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  1. Edit: Sorry just saw that you used points to purchase instead of a credit card, so you can dispute the charges. Good luck!
  2. So... you recommend going illegal and annoying? Gotcha! To each their own!
  3. That's still a huge drop in mileage. I disabled the AFM in my 2016 Suburban and hardly noticed a change in MPG at all.
  4. Thanks for posting this info. I have a 2021 RST with the 6.2 that was made during the "bad" timeframe. I have about 2400 miles on it with no problems yet, even been pulling a 5,000# trailer frequently. I'm aware it can happen and have a good dealership to work with if/when it does. I just hope it doesn't happen when I'm halfway across the country pulling my little fishing boat!
  5. Before I bought my current truck, I test drove a 2020 GMC with the 6.2. The previous owner had the flappers, muffler and resonators removed and some kind of aftermarket muffler installed. The minute I drove out of the dealer's lot, I knew I wouldn't buy the truck. Fairly loud in the cab and lots of drone at highway speeds and the noise it made when DFM kicked in was hideous. Even the salesman was like "yeah, we're gonna have a hard time selling this one."
  6. I had the factory power steps on my 2016 Suburban. Constantly dealt with them either not wanting to come down, or go back up. One would be up, one down. Just all kinds of issues. It's not fun when you go to get out of the vehicle, expecting to have a step there and it's not. Never again. I finally got them both down the just pulled the fuse so they'd stay down all the time.
  7. If you're looking for one that won't hurt the tailgate if left in when the gate's lowered, you'll need one made of NERF. Those don't have much of a tow rating, though.
  8. A product called Fluid Film is very popular with the Jeep crowd for prevent corrosion.
  9. So you're saying it's GM's fault that you wrecked your truck?
  10. We have 2 Rav4s with ACC and it works great in those. Reading about the GM version makes me kinda glad I don't have it in my Silverado.
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