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  1. Adams polishes and do yourself so you know done to your liking is what i recommend. Add polishing to recomdations above to remove swirls and paint defects along with clay and alcohol wiping. I personally wouldnt let a dealer touch it except for pdi, dont know how much crap is in there washmitt.
  2. Yep i tried same k2 wheels on my T1 then got 5mm spacers and still hit caliper. Like mentioned above any more loose the hubsentric ability. Ended up selling and getting a second set oem black chrome for summer setup. Lost $ all the way around from dealer trade as they wanted to cpo my trade but couldnt without orginal wheels to taking a loss on sale of them.
  3. 2017 red hot 2 manual no sunroof no spare 1 of 5 as optioned ordered new 2017 slip stream blue no sunroof with spare 1 of 18 as optioned purchased in memphis tn with 7k miles (52 hour 2400 mile round trip to get). Red is my summer sunday and show car 7k miles on it, rims rotors pads and subs only changes, blue is wifes daily driver 25k miles has has most trim pieces changed to black and different rims for the summer with added sub also. on ss fourm kevin0311 and she is on the fb one the 6.2 in the car vs the truck imo only share displacement as the power curve and response are quite different as they should be. I had a older 5.3 that seemed overworked where the 6.2 seems like takes less throttle to get going with the landscaping trailer i drag around all spring to fall months.
  4. wiper part number is incorrect, i made the mistake and took the advise and order from part numbers above, they are not correct, the correct number out of my owners manual are 23387857 for 2019 high country 23417074 dont even come close to fitting look to be for 14/18 silverado and 19 ld
  5. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/796756537/overview?aff https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/800130922/overview?aff=share_other 2 on cars .com northeast
  6. had issue reprograming camera on day of my recalls, had to do next morning when weather was better, food for thought.
  7. Another vote for 6.2 as i have had two of these now ( 17 and 19) and have nothing but good to say. might want to look for non z71 for a softer ride
  8. I get a dinging and message on dash tailgate open, i have hit the button before putting in drive but with truck running when going for the start stop button next to it. 19 chevy with tonneau cover installed (aftermarket one). The cover is installed with 1/8 higher then gate so works correctly and doesnt hit, soft flap prevents elements from getting in and seals it
  9. Rear camera for blackvue is 1/2 inch round by 2 inches long just have to position between the defroster lines, tint is a non issue. on my t1 i put front camera up and over to pass side more as to get more over the hood. Before placement turn them on and view what they look like in the location before attaching. On wifes ss i hid under mirror so cant see when driving position but the hood slopes down more so doesnt obstruct view being that low like did on t1
  10. the day they did recalls was crappy out and they asked to keep till the next morning when weather was going to be clear so they could do final recall (I knew why from on here), and drove it 7 miles as per odometer the next morning. I have read about the 36+mph on good road on hear that's why I gave in a good chance the first time (since salt season in ny) but like you mentioned must have had a error (nothing I could see/know though). Today looks like they drove 12 miles, then my 5 miles and works. Just wanted to put my info out here in case others had similar problem (one I saw like this got camera replaced then fine) , I have read all the related posts/threads on the issues to stay up to date and informed.
  11. I got the recall's in the mail yesterday also but have been following this thread for months now and took mine in last week to get all updates completed. I had no issue before, and after the realign camera recall my lane departure wasn't working correctly as was the front car indicator. the indicator was not doing anything with button on the wheel but was active as the green would show up on screen, the lane departure would go green for few seconds then orange then white and wasn't able to turn off with center stack button. 200 miles few days later my dealer had me in today to attempt to realign camera as they thought that was the issue (and sounded like it) only to come to me a hour later saying they couldn't get it to work properly, contacted GM and they said replace camera and they would order should take 4 days to get. So I go to leave dealership and the lane departure button was NOT lite up so I figured they might have disconnected/shut off until new camera installed. About 5 mile from dealership on straight section of road the lane assist came on and worked perfect so I tried to shut off and on and worked fine, distance indicator works fine to. Called service manager to advise him started working correctly a few mile away, he said let him know if still good in a few days but he was in disbelief that it was working and working correctly. If still working in few days when I speak with him I am going to confirm they didn't just install old software so now its working correctly or mabey they just got the relearn correct finally. besides this small issue the recalls have not caused any issue for me as of yet.
  12. Blackvue DS7502ch I have in my Silverado and wife's ss, not sure what break the bank amount is for you but once installed and setup/fine tuned haven't done anything except some updates and view content, works great. Think I got them on black box my car.com Grabbed key power from pass side and wired in power magic pro so setup for parking recordings also with time/low voltage adjustment.
  13. Enhanced cooling also deletes the radiator shutters which i myself believe causes a minor change to the mpg and longer warm up times in the winter.
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