please share that. I read almost 100 posts and followed instructions but didn't see nothing about those bolts probably missed it somehow Thank you, Moe!
  13. True. I mean there are good people out there problem is, there is some bad ones too
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