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  1. No pix of the install but replaced factory door and dash speakers with Alpine type S on all 4 doors with 1" tweeters on the dash TODAY. Sounds soooo much better than a bose setup. In the course of the month since I've owned this big boy I've - Debadged SILVERADO on the front fender and tailgate but left RST - OEM rear wheel liner - Matte black tailgate lettering from BD trims - LED lights on reverse, license plate light and front turn signal -Truxedo Pro X15 tonneau cover - Amp bed extender - Maxtrac lowering shackles set at 2" - 4" shorty antenna - 20% ceramic tint on all windows and rear window, 60% ceramic on the windshield - 24" replica Escalade wheels wrapped w/ 295/40 Atturo AZ800 with temporary 6mm spacer on the front to fit around the front calipers, equivalent to 33x11.5 On the way from the mainland - 4 custom made 10mm hub centric and wheel centric spacers - 3" Carven TR muffler - 2 Powder coated exhaust tips (setup to place in front of the rear wheel) Future plans (that's not in the market yet) - aFe CAI intake - 2/4 lowering kit - handheld tuner
  2. After a little over a month of owning, finally got to take some decent pix.
  3. Spoke to aFe and they wont be having intakes for the 2.7 out till early as mid December. From past toys with turbos slapped on, CAI does make a difference. Can't wait to see reviews for these motors.
  4. I got a set of factory reproduction 24s and the shop who installed them used a 6mm non hub centric spacer to clear the calipers. I plan to swap it with hub and wheel centric spacers. Bore size is 78.1.
  5. Pulled the trigger and went with 10mm and instead of just placing them on the front, I was afraid that it might noticeably stick out farther than the rear so I ordered 4. My new concern is, I want to do this right and replace the wheel studs with longer ones to compensate the spacers but I found no details on extended lug nuts for these trucks. Vendor claims that running 10mm is fine on the factory studs and is long enough to handle. This is supposedly common issue with T1 owners and is his solution to fitting aftermarket wheels other than running adapters. Has anyone ran 10mm with no issues and does anyone know were I can get extended wheel studs ?
  6. So I'm trying to order a custom pair of wheel spacers - 6mm/ 0.25" 78.1mm hub centric to 78.1mm wheel centric. The vendors argument is that 6mm is too thin and recommends 10mm, I spoke to another OP here that ordered a set from the same vendor I'm using with the same spec except that his new wheel bore size is 106. My only issue is that I think the 10mm will make it stick farther in front to notice that the front wheels poke more. Vendor says he can make them at 6mm but if it doesnt fit then I wouldn't be able to return and there pricey for a pair delivered at $100. Does anyone know how far the T1 factory hub sticks out to confirm this ?
  7. Mine just did this today after replacing the wheels. A bunch of lights came on. Had to put alot of pressure on the brakes like the booster was dead. Turned it off about half an hour then turned it back on and the only light on is the CEL and the fact it feels like it has power loss. I have an appointment this Thursday at the dealer but would be able to do standby if I drop it off which I'll do tomorrow cuz this is rediculous especially with a month old vehicle.
  8. Not sure if available for the T1 but on my previous NNBS, I used edge evolution cts2 and it worked perfectly with no issues.
  9. yes, it's on that same users channel. besides the turbo sounding nice and loud on a few mufflers, the only one that sounded good to me was the last magnaflow, everything else sounded ricer.
  10. Bottom line, its gonna come down to what ur using it for and what ur driving habits are. I'm more than happy with my decision especially coming from a 2010 double cab NNBS 5.3 with 6 speed. Within my ownership, I would be getting 14mpg at best with a 3/5 drop on 20s, exhaust, intake and tune. Like I mentioned before I'm getting 20 mpg with the same driving habits on an island and I probably will never tow anything. Yes a 4 cylinder will never replace a v8 with its power, towing and hauling capability. The 2.7 is basically new to the auto world and may have alot of unknown power capabilities, or it could be GM's downfall. Let's just wait and see.
  11. Lmk how that goes and what your expressions are, I was thinking about the same intake since intakes actually do make a noticeable difference on turbo applications. As new as this motor is, aFe is the only option for now as far as intake and exhaust goes. Also, does anyone know what the secondary resonator looking right after the muffler on these trucks ?
  12. I'll take on that bet as I'm already experiencing 20mpg, better than my gfs 2016 lexus nx200t which is also a 4 cylinder turbo and gets 18mpg at best and its barely broken in. Such a dispise against the 2.7, u shouldnt even have opened this thread.
  13. I definitely saved over $7 grand and the choice of having to spend extra to cover up chrome. Unless special ordered, it's very slim to have the right package you want here in Hawaii. At the end of the day, v8 haters can hate all they want. Everyone has there own perspective and opinions but unless they be have money tied to it, I dont think it's right to down someones decision.
  14. Yes, now this is were a 4 cylinder will probably have its downfall, if your going to haul heavy ass loads and tow something heavy. If I were doing any type of heavy labor, I'd absolutely go with a 6.2 or diesel, if not a 2500.
  15. V8 owners dogs the new 2.7 turbo. Before my current 2019 Silverado crew cab RST with the hated 4 cylinder, I owned a 2010 Silverado double cab 5.3 6 speed with intake, exhaust and edge tuner. Performance wise compared to my current truck the 5.3 does have a bit more off the line power, otherwise feels very the same as far as accelerating. Before deciding with the 2.7 I drove the new v8 5.3, v6 4.3, then lastly the 4 cylinder. Keep in mind that I was very skeptical as 99% of owners here. The 5.3 felt right, v6 was just straight crap and the 2.7 surprised me. For my purpose of using the truck which is a grocery getter, family hauler, trash hauler and just to have a vehicle to load anything big and the fact that I will probably never pull anything, it just didnt justify the extra $$$ to go with the v8. My first test was when I hauled atleast 1200# of trash to the dump site, besides putting a bit more pressure on the brakes, this small motor handled it really well to were I almost couldnt tell that the bed was loaded. Fuel mileage wise it does exceed my girlfriend's 2016 lexus nx200t which is probably half the weight with my averaging 20mpg to her 18mpg. My old 2010 silverado was lucky to see 15mpg especially with all the stop and go traffic and short distance freeways we have here in Hawaii. From my personal usage, to the great price I got and the cool whistle of the turbo and surprising power I'm glad I got this one.
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