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  1. Ive read that it doesnt add hp or torque but better throttle response. If your truck is equipped with sport mode then I think this is a waste of
  2. Correct. I used the 1” alpine s series tweeters and used a bracket to make them fit. I believe the original size is 2 1/4 or 2 3/4 not sure but the pickings are very limited.
  3. yes, overall better sound quality.
  4. No amp. I dont really crank it up like them young kids do now days. Was just looking for better sound quality. My friend has a whole setup with the same speakers hooked to an amp and sub and does sound alot better which ill probably do in the future but till then this will do for now.
  5. Alpine Type S on all doors and tweeters in the front.
  6. Do you have the part numbers to make this happen ?
  7. Anyone added GM 84176756 to there LT or RST. I know the LTZ and HC came with them in chrome. Wanting to order one then color match mines but wanted to see how would I go about installing this.
  8. Could u post pix of the downpipe and a clip of it too? I have the intake with the dry filter and im considering the downpipe as well. What else is done with your exhaust setup?
  9. Could u post pix of the afe downpipe along with a vid of how it sounds. Im considering this too but based on there website, it says “PRE ORDER ONLY, AVAILABLE SOON”.
  10. Yes, please share with the rest of us.
  11. Not today but since my last post I added -boostauto fog light mod -aFe intake -IHC 3/5 lowering kit -Replaced all factory speakers with Alpine type S Waiting for Airlift WirelessOne 2nd gen compressor and going from 295/40r24 to 305/35r24 or stock 22s from a K2.
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