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  1. Thats horrible! GM really screwed up royally across the board. The dealership called this morning and said the delivery date has been moved up to February 1 so I'm going to remain hopeful here. My wife needs a new SUV and was thinking about a Yukon but after this disaster, I have no faith GM can deliver.
  2. Back in September I lost my 2500 in a big flood which has turned into a never ending disaster. I was able to find a dealership that would honor my friends and family discount on a vehicle that was built but waiting for parts. The dealership thought it would take 3 weeks but there were no guarantees and given the circumstances with inventory shortages there wasn't much of a choice. Every few weeks, the due date is pushed forward and I tried GM but they have nothing to offer. In December I was told we should have it January 13. Now, February 11. Is there source where I can get some solid information on the status of the truck? I was told it is 100% done but waiting for transport which I would like to verify. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi Guys, I am going to pickup my 2500HD Sierra tomorrow and want to get a bull bar or something similar. I noticed some of the manufacturers have a note that says "the bar might block the sensors". Does anyone have a bull bar or bumper guard that works with the front sensors? Thank you for the help.
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