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  1. You can make it work have it on my 19 LTZ just need to do some trimming to the z71 piece that goes on the back to make it fit
  2. Just ordered one thanks for the part number fiatdale
  3. First off thank you FiatDale for the update and part numbers I’m ready to order and can’t wait to retrofit my 19 LTZ. Also following your HUD thread and want to do add that as well down the line but was wondering how hard is it to remove the spoiler? Did it involve removing inside headliner completely? Thanks again for all the info
  4. The lack of update from fiatdale has me worried the retrofit isn’t going as smoothly as we had all hoped. Hope we hear soon really want to do this mod and I’m ready to order parts just wanted some confirmation it works.
  5. Looking into doing this to my 19 LTZ. I know original post was for SLT so was wondering if there could be any compatibility issues or reason why these parts wouldn’t work for the Chevy counterpart. Any info is greatly appreciated thanks
  6. Just did this high country retro fit and have a few questions to other who have also switched them out. First my odometer stayed the same but my engine hours were reset. Second my miles to empty showed much more miles that it should have after install 267 when it was 153 before. The cluster gauge reading was accurate and the same as before the install but again the distance till empty was way over. Third has anyone had any issues with the Chevy app after the swap my fuel range says 153 which is what it was before the swap just fueled up and it’s still at 153 yet showing full 24 gallons and the distance till empty now says 616 any help would be appreciated
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