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  1. Correct FYI they replaced all 16 lifters, the guides, a push rod and all the other junk that ya touch doing that job. Back in my hands in a week. Running good so far. Was unfortunate but can’t complain about how the dealer or gm handled it. I have a copy of the tsb if anyone needs it
  2. Hi there, 3000 miles. I was driving to a camp and my engine was knocking sporadically (I thought it was actually tie strap hitting the truck at first due to wind). Anyway when I arrived, and rolled down my windows I realized I had the dreaded lifter tick. Dealer is replacing all 16 lifters but I’m concerned about what the knock would have been. It was sporadic and only seemed to occur when under load (higher rpms). My neighbor is making it sound like the knock means my truck will never be the same. I asked the only other mechanically inclined guy I know and he basically said that it’s not good but it won’t just go away so if it’s not fixed properly I’ll know. Anyone have any idea?
  3. Hmmm, I will give them a shout now. There’s a TSB, they are supposed to replace both banks so I want to make sure they do that
  4. My lifters went. Dealers been great and fixing me up. He said he had “4” and needed to source the other 4. I said your doing both side right? He said yes. I didn’t realize there are 16 total. How are these sold? It sounded like he was needed 2 “sets” and was maybe referring to number of cylinders vs. lifters. basically I’m now questioning whether he’s replacing ALL lifters
  5. Another victim here, 3000 miles on my sierra I am almost positive the lifters are shot. i’m 400 miles from my dealership. OnStar says they’ll tow it to the closest one, and can’t help me with my family and all my other junk that I have with me on vacation. heard there is a brand new tsb: PIP5776E which will cover all lifters on failure @ < 8000 miles. Does anyone have access to this tsb? I can’t find it online yet. Apparently published June 18
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