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  1. Glad I haven’t taken mine in yet (i started the 2 new recall thread), purchased 1/19 19k miles currently no brake or cel issues. Still waiting for the “real fix” to be released, btw i never have used the app on this truck.
  2. I have trailer hooked up all summer (landscaper) and just shut off blindspot as it goes off all the time sometimes both are lit up at the same time even, like above when trailer plugged in dash says disabled but it is not until i have gone into the settings and manually disable
  3. 2 more new recalls came to my attention today on my 19 HC, just wanted to make others aware might affect them. N192273510 Loose alternator cable N192268090 Brake system malfunction warning these two are on top of the seatbelt pretensioner fire one a few weeks ago.
  4. Doesnt fit hc grill, and yes i confirmed with the company even though it wasnt mentioned as one that doesnt fit in there description
  5. My17 non nht package with active shutters warmed up extremely quickly and my19 nht (tow package) doesn’t have the shutters and noticed the same as you take forever it seems to warm up, cabin heat does come on before temp guage moves i have noticed also.
  6. Someone posted the part numbers on this fourm a while ago, added up to 400 ish when i did a quick online search of those numbers
  7. Blackvue ds750 2ch i have in mine works great
  8. And no active aero shutters on nht trucks mine is 6.2 nht 3.42 HC
  9. Lift and close without the assist no noise or lights
  10. Interesting the theft system is off in the trailer app but still flashes and the link above say “may flash” even when off seems odd but I guess I will have to deal with it
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