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  1. If it has been trouble free so far, no reason it won't continue to be. You can't go by only what you read in these forums. For every complaint you see here, there are probably 50 others out there who are totally happy with their purchase. It's very seldom that someone will come to a forum to just brag about how great their vehicle is. If you go to others that follow Ford, Ram, Toyota, etc, you'd think those trucks were total junk as well by reading the issues talked about in them. If it makes you feel better, discuss buying and extended warranty when buying out your lease; work it into the deal. You probably won't find a truck like that for near that price right now.
  2. I won't say it's normal usage, but I'd just about guarantee you that the dealer and manufacturer will state that 1 qt per 1000 miles is within allowable limits. What, by the way, is BG MOA?
  3. With the right fabrication skills, just about anything can be done. It would be neat, but require a lot of work and customization. You'd also need some front suspension upgrades as the Duramax and Allison is quite a bit heavier than the gas motors.
  4. What about using the External Reflective Visual System that's already installed?
  5. Well, as most may know, the lights in the bed of the truck are rather weak, especially if you have a tonneau cover on. So, I bought 2 60" strips of white LED lights to go under the tonneau brackets and run the length of the bed. I tapped into the wiring for the stock bed lights. Once I got one side wired and installed it tested and worked great but when I installed the other side and turned them on, all of the bed lights flashed twice and shut off. Just the ones in the bed, the ones on the back of the cab stayed on. I guess I was drawing too much current and the BUS system shut it down? Anyone have any ideas? The strip tested out fine on its own.
  6. This happened to me once with my 2021 6.2. I disconnected the negative battery terminal for about 10 seconds, reconnected it and made sure the positive was tight and it fired right up. Have had no problems since. If you google Silverado crank but no start, you'll also see something about tightening the bolts that hold the under-hood fuse block down. It seems some of these were loose and caused the issue also. Good luck!
  7. I had the same issue with wireless Android Auto in my 2021 RST. I just use the USB cable now. Besides, the wireless just sucks the battery dry pretty quickly.
  8. It was left off of several models due to the chip shortage. Some versions didn't even have DFM and now there are some without HD Radio. All due to a shortage of chips.
  9. This happened once with my 2021 Silverado. I disconnected the negative terminal on the battery for about 15 seconds, reconnected and made sure all connections were tight. Fired right up with no issues since. There are also some bolts under the fuse box lid that may need tightened as well. You can google that.
  10. So how long should a 3yr/36,000 mile warranty last? Asking for a friend...
  11. You're probably right. Anytime I do brakes on a vehicle with ABS, I push the calipers back while opening the bleeder. The ABS controllers, don't like having fluid pushed back through them.
  12. You need to change your driving style. I've lived all over, including Colorado. Pulled trailers big and small, up and down mountains. In all of the trucks I've ever owned (over a dozen) I've never warped a rotor. I put over 130K on one Silverado and it had the original pads on it when I sold it.
  13. +100 The only thing that CAI is going to do is make more noise and allow more dirt into your engine. Reinstall the stock one.
  14. Is the shop torqueing everything while it's on a lift or sitting on the ground? This can make a huge difference in suspension parts and alignment.
  15. I'd say if you like the truck, get it. I just bought a 2021 Silverado RST before the announcements of the '22s came out. Yeah, the new interiors are nice, but to me it's just more toys and gimmicks. And I try to stay away from the first year of anything new. The interior in mine isn't the most exciting thing there is but it works and is well laid out IMHO. I think the GMCs are even a little nicer.
  16. Edit: Sorry just saw that you used points to purchase instead of a credit card, so you can dispute the charges. Good luck!
  17. So... you recommend going illegal and annoying? Gotcha! To each their own!
  18. That's still a huge drop in mileage. I disabled the AFM in my 2016 Suburban and hardly noticed a change in MPG at all.
  19. Thanks for posting this info. I have a 2021 RST with the 6.2 that was made during the "bad" timeframe. I have about 2400 miles on it with no problems yet, even been pulling a 5,000# trailer frequently. I'm aware it can happen and have a good dealership to work with if/when it does. I just hope it doesn't happen when I'm halfway across the country pulling my little fishing boat!
  20. Before I bought my current truck, I test drove a 2020 GMC with the 6.2. The previous owner had the flappers, muffler and resonators removed and some kind of aftermarket muffler installed. The minute I drove out of the dealer's lot, I knew I wouldn't buy the truck. Fairly loud in the cab and lots of drone at highway speeds and the noise it made when DFM kicked in was hideous. Even the salesman was like "yeah, we're gonna have a hard time selling this one."
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