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  1. U-Haul car trailers are usually set up well for securing the vehicle. I recommend checking it about 5-10 miles down the road after first loading it, then every fuel stop after that. On those descents, familiarize yourself with manually shifting your transmission. Use lower gears to maintain safe speed as much as possible going downhill. This will save your brakes. Best advice is just don't get in a hurry and don't forget what's behind you when changing lanes, turning, etc. Good luck!
  2. There are only two kinds of sunroofs. Those that leak, and those that are going to leak.
  3. When you get into towing bigger and heavier trailers, it isn't so much about the drivetrain as it is brakes, tires and suspension and being able to control and stop the trailer. It might help if we knew what weight you were looking to pull and what truck you have. I've been pulling a 26" box trailer that weighs around 7K loaded and doing pretty well so far with my 2021 RST/Z71 with the 6.2 and 10 speed. It can get sporty in the wind, however but I do use sway control and a good weight distribution hitch.
  4. Uh, I'm not the OP on this thread. OP had two, this one and here.
  5. Ya just have to love these. "Hey I cut my exhaust off and now it's too loud, what should I do?" And let's start extra threads on the same topic so I can get more attention, too! SMH.
  6. A picture of what you're talking about might help.
  7. Got the truck back. GM would only replace 8 lifters on bank 2. Not too happy about that but we'll see what happens.
  8. Heard from the shop after dropping it off. Getting 16 new lifters in it. Hopefully to be done by this Friday. Fingers crossed.
  9. The one I bought off of Amazon years ago still works great. I think it was less than $30. With things like that, I don't get the most expensive or the cheapest but somewhere in between and have good luck.
  10. Here's my advice: Quit Eff'ing with the tune and the truck! Put cats back on it and leave it alone.
  11. Yeah, it's bumper to bumper, but it was also 10:30 pm, I was pulling a trailer and it was 25 degrees out. Didn't really feel like waiting for a tow. And given that it's bumper to bumper, if I grenade the engine, they can put a whole new one in it.
  12. 2021 6.2, Driving along last night and truck started running rough then Service ESC and Service Parking Brake lights came on along with the flashing CEL so it's almost positive my lifters have gone bad. I was about 25 miles from home when it started and I finished the trip because it was late and very cold out. Tomorrow it'll go about another 4 miles to the local dealer for diagnosis and repair. How far have others gone and was there additional damage?
  13. DFM has absolutely nothing to do with octane requirements. Octane requirements are a result of compression ratios and the 6.2 has 11.5:1 compression. The 5.3 and 6.6 have around 10:1 or so. The higher the compression, the higher the octane requirement. Octane ratings are a measure of a fuel's resistance to pre-detonation. Higher compression also increases the heat in the cylinder as the piston moves up and lower octane fuels can ignite too soon; pre-detonation.
  14. Oh, I thought you were talking about someone putting 10" tips on their exhaust. Can't get much more suspicious than that.
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