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  1. ONly issue might be leaving them on and driving...might be illegal in some states the the generals turn off in gear
  2. on the vehicle settings screen and also on teh phone as 'what to allow' over BT/WiFi
  3. there is s a setting (must be done in park) to allow what to notify a text subject only et.
  4. ANY dealer CAN service...try another less busy ? preventative...have you verified all fuses under hood/under dash / and side kick panels?? else could be a trailer lighting control module
  5. Sierra rear out board heated seats. For those that have NOT gotten this option due to micro chip shortage. have you added it back in, or have the dealer quote and install the missing parts? (provided they are able to get them in due time I presume) can we presume the harness is still there? also would the heating elements still be in the seats? If successful, do you have a cost, parts list? Was the PCM needing programming at dealer to activate?
  6. thanks for the discussions. My older 2001 2500hd GM recommend rear axle fluid after like first 1000 miles of towing. did not know if the new ones are this way now also.
  7. suggest removing the CHMSL and see if you have the plugs to do it.... if so, it could ... be interested...
  8. 2022 AT4 3500 with 6.6L gasoline engine Tried searching did not seek it. Looking for front AND rear AXLE fluid type? AND when did folks do the initial change of those front AND rear AXLE fluids? Also when did folks do the initial change of the transmission / transfer case fluids?
  9. I think then it will poll in the hand grip section
  10. check the connection I had to pull out and reseat sometimes....very finicky
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