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  1. I too would like more comparison between the two ride wise, thinking i might venture to the gmc side after i grow tired of my high country
  2. Setting in infotainment for low.med high for auto fan might be on high, mine was on med but turned to low
  3. Sealed yesterday, been raining since 4am parked in same spot that leaked before, nothing leaking as of yet...........
  4. I have used a tractor trailer compression rod before the wood just cut it down to size i needed, have seen at tractor supply before, wood works better for me but dont take out too often
  5. Put in at angle when needed to carry but not have installed or use upper groves to keep board up in storage I use 2x8 and cut notches for string trimmers to keep out of the elements under tonneau.
  6. 2x8 or 10 and use the pockets, how i keep gas cans in the back, take out when need the whole bed
  7. My 19 HC came up with these 4 codes talked about here today also. Check engine light went off after 2 restarts. Have had truck for over a year and 23k miles, recalls all been preformed. just noticed window leak yesterday also u0101 u0100 u0146 p25A2
  8. Adams polishes and do yourself so you know done to your liking is what i recommend. Add polishing to recomdations above to remove swirls and paint defects along with clay and alcohol wiping. I personally wouldnt let a dealer touch it except for pdi, dont know how much crap is in there washmitt.
  9. Yep i tried same k2 wheels on my T1 then got 5mm spacers and still hit caliper. Like mentioned above any more loose the hubsentric ability. Ended up selling and getting a second set oem black chrome for summer setup. Lost $ all the way around from dealer trade as they wanted to cpo my trade but couldnt without orginal wheels to taking a loss on sale of them.
  10. 2017 red hot 2 manual no sunroof no spare 1 of 5 as optioned ordered new 2017 slip stream blue no sunroof with spare 1 of 18 as optioned purchased in memphis tn with 7k miles (52 hour 2400 mile round trip to get). Red is my summer sunday and show car 7k miles on it, rims rotors pads and subs only changes, blue is wifes daily driver 25k miles has has most trim pieces changed to black and different rims for the summer with added sub also. on ss fourm kevin0311 and she is on the fb one the 6.2 in the car vs the truck imo only share displacement as the power curve and response are quite different as they should be. I had a older 5.3 that seemed overworked where the 6.2 seems like takes less throttle to get going with the landscaping trailer i drag around all spring to fall months.
  11. wiper part number is incorrect, i made the mistake and took the advise and order from part numbers above, they are not correct, the correct number out of my owners manual are 23387857 for 2019 high country 23417074 dont even come close to fitting look to be for 14/18 silverado and 19 ld
  12. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/796756537/overview?aff https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/800130922/overview?aff=share_other 2 on cars .com northeast
  13. had issue reprograming camera on day of my recalls, had to do next morning when weather was better, food for thought.
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