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  1. Why not use magnetic mount antenna and take it off when you aren't using it? Magnetic CB antenna at Lowe's
  2. Thanks for the great idea. I was also thinking of putting a plunger switch on the tailgate. I installed LED strip lights in my old Ram and prefer them over the stock GM bed lamps as they provide much better illumination.
  3. Maybe a stupid question, but will this light turn off after a period of time? I put bed lighting in my Ram when I had it and forgot to turn it off one night. Bamm, dead battery the next day.
  4. I installed a new Truxedo ProX15 on an 21 Silverado RST and not happy! I used to have the Truxedo LowPro on a Ram and it had no leaks at all. It is ridiculous to think a $500 tonneau would leak so much. I leaks at all 4 corners. Is there anybody else with this cover able to solve this problem? Yeah, I acknowledge all those who are going to chime in "you should have bought a xxxx" or "I have a xxxx at it doesn't leak a bit".
  5. Sorry for the new post, I found the thread after more searchiing and couldn't find a way to delete my post. (Man, these forums need some upgrades).
  6. I thought I saw in my owners manual there was a wireless phone charger in some of the forward console trays. I was thinking this may be a nice feature to have. Any ideas on an upgrade mod for this?
  7. I agree, this forum needs some work. I have a Ram truck as well and follow ramforumz and i have to say their site runs rings around this one. You can send PM's, review your posts and conversations, see pertinent info in more detailed subforums, etc.. There are topics on programming as well which I'd like to see here.
  8. I am looking at the Lo Pro as well for my new Silverado. I have had one on my RAM for 6 years with no problems at all. I am leaning toward the Pro X15 because of the fabric instead of vinyl. Note that the Truxedo has two different ones for the Pro X15, one with and one without the Mulipro tailgate, but not the Lo Pro. The problem with the Lo Pro is the rubber strip that seals to the top of the tailgate. The rubber seal can sit on top of the tailgate plastic cap or fold down inside the tailgate when you close it after latching the top. I never figured out if you were supposed to latch the tonneau first or close the tailgate first then latch the tonneau.
  9. Same here, I bought a 2021 RST on Monday and got the employee pricing, $2500 customer cash, $1000 Costco discount (with my company's Costco business card ?) AND $1300 of free Dealer installed options. Too bad taxes, Doc. Fee, title and registration fees add up to $2000 ?.
  10. I just got a 2121 Siverado RST 1500 two days ago and the rear brakes squeeked a little when I was test driving it with only 7 miles on it.
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