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  1. Got some sort of exciting news just now. My buddy placed an order Jan 5th - His dealer just got an allocation for his spec - He ordered a 2500 Custom LB ext cab. His guy told him GM should pick up the order in day or 2 and told him about 7 weeks for delivery. The crappy part of this is, the salesman promised him a truck end of March, middle April at the latest - guaranteed him as much. I told him that was a flat out lie in Jan. So, the question about high end Chev/GMC HD's vs customs/LT's??? Doesn't appear to be any pattern to any of this. Last year another bud of mine waited 8 months for a 1500 High Country. A lot of it has to be what dealers had in their pipeline of orders I believe and some showed up that just happened to match up.
  2. Checking in to see if anyone has had their nightmare come to an end yet. This Friday will be 8 months waiting for GM just to accept my order. I'm starting to get a lot pissed off and considering taking a different path, which pisses me off further. So, nothing new to report! if anything changes I'll run here first to provide some encouragement for everyone. Being in sales I've always said I[m the easiest person to sell to because I know what I want and am low maintenance but this is beyond anyone's practical patience. It's not the wait as much as it is the complete lack of information from anyone. It's not the dealer I can tell you that, it's 100% GM. On the bright side, I'm glad I'm not a freshy parent with babies to feed- mothers can't find baby formula so I guess there's not much to bich about over a truck.
  3. Well, I got a small bit of info from my dealer. Wife was at the Buick branch getting service. The sales Mgr is family. He asked what we've heard but said "We got notice that GM has stopped building dealer inventory units and switched to customer orders so should be hearing something anytime" ~ So we will see. I came across this one thing though, a document on GM production for fleet orders. It said Reg cab/LB, quad cab/LB 2500/3500 starting orders April 22. Not sure if fleet has any relevance, but I was told my oddball reg cab/LB might be tough to get fit in as they like to run X amount at a time. Also learned a shipment of Buicks he ordered in June are now on their way. Have a feeling there's going to be a new color in the drive shortly.
  4. Nice to see one. My bud has a Silverado HD ordered in that color. We saw a new one in a parking lot and while looking at it the owner came up and he said a lot of people have been checking it out because hardly anyone has seen it in person. My bud wanted something different and I put the bug in his head just messing around until it ate him enough he switched from black
  5. Oh I feel ya! I toyed with black, and it does look awesome but same thing, my 2016 Impala is black with rainbow sparkles and love it! so I'm good on black like you're good on Cherry red!
  6. Thanks for the photos! Much appreciated! It may seem like nothing but that sure makes me smile brother!!! Damn pretty shade of red! btw, what's the bed cover? is that one of those roll up at the front? I have a 3 section fold up probably going bye bye when I trade. Seems it sits in the garage more than on the truck. Not sure what I'm going to do there yet. Lot of good products out there these days.
  7. Here's something crazy - a contractor who's doing some work on our house was here this morning. He had his brand new truck he ordered in Feb - took 6 weeks - GMC Denali Duramax 2500 - 4 door short bed. So the way it looks and is sounding more and more all the time is, they aren't building cheaper trucks, just the big dollar LTZ's and Denali's. I am officially not buying the bullshit - the fake sss shortages are all about money and money. I've seen this scenario too many time recently that I'm not buying it anymore.
  8. Cherry red tint Ahhhhhh. Me too! i saw that color on a customers new GMC2500 and I loved it instantly. Looks amazing with all the GMC chrome too.
  9. Holy ******! That's 11 months no? What model/config is it?
  10. That sounds like a sweet piece! Can't wait to see you post a pic! Same deal for me though, they switched up packages and options that gives me the few things that just drive me nutz with my 16 - I just turned over 12,000 miles and I'm getting basically what I paid for it to trade, GM F&F discount and whatever GM offers at the time so that's why I ordered a new one, and a color change! My neighbor ordered a 1500 Hugh Country last spring, got it right before Christmas. OK, I get it on a High Country, loaded for bear, with all the Goodies (BS to me) so that made sense. Mine is simple, 2500HD LT, reg cab/LB, gas, pretty much what I have with a little bit more. First question my dealer had when I made the deal was "how soon can we get your truck?" I said as soon as you have something else for me to drive home. I had heard too many stories to fall for that one. Obviously I don't need mine as bad as some others, but when I need it, I need it which is pretty much the same for all us truck folks DUH! ~ Wish you luck!
  11. Don't let this spoil it. These are moments to forget. My best advice is always - don't compromise, don't settle - you will always remember it. I ordered a new one because I did that when I bought my 2016 - But, these stupid used values and trade-in's is what made me do it right the second time LOL! ` so I'll wait. May never happen again where values get turned on their head. Best of luck! and wait for it! don't settle.
  12. Man, a year? that's bull. I am coming up on 8 months with nothing. I haven't heard from my dealer for more than a month. The next time I talk to them, they are calling with good news. I'm done asking. It's not their fault, GM doesn't know what the hell they are doing apparently. A year? man...A Ferrari I could see, but a truck?
  13. I get that with trading, new. It's never been the least cost deal but then, it's not always about least cost. One problem which may be solved on a new one is the rear fender arch's 100% rate of rust cancer. 16 is in that group far as I know. All I want is a fair deal and with my miles, it would have strong value regardless of normal or extreme times but they're just a little better than normal. The root cause for all this was not buying an LTZ version of mine in 16 I had a chance on, just didn't like the damn color. Anyway, at this point one hand has keys for big red, the other, whole bunch of air. I got a fair deal, better than a lot I read about but we're not strangers to this dealership. Appreciate the thoughts, really.
  14. Oh, I'll have to write a check for 14 or 15k with what I ordered but still, reg cab long bed gasser. I went nutz with the wheel/tire code. More horses, more cubes is always good. I don't have an issue with that part. Probably my last truck, maybe, looking at it that way. And thanks for the compliments. She is pretty in my eyes anyway.
  15. Well, sight unseen, my dealer told me trade 33-35 which 36 is what I paid for it. Yeah nutz I know, but there's a few thing I didn't get "I got what I could find at the time" that I wish I had, remote start and power seat for one but they made some changes I like a lot. That plastic fender edge trim like only GMC did at the time and rear inner fender well liners. What really pushed me over was the darker red cherry tint, so that's what I went for. Really, all the chatter about trade in values and the updates to the model made the decision easy. Although I don't have many miles on it, it gets used more than you might think. I have a customer hounding my ass to sell it to him as soon as I get my new one. I was just curious what others might think. This waiting thing sucks though, waiting with no idea when the phone will ring if anything makes me not want to drive it unless absolutely needed. Thanks for the input!
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