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  1. Owners running 24s, what size tire are you guys running? Im currently on 295/35 but getting thoughts of swapping them out, from different angles they kinda look small on this big body truck. I previously had 295/40 on different set of wheels and liked how they fill the gap but swapped them out after lowering the truck cuz they rubbed badly on dips and couldnt make full turns. Now im debating if I should go with a 285/40 or 305/35 to fill the gap a bit.
  2. Bob ? If the belltech struts are still produced like they were few years back then I believe the ride quality will be worse than stock. Bilsteins are the only aftermarket struts that Ive read nothing but good reviews. Before doing this I would have to get both struts and do some comparison to see if the mounts are the same, from pictures they do.
  3. So what he did was that he installed bilstein shocks that was meant for 07-14 GM trucks. Based on the specs of what he installed and what was meant for our trucks, the strut for the older models is shorter, even though placing the snap ring at the highest setting lowered his truck. So if you were to use that same strut and place it on the stock setting, it would even be lower. On bilstein struts, you need to use the snap ring in order to install the coil.
  4. Try out the bilsteins 24-186940 made for the NNBS. This member accidently used used them, placed the snap ring to the highest setting looking to level the truck and got an unexpecting result. After looking at the spec difference on bilstein website there is about 3-4" in extended/ collapsed length. He claims the ride is 100% better but didnt expect the height issue. Im very tempted to do this.
  5. Thanks for the info. I know what you mean by "controlled" ride which equates to stiffer. Ill probably try out bilsteins 5100. There was a member here who used them and claims that it lowered his truck by a little bit.
  6. Able to take ground to fender measurements on a flat leveled surface ? The first picture with the slope makes it look a bit deceiving along with the color of the truck.
  7. Ive had the Pro X15 installed on my "19 RST CC for a little over a year and doesnt leak were you mention that it does. Just at the front closest to the rear glass but thats only becuase I didnt install the gasket yet and really minor. Otherwise it has a nice seal on the bed rail.
  8. Can u post sound clips of the exhaust along with the part number. Im considering this too, if you say that AFM is not noticeable. When mine comes on it sound like a v twin missing.
  9. Just curious, exactly what parts are you currently running on your setup?
  10. I see that you still had bump stops along with the bump stop mount. I had the same issue were I was bottoming out after the install then had the bump stop removed and mount cut off. Currently running no bump stops and running 15 psi on the bags with few hundred pounds of tools and crap in the bed. I daily my truck and for almost a year now with the IHC kit installed, the axle kissed the frame twice on huge dips going 60 mph. At 15 psi it may have lifted it barely 1/4”. Reason for the upgrade is to get to 4/6 with adding in adjustable struts in the front and replacing the lift shackle with the stock one. Also some guys who replaced the rear shock with belltechs assumed that it rode better than with the shocks the kit came with. Theres someone on forums who has the kit running 3/6 on 26s with no notch and aired it to 25 psi and claims that he doesnt bottom out so I may just chance it.
  11. Hey man just wanted to know from your perspective how the belltech struts ride from the front ? Im planning to combine them with my IHC control arms for a 4” in the front. Had bad experience with drop struts in the past is why im contemplating. Also, why did you have to add a drop shackle for a 6” in the rear?
  12. Yup, on Oahu. Rads did the install and alignment.
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