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  1. Try cruise control... I don't have mine yet but I thought I remember that was what TFL figured out when testing. It's definitely not like it's big brother though.
  2. Usually it's rebates or 0%, not both...but that could happen. I think Ford is doing $5000 and 0% right now.
  3. I ordered it at the end of January. They have a deposit from me but the only thing I signed was the printout of what options were ordered. Not a formal contract, they literally drew a line and said sign and verbally told me that I was signing off on the correct options. Also, the truck has been there for a week and a half and I can't find it advertised anywhere...as in on their website or Chevy's website for search inventory. I literally just told them I'm holding off until April. I fully plan on buying it because I told them to order it and this is what I want (I'm a man of my word), but I really don't care if they sell it because I'm out of work right now being in the bar and restaurant business and don't know how many of my customers will come back after this?
  4. What does everyone think will happen with incentives in April? Do you think they will go up or will they just keep pushing the 0% and do nothing with incentives? My truck is in and had planned on waiting until next week (April) thinking with everything that is going on, they would go up? Last year they were $500 more in April than March...but I'm also scared of making the wrong decision. Thanks
  5. I'm planning on waiting until April too! Last year with no health scare, April had $500 more in incentives. I ordered a truck at the end of January and just got the call Tuesday that it was in. I'm in Illinois and the governor shut down bars and restaurants... I service bars and restaurants for a living so I am basically out of business right now! I still planned on buying it but was going to make them wait another week. If they can't wait then oh well... I'll go get the money I put down back then.
  6. I am worried about this too! I ordered one at the end of January and it just arrived Tuesday. Last year the rebates were $500 more in April than March. Since it hit the fan, I think I am going to make them wait until April before I do the paperwork...rates already went down. I'm hoping rebates will go up as well.
  7. Mobil 1 ESP 0W20 Might have to have a parts store order it in for you.
  8. Sorry, I meant the ppf...I'm familiar with coatings and high spots.
  9. Would you say this is something that a professional should do? I was wondering if they made precut kits I could do myself? Otherwise I'm leaning towards a place by me that uses Llumar platinum which is the same as suntek ultra.
  10. Thanks! I'm in Ingleside! Fire guys in Antioch got back to me at $850 for Llumar platinum... I missed their email until after I posted this thread. I went back and read the other quote and that was actually $1500!!! I'm thinking I want about 4"-6" on the hood, the painted bumper, the bar going across the grill and the triangle looking piece that is forward part of the front fenders.
  11. Anybody have paint protection film? I have a RST on the way any day now and was thinking about getting the front end done? I got a quote for $1200! I was thinking it would be $300-$500. Never had it before so really don't know the going rate but that quote had me thinking I could get the paint repaired cheaper if it bothers me. If you have it, what did you have covered and how much? Do you like it and think it's worth it? Thanks
  12. Do you notice any difference in fuel mileage or cooling?
  13. Thanks for sharing! Makes me feel better. I ordered a RST with the LM2 and I should be getting it in the next few days... I can't wait! I'm from Illinois as well! I hope this warm weather keeps going so I can have one less salt season on it. I also want to be able to detail. I told the dealer to not touch it, just do what they have to which I believe is check fluids and remove plastic. Thanks again
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