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  1. GMC rubber floor liners, tonneau cover, center counsel organizer, bed rug. It’s all good.
  2. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. There were all sorts of issues with this transmission until GM figured out which fluid to use. I’d stick with what GM recommends.
  3. My dealer charges $79 for an oil change. Seems pretty cheap to me. By the time you go to the store, crawl under the truck, dispose of the oil , etc. , I really question whether your saving anything. Plus by using the dealer there is an on line record in the event of a warranty issue. Call me crazy.
  4. I had a 2019 Ram that I traded for my 2021 GMC . The only reason I traded out for the GMC was because my Ram had 45 k miles and that’s when I trade out of all my trucks, which is about every 2 years. The Ram was great, never an issue, plenty of power, rode great , loved the truck. Also, I love the GMC. It has more options then my Ram did, and so far it’s been great. In my opinion it’s a flip of the coin, don’t know if there is a bad decision to be made. There is no such thing as a perfect truck, they all have likes and dislikes. Good luck.
  5. Just drove by the local GMC dealer and they had a 2022 AT4 Limited on the lot. Now here is what I saw, it was not the new 2022 refresh interior , it looked the same as my 2021. The sales guy said that he didn’t expect the newer 2022 version to come out until May 2022.
  6. Just had my first free oil change and the dealer recommended that I add BG MOA to my oil. So I did, it was an extra $28. The service advisor told me that he has never seen an engine issue if you use this stuff. Does anyone know anything about this product?
  7. I’ve used 303 Graphene Nano spray . I bought my truck back in July and it had a June build date , so it was real fresh when I took delivery. I have put 4 coats on it since then, and the paint now looks like glass and the water beads up like BB’s. Supposedly this graphene spray is the next best newest thing in coatings.
  8. I set it at the maximum distance , which I was told is the three car length setting. Now that I understand it’s shortcomings , I’ll take it into consideration when using it.
  9. Finally got into see the service department about the adaptive cruise malfunction. Had a video which showed that it was temporarily out of service. No surprise here, they could find nothing wrong after running a diagnosis on the system. I had it happen again after taking it in. It was around 8 am and I was heading east on the same highway, the sun was low in the horizon and right in front of me. I suspect that this was the cause of the problem. Seems like they could come up with better technology that would work better.
  10. What happened was there were 3 lanes of traffic heading east . The left lane had continuous traffic , I was in the middle lane and there were trucks in the right lane. A truck in the right lane came into the middle lane just in front of me to pass a slower truck. So the distance between my truck and his was very short. The adaptive cruise kept me at the same speed and didn’t slow me down then it shut off. I took over from there, I was not on the phone or otherwise distracted . It was a very short distance and I was basically sandwiched between the two lanes. I’m amazed at how many people responded trying to give a description of what happened when they weren’t even in the truck when this happened .
  11. Are you guys nuts. I was able to avoid the truck because I was paying attention. It wasn’t a panic situation , but it was a close call. The adaptive cruise is supposed to be a safety feature . Right now mine is not . They have all these technology features so as to make the vehicle safer to drive. I wanted to alert others of a potential serious issue with regard to this matter, and see if anyone else has had any problems. Try to avoid speculating as to what I did or didn’t do because you weren’t in the truck with me when this happened and more then likely your getting it wrong .
  12. Had my cruise set on 75 going down the highway and came upon a Semi truck, the adaptive cruise didn’t slow me down like it normally does. All of a sudden my seat vibrated , a bell went off, and a message came across the screen saying that the adaptive cruise temporarily unavailable. Immediately , put the foot on the brake and missed ramming into the back of the Semi. Not fun! Turned off the cruise then back on again , 10 minutes later another malfunction with no cars in front of me. Called the dealership to see if there was a recall or TSB, they were unaware of one. My truck is 2 months old with 2600 miles. This is a serious issue , came close to getting into a very serious accident. Taking the truck in on Monday , which is the first appointment I could get after calling several dealerships. I do a lot of highway driving and I need to be able to rely on my vehicle, this is not a good situation . GM if you read this please respond and let me know how I can get in touch with someone regarding this.
  13. Thought I’d start this thread so those with the 6.2 can talk about what they like or don’t like about their 6.2. Mines a beast, when I want to get up and go it’s like a rocket. On the highway I’m getting close to 21 mpg . I usually run premium, with an occasional top off of regular ( maybe up to 8 gallons) . Love the engine and the truck. No issues other then I want to drive it all the time
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