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  1. NO. There are no options for that. Best you an do is one of the many available systems that have their own screen. 31 footer seems pretty huge for a canyon!
  2. I've got a 2019 AT Leather. From reading about the 2021's there seems to be very little difference.
  3. FYI they don't make the Colorado with an 8 Cylinder engine. 2.5L 4, 3.6L V6 or 2.8L 4 Cyl Diesel
  4. I have a new to me GMC Canyon All Terrain with the 8 inch premium infotainment system with navigation. I say new to me because I picked it up from a local dealer with about 5,200 miles on it. Everything looks and works perfectly except for the USB ports. There are two just under the SD Card slot for the navigation system. I use two USB devices at once. I use my phone where I'm trying out android auto and also a flash drive with all my MP3 files. Are those ports supposed to be the same i.e. it should matter which one I plug a device into, right? here is whats happening. When I plug the flash drive with the MP3's into the lower port, it works fine but when I plug it in to the upper port it works for a while but then stops and I get a "device not found" message on the screen. When I tether my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) to the lower port, Android Auto works fine. But when I plug it in to the upper port it constantly cuts in and out to the point where its unusable. Its my assumption that I've got a bad USB port? Even though I'm good with gadgets (after 25 years in IT) everything on this truck is new to me. Any other ideas? And another thing. Yesterday, a message came up on the screen while I was driving that said "downloading software update" or something like that. When I got home and turned the truck off, it asked if I wanted to install the update. I said yes. But being in IT I like to know what those updates are actually doing. so far I haven't found any kind of release notes giving me that information. Anyone know where to find that information?
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