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  1. I notice a sulfur smell when I am parking the truck. Backing into the spot go forward to straighten then backup a decent smell of sulfur is noticable. The truck only has 1600 miles on it and I use 87 octane. Is this a matter of the exhaust system not being fully broken in?
  2. You make great points. I've owned the truck for two months and the tailgate hasn't worked for most of that time. I'm looking forward to getting it fixed and using it to it's fullest
  3. This is great, I had a 15 SLT 1500 towing a 33 ft TT. I too had timbrens which were a much needed upgrade but the truck was at its limit. I towed the camper for 1 mile the other day after I adjusted the hitch and in just that little sample I cant believe I ever towed my camper with the 1500....
  4. Ok so here is the latest, I created a video so the dealership could see in the event it was behaving for them. Luckily it was not! They diagnosed it as a bad switch for the upper tailgate via tailgate button. They are not sure what caused the switch to go bad but they suspect the stiffness of the upper tailgate might have something to do with it. Because it spontaneously opened up for them 3 times, they were kind enough to disconnect the buttons on the tailgate. Currently the upper tailgate is disconnected and the only way to open the lower tailgate is via FOB or inside switch. It has been two weeks and it has not spontaneously opened. Not sure where you're located but have them call Central GMC in Norwood Ma. The tech name was Bill, super great guy, he had sent an alert to dealerships in the area about this. The parts are still on back order he ordered two new switches and some part for the upper tailgate maybe to address the stiffness....
  5. What was the fix to this? I am having the same issue with the inner tailgate...
  6. Thx. It's the factory spray in bed liner. Any other thoughts? Now the lower button will not unlatch the tailgate only the fob and switch inside and the upper tailgate sporadically works....
  7. Yeah thanks Tim, I did come across that post. I just wasnt sure if anyone else had had this issue. I guess I have to be careful where I keep my fob.
  8. I have a 21 2500 AT4 Gasser. Just recently seem when I am putting the truck in park the tailgate opens (at random) or at least that is when I notice it open (no warning light that its open ). I was also thinking it could be my fob and something hitting the tailgate open button... Today as I was dropping my daughter off at school, I put the truck in park and I heard the clicking of the tailgate release. It kept clicking, sure enough the tailgate was down. I put it up the clicking stopped, then the dash complained the inner tailgate was opened. I dropped it made sure it was closed and all seemed fine. Then as I got out of my truck at the gas station it was down again. It must have just happened when I was pulling in as I monitoring it on the rear camera during the drive......Anyone experience random tailgate opening? I am going to try my second fob to rule out an issue with fob.... Thanks in advance!
  9. I believe you're correct. Here in Massachusetts, I think anything over 10k requires a commercial plate even for individual use. Commercial plate requires annual renewal of the registration and it's more $$....
  10. Great info, thank you! I also read in a separate thread that the difference between the 10k and 10,650 was the sticker, that there are no mechanical differences etc. If that is true then my payload should be around unofficially 3347 lbs.
  11. Ah yes, I just "built" and AT4 and there are 3 options 10,000, 10,650 and 11,350. Obviously I have the 10k option. Who would have thunk there is a GVWR option.... The other AT4 I was looking at had the 10,650 GVWR too bad... I think with that additional weight I would have had to register it as commercial vehicle.
  12. My thoughts exactly. I thought it was a typo meaning 3600 lbs but both stickers show the 2600... Looks like the curb weight of the truck is high. I wonder if it's due to the camper package? What do others curb weight look like?
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