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  1. Hmmm, thought I tried that. Will try that again tomorrow. Thanks!
  2. Truck is governed at 38 km/h in reverse (yes, I do lots of higher speed reverse driving on my rural back roads) and the location of the block heater plug is absolutely ridiculous IMO. It is by the driver side fog light behind decorative plastic grate that you have to remove....best do that when its warm! I wish the truck had a little throatier sound to it. When my wife's Durango R/T was switched into sport mode, it changed the exhaust tune as well as shift pattern etc Once you switch into sport mode, you cant switch back as if you do, it goes into towing mode. The truck rides nice off road. Pleased with that. I put the 20" duratracs on and am fine with them for now. Decent on the highways, slight shutter and shake on the highway with the seams in the pavement. All in all, pleased with this truck. Its a nice compromise between my 2016 denali and my 2017 Sivlerado LTZ 2500. Just my two cents.
  3. Awesome! Thank you for the information. Love the second last ones especially!! Will definitely look into these. Anyone sell there OEM rims? Wonder what they are getting for them.
  4. 6-$800 i suppose. I am not familiar with the difference in looks between solid black and black/machined. Sorry for my ignorance.
  5. Some may disagree with me on this but, I can't help but think the rims on the AT4 look a lot like rims on a Toyota. I can't have that, but i don't want to spend a pile of coin either to change it up. I like the rugged look of the black rims, so not looking to go to the chrome look which would be an easy swap out with the dealer. I was thinking of powder coating the rims, but I am not good at visualizing what it would look like. I need pictures lol. Any other thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the information. Am i going to be a cop magnet, or is it street legal loud lol
  7. Thanks Chris. Will keep that in mind when we do the install next week.
  8. All great sounds. I will be doing Z1bosses mod next week when i take delivery of my my 6.2 At4 on Monday. Love the option of remotely switching between quiet and noticeable. Z1boss, how do you compare the sound of the cut out open to other offerings such as the cat back etc
  9. This sounds really awesome. Can you provide anymore information on the electric cutout that you installed?
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