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  1. I’m in Ventura and I just bought a Silverado High Country from Paradise with employee pricing and the current incentives. No markups and no hassles at all. PM for the name of the salesman that helped me out if you’re interested.
  2. I placed an order with my dealer for a 2021 GMC Sierra AT4 about a month ago. At this point, my order still haven't been accepted by GM, and the dealer doesn't know when it will be. They also won't tell me if they even have the available allocation. With the 2022 refresh coming to the GMC Sierra, I'm now thinking about waiting a bit longer to get the newer model with a hopefully updated interior. However, I'm not sure when orders for the 2022 are allowed to be placed, and when the 2022 vehicles will start to hit the lots. I know there are a lot of unknowns with everything that's happened this year, but I'm curious if anyone can offer insight on the wait time for a 2022 Sierra.
  3. I placed an order a few weeks ago for a new Sierra AT4 and because I have the order number, I'm able to check on the status through GMC chat. The order status has been "Your order has been submitted by your dealer but has not officially been accepted by GM at this time.". I know we're in strange times, but how long does it typically take for the order to be accepted by GM? I've asked the dealer who placed the order and they just keep saying "I don't know, it's a waiting game". Any prior experience with wait times will greatly help me deal with this waiting game.
  4. I ended up finding a dealer that isn't too far of a drive that agreed to honor employee pricing if I ordered the truck, but not on something that's already on their lot. So I decided to go that route and placed my order yesterday. Hopefully the time to delivery goes quickly.
  5. I haven't seen your PM come through yet. I'd send you a message myself, but I'm new here and apparently not able to send messages until some amount of time/# of posts passes. Can you resend please? Thank you!
  6. I haven't heard of the program that you mention, but that sounds like something that would alleviate some of my fears of ordering. Can you send me the details on the dealership and sales manager you are working with?
  7. I’m in the market for a 2021 Sierra 1500 AT4 Duramax with a valid GM employee pin, but all of the dealers I’ve reached out to in California won’t honor the employee pricing. On top of that, some dealers here are adding on $5,000 for market adjustment and $3,000 for paint protection. Because of this, I’ve started to look at other dealers outside of California, but most that I’ve called either say they can’t sell it to someone out of state, or if they do, they can’t honor my valid employee pricing. I’ve considered seeing if a dealer would honor the price if I order the truck, but who knows what the rebates will be when it’s available, and I’m worried they might say one thing when they take my order, but change the deal when the truck is delivered. I’d like to buy now to take advantage of the current pricing, but I’m not willing to pass up employee pricing, and pay a market adjustment on top of it. Any advice on what you would do would be greatly appreciated.
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