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  1. Go to page 1 post from March, this is a well known issue. Seems to be an issue with upper tailgate switch.
  2. Yeah. I read somewhere, where deleting the profile and making a new one worked so I'll try that.
  3. Hi, I recently had 4 trailer tires installed on my camper via mobile service. He also installed the GM tpms. I cannot get them to sync with the truck. I've tried the manual and tool methods. Do these things need to spin turn on? I haven't towed the camper yet since the tires were installed in my driveway. Thanks in advance.
  4. Good luck M Huskey! Craziness, seems like a bad batch of switches..... I wonder if this is happening on the 1500's?
  5. Yep. Talk to Bill Devine or Gabe. They were great. I had created a video just in case it was behaving when I dropped it off but it was doing the same thing for them....Not sure what the factory is doing during installs but clearly some process quality control gap going on. Bill threw the kitchen sink at it and so far so good....
  6. Hemi tick is horrible, I test drove one, asked the sales guy wtf is that noise. He says it goes away when the engine warms up I was like are you serious. Now at camp grounds I pay close attention to those hemi's and they all sound like they have loose serp belts.... This tailgate issue is pretty weird, so far so good on my repairs fixing the issue....for now...
  7. That stinks, I had to wait about a month for parts and it took them a half day to repair the issue. Have talk with Bill in Service. I would have them disconnect the tailgate buttons while they order new switches. Your tailgate will still work via FOB and inside the cab switch (minus inner tailgate) without fearing it opening whenever.... It's been since early April since my repairs and fingers crossed... Two switches and dampener...
  8. Ok cool mine does the same exact thing.
  9. Yep what a pain.... Been nearly 3 months for me and tailgate working fine after dampner and both switches were replaced...
  10. I believe you have to take the backing off of tailgate. There are many small hex screws....
  11. Yep sucky issue. So far so good with the fixes the dealership did...
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