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  1. What happened was there were 3 lanes of traffic heading east . The left lane had continuous traffic , I was in the middle lane and there were trucks in the right lane. A truck in the right lane came into the middle lane just in front of me to pass a slower truck. So the distance between my truck and his was very short. The adaptive cruise kept me at the same speed and didn’t slow me down then it shut off. I took over from there, I was not on the phone or otherwise distracted . It was a very short distance and I was basically sandwiched between the two lanes. I’m amazed at how many people res
  2. Are you guys nuts. I was able to avoid the truck because I was paying attention. It wasn’t a panic situation , but it was a close call. The adaptive cruise is supposed to be a safety feature . Right now mine is not . They have all these technology features so as to make the vehicle safer to drive. I wanted to alert others of a potential serious issue with regard to this matter, and see if anyone else has had any problems. Try to avoid speculating as to what I did or didn’t do because you weren’t in the truck with me when this happened and more then likely your getting it wrong .
  3. Had my cruise set on 75 going down the highway and came upon a Semi truck, the adaptive cruise didn’t slow me down like it normally does. All of a sudden my seat vibrated , a bell went off, and a message came across the screen saying that the adaptive cruise temporarily unavailable. Immediately , put the foot on the brake and missed ramming into the back of the Semi. Not fun! Turned off the cruise then back on again , 10 minutes later another malfunction with no cars in front of me. Called the dealership to see if there was a recall or TSB, they were unaware of one. My truck is 2 months old wi
  4. Thought I’d start this thread so those with the 6.2 can talk about what they like or don’t like about their 6.2. Mines a beast, when I want to get up and go it’s like a rocket. On the highway I’m getting close to 21 mpg . I usually run premium, with an occasional top off of regular ( maybe up to 8 gallons) . Love the engine and the truck. No issues other then I want to drive it all the time
  5. Well, whatever GMC calls it, the lane departure system is not working properly on my Sierra. If you or anyone else have had any issues with it , I would like to know what happened and what was the fix.
  6. My Blis system is malfunctioning , it will come on for no reason on the drivers side then go off for no reason. On the passenger side sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t . Then it will work just fine . I only have 1500 miles on the truck. Has anyone else had any issues . I video tapped it so I can show the service tech, because these things never malfunction when you take it in.
  7. Just curious how many miles you have on your 6.2, and if you’ve had any issues. Anyone with a 5.3 can also chime in.
  8. Give me the chrome all day. The GMC looks bigger and bolder. Which truck you like boils down to personal preference . I’d be more concerned about the power train. I have the 6.2 and it gets up and goes. The mpg on the highway so far is slightly over 20, in the city around 15. I would have preferred the diesel , but there were none available. Only issue with the diesel , is at 150,000 miles you have to drop the tranny to change a belt. If you do the math and calculate fuel savings , you probably come out way ahead with the diesel which will more then cover the cost of the belt replacement vs
  9. Is it an 8 speed ? They have been known to have some issues.
  10. My Ram was flawless, it was a very nice truck. It was a Bighorn and was somewhat loaded up. It had 45,000 miles and that’s about the time I trade. The Denali had more features and was a nice upgrade from the Ram. These days, everyone builds a good truck, but none of them are perfect. There were things from my Ram and my prior F150’s that I liked and didn’t like. The same holds true for the Denali, it just happens to be the truck I have now so as far as I’m concerned it’s better then the others, at least for now.
  11. I really don’t think there is a bad color , they all look good to me. The selection and availability is almost nonexistent . The dealership where I bought my truck , have deposits on each vehicle. As soon as they are unloaded they are gone. I was on a waiting list, and I happened to call the manager and he told me that he just got off the phone with someone in Texas who decided he didn’t want the truck and he said I could buy it , but I had to jump on it right then. So I gave him a deposit and got the truck.
  12. Here are a couple of pictures that I took at the dealership of my brand new, fresh out of the wrapper , Denali. The color is Hunter Metallic .
  13. My new truck has a July 2021 build date, so at best it’s a few weeks old. Having said that, how long should I wait before I wax it. I may be a little old school, as I thought you needed a good 60 days to let the paint cure. Any suggestions .
  14. Just traded my 2019 Ram for a 2021 Denali with the 6.2. Both are nice trucks. Got a great deal on the trade and an even better deal on the Denali. I think the Ram had a better interior lay out and rode better. The Denali looks like a real truck and has much more technology. Having to get used to where everything is. The Denali has a build date of July 2021, so it’s really fresh. Looking forward to driving the new truck.
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