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  1. Thanks, getting close to the 8k mark on the odometer, glad to know this issue is potentially behind me.
  2. Following the thread: 2021 Trail Boss 6.2L Julian Date from block: N121081 which should be 03/22/2021 Am in the clear on the lifter issue? Thanks
  3. Do you mind giving an update: with the 295/70 18's Is this a completely stock truck? Did you end up having to cut the flaps or front air dam support?
  4. Was your Trail Boss completely stock with the 295/70 18's? Picking up an identical truck on Friday and want to upsize the tires ASAP. Any rubbing or was cutting required?
  5. Yes, I agree with your post. I spoke to an ad exec I know who sells TV advertising. Ford has cancelled all TV adds in several major markets for the foreseeable future. I am sure GM is not far behind and with that will go most of the cash incentives I would assume. I found a truck I'll accept that is in transit to a local dealer. I plan to sign for it tonight just to lock it down with current rebates.
  6. Do you have a solid source on that and is the timing still the same : Order in June, Manufacture late September for what I would assume is a November delivery to the dealer? Trying to decide if I buy a truck on a lot now or wait for the 22 refresh.
  7. I'm in the same boat. Just tried to order a Silverado 1500 last week but GM wouldn't let the dealer add in all the options I wanted due to the chip shortage. To make matters more complicated, I read an article yesterday saying both GM and Ford are canceling their summer shut down/re-tooling for the new model year in order to try to catch up on 2021 production. It would not surprise me if GM delayed the 2022 refresh for another year, just to catch up on current demand.
  8. Thanks Jim, I'm just a regular citizen, no access to supplier pricing that I can find. Any advice there?
  9. Newby question here: Do you save any money or are you able to negotiate price with the dealer when you order? I am looking for some specific options on a Trail Boss that my local dealer either can't find or can't get another dealer to trade on due to limited inventory. Just looking for advice. The good new is, im in no hurry and have time to wait if needed.
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