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  1. Went thru trials when I did mine. 1st attempt was with a Carven TR replacing the muffler with no resonator. M*****F**** was loud and riced out and the fact that it resonated so bad no matter what rpm. 2nd attempt was with the biggest magnaflow 3" in and out I could find. It did quiet it down but the annoying drone was still there. 3rd attempt was when I placed the stock resonator back in. This setup was good enough to the point were my ears werent hurting due to the drone and could actually daily drive it.I dont have a sound clip but it does sound way better than any other modded exhaust 4 cylinder. Tested how it would sound if I had an intake by removing the filter and leaving the box open for the moment. The turbo whistle and spool is strong like a diesel.
  2. NICE! more pix pls. would like to put that kit but cant swallow cutting up my frame.
  3. By chance u got any more pix on leveled ground? Reason so is that I have lowering shackles set at 2" as well but looking to lower the front a bit for a slight rake. The mid pic makes the ass look a bit higher or it may be the missing fender liner that makes it look the way it does.
  4. Just had all 3 recalls fixed yesterday along with a brake module swap. Based on the tech, longest part would be swapping the module then completing the recall which is to reprogram it. Other than the 10 hour wait, its painless.
  5. yea ur right, there escalade reps. 295/40 Atturo tires, no rubbing at all. If ur local to Honolulu, I may be selling them to buy a drop kit.
  6. 24x10 +31 reps from a tahoe I believe. Added 10mm hubcentric + wheelcentric spacers and they sit flush with the fender.
  7. I can relate to this. When my wheels were being swapped to 24s, this issue happened moments I left the shop. DIC lit up like a xmas tree and had to letterally stand on the brake pedal to come to a stop, called dealer about the problem and got it scheduled next day. Drove it home carefully and slowly, then next morning only CEL was on, that same afternoon CEL was off and everything seemed to work properly. Got dealer to scan the problem although all the lights were off and came back with a short in the brake master module. Dealer special ordered the part and will be warranty replaced.
  8. Close to stock, so does it mean that it rides softer or stiffer than stock with the IHC drop kit ? I had 5/7 Belltech and Mcgaughys kit on my last NNBS consisted of spindles, struts, shocks, flip kit and shock extender and it never rode close to stock. Never gonna go with the route of altering struts and coil again. I've heard lowering the front with control arms is the best way of having stock ride feel, till ball joints fail especially within a few 100-1000 miles. I want to do the 3/5 IHC but a little hesitant due to past ride quality.
  9. More pix pls. Honestly, hows the ride quality ?
  10. I ran 87 in the first 1200 miles and was curious what behavior 91 would do. I'm currently on my first 91 fill up. May be too early to tell or may need another 91 octane fill up in order for the computer to fully comprehend the higher octane. What I did notice though is that it does respond better when u want it to go.
  11. With the first 700 miles, I've noticed it 5 minutes after driving out of a closed parking structure to a warm to hot en environment. Now that I'm at about 1100 miles, it probably does it once a week compared to happening a several times a day.
  12. Anyone that plans to do anything with exhaust mods to this motor, beware of what you put on and take off. I had a Carven TR with no resonator and it droned like a m*********r then had it replaced with Magnaflow 5x11 22" body but was still loud for my taste. So I had the shop put the stock resonator back on. It did tone it down a bit and removed good amount of the drone but I honestly thought it would do better being the Magnaflow I used is a big body muffler and would tone it down close to stock. I was on the verge of just putting it back to full stock but the noticeable gains with a straight thru muffler got me persuaded to keep it. Also keep in mind that this motor is a high compression motor (10:1) I believe, and also has DFM (which is dumb) shutting down 2 cylinders on very light acceleration pressure and lastly the adapter valve on the exhaust. If I could do it again, I'd go with a bigger body Borla, longer resonator and keep the flapper on. Once it shuts down 2 cylinders, it kills your ears were you get this inaudible really deep tone. It doesnt get loud but it's like a subwoofer hitting the lowest tones. In the morning, it would vibrate walls and would hear cups shake. Cant wait till a tuner comes out to soley deactivate DFM.
  13. Set of custom made 10mm hub centric and wheel centric spacers finally came in and installed. Eliminated my steering wheel shake between 50-60mph.
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