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  1. 1 month down, 600 miles and first wash today. I'm VERY impressed with how well it washed up with whatever that magic potion paint protectant is they charge ridiculous money for, absolutely admit, it does something. Kind of impressed. Wifey actually drove it, she had to haul some copper pipe to a friends. I had crashed, dog woke me up, she was gone I grinned!!! Sent her a txt "Do I need to come get you?" she replied back "bite me" LOL! ~ She had the seat jammed up to the ceiling and into the steering wheel but she did it.
  2. On second tank, 600 miles down, got some interstate time yesterday - the Lie-O-Meter I hope is lying in the wrong direction. 6.0 I have to say impressed me on highway. 6.6 saw promising moments, but so much more frontal pushing air.
  3. Last I knew , month ago - black/white/silver was it. Dealer knows what colors on restraint on a wk to wk status.
  4. I saw this coming 2 days ago---actually, thought about it 4 weeks ago driving my new truck home when I said to my wife "Oh man, what a transmission---like melting butter on warm toast"
  5. Yep, that's my big impression as well - it's CVT smooth I had the dealer instill the 6" square steps - no way without em. I'm impressed with them also, very solid steps. Glad you got it!!!
  6. Never forget my first truck driving experience, don't think any of us ever would. My dad's 56' Ford pickup, 3 on the tree. I was probably 7, I would sit on his lap. No power steering, I did the clutching and shifting but not allowed to go past second on gravel back roads. Rule was, if I stalled it, session over. I was motivated to "get it" Eventually he got comfortable enough he would sit back on the passenger side, drink his PBR, smoke his Pall Malls and I'd putt around on dusty roads till he needed another beer and headed home. Life was different then and maybe not a bad thing
  7. OK Pryme, since this is my thread I can do what I want, and you took us back, I'll go back about as far as I can go with photo evidence. Here's a picture of me and my first driving experience - not a truck, a Rambler wagon (fairly certain) You can see I have my racing suit on while my aunt is helping get my belts tight
  8. I'm 30 miles out of the city of Toledo in farm country - yes, everyone has a pickup. Chevy's are popular, but so are Ram's and I think that's because of the association of Jeep. But we have a GM trans plant in Toledo also so those workers get good discounts for the brand they work on. So it's a Cummins and Duramax world with a trickle of Phords. Tell ya what I've noticed, the amount of GMC grills I now notice. Never noticed them, but that's how it is when you get something new, you spot them everywhere. But not these tall ass new GM's, they do stick out. but I've seen a couple who must know their stuff because I've gotten some puzzled looks since there just aren't any 24's out here in our area yet. but the 20's up absolutely do stick out.
  9. Oh WOW! 4WD Camper Special something there! That would've been one hell of a rig in the day for sure! So that's your first set of wheels as well there in the foreground?
  10. The picture I put up of my old silver Chevy, I'm thinking 65-66 possibly? It had the big 6, 292 sound right? no power steering. Might have had only an AM radio too. Digging further I found that in 1966 was first time for reverse lights which I have - and a rear bumper was not standard eq- There was a front end styling change for 67 so that deduces my silver junk pile is a 66. i was shttn' diapers in 66 but still think those were cool trucks. The hood was something, enough steel to make most of a new car today.
  11. Yep! I worked with a guy who bought a brand new Toy 4X4 right about then, 82-83 and didn't even have AC - This was in Va, he said it didn't get hot enough to need it. He was from Fl. Sad part about those Toyota's of that period, the beds rusted off them super fast but the driveline was bulletproof.
  12. I just came across an old photo of my first Chevy truck - Just keeping it real, yeah, all this pretty stuff, fancy dandy comfort and tech is incredible, but, that's not how we got here. This is probably why today's product is so amazing to some (like myself), and just a "meh" to others. Appreciation is the key - it's the roads travelled that make the story interesting. circa 86/87ish - my $60 Chevy, (or what was left of it) check out where the rockers would normally be - floor mats kept you dry if it was raining and roadkill chunks from sticking to your pants. Anybody spot the year of this thing? It was the 80's, don't remember a lot of detail from then ~ it was a 60's something is all I remember, but it was better than walking so I loved this pile of scrap. Never left me on the side of the road I'll give her that~ how I'll never understand.
  13. See, right there is the thing - I don't even know what that means ~ Here's the height of my capabilities for example - Today, I had to go help a buddy out (kind of my part time job since I retired) and I wanted to listen to Pat McAfee show - I'm in my Impala, pull up YouTube on my phone, select media input on the car, pick phone, it comes through the speakers while I'm driving - That's my techno-gadgetry super powers on 10 I used the mapping thng last August in the Impala for the first time since I bought it. I was so impressed, I can't wait to use it again! I needed it to help get me through Cleveland going to my sister's house and all the interstates, off ramps to the left, to the right, merging from both sides in a 6 lanes spaghetti mess. First time took me extra hour before I realized I was lost and missed a turn - Oh, and the rule is, you aren't lost until you run out of gas And for me, it's android - I'm an anti Apple everything - goes back to the beginning of PC's and you had to pick a team and Apple just wasn't playing the same game as Microsoft - obviously they're the sht now for some things but long past the thrill of new challenges
  14. i came across this old photo of, not my first trucks, but my first Chevy (I don't count a 67 El Camino as a truck) I don't even remember the year, maybe someone will spot it right off. But this truck, I paid $60 for it. Straight 6, granny 4 speed. Burned more oil than gas, no seriously. I carried jugs of used oil in what was left of the floorboards and she would start rattling and I'd pull over and pour in a gallon, go again. but it beat walking to work which was like 2 miles so I didn't need to leave town, and didn't. It kept me dry, warm and got me to and back - But that's how it began. About 85' - 86' I think. Picked my wife up in that pile of sht so she passed the "Golddigger" test (32 years and counting btw) So I wasn't always spoiled like I am now with the latest steed in the stable. But most important, that old Chevy never let me down once and it should've been sold for scrap 15 years before I found it .....damn I miss my hair
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