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  1. Probably a few factors in play. My guess is while what you’re saying might be true, pushing a truck to the limits might be safe and feasible short term doesn’t mean it is in the long term.
  2. The one I posted above is the “OEM”. If you build a truck on the Chevrolet/GMC website it is an option under the accessories tab.
  3. 311 fan?? Had a 2020 that leaked a tiny bit. Added some weather stripping to the top of the spoiler. No issues after that. Have a 2022 LTD. No leak. I like the rear slider. I’d keep it.
  4. I googled it when it came up. It’s pretty common. Just a tech glitch.
  5. My app did the same thing. It resolved itself after a day or two. Nothing to worry about.
  6. My 22 Trail Boss is 20.5” to center of the tube. I use a 2” drop
  7. Ordered it through Chevy accessories. You pay them. They deliver it to the dealer and you pick it up from them.
  8. I have this one. I really like it. Wanted one that was light and easy to install/remove so I can take it off and load my dirt bikes. This one is perfect.
  9. Have you tried using the heated seat when you drive especially on the longer trips?? My wife does it and I thought she was crazy. To me they were always for when it is cold. I tried it and it actually helps quite a bit.
  10. Have experience with pretty much all 3 of them. Had a 2020 5.3 10 speed. Currently have a 2022 3.0 10 speed. Also have a 6.2 Camaro. So not exactly the same, but close enough. Originally went with the 5.3 over the 6.2 in the 2020 for a few reasons. First was because it is my wife’s DD and our tow vehicle. She isn’t a huge fan of driving my Camaro. Too much power for her. Second was because it doesn’t require premium gas. Already have that with the Camaro so didn’t want to have to run premium in both. The 6.2 seemed to be the only engine with the lifter issues at that time too so that squashed any urge to go that route. Also the 3.0 wasn’t an option in the TrailBoss at that time. When the 2020 got totaled the 3.0 made the most sense. 6.2 and 5.3 both took a significant gas mileage hit and are subject to the lifter issues. We all know the tank size doesn’t favor those who tow so while the mileage hit may not be that big a deal to most it mattered to us. Got a 2022 LTD 3.0 TrailBoss about a month ago that is nearly identical to our 2020. We have been pleased with the 3.0 so far. There is pretty much no noticeable difference between it and the 5.3 performance wise except for the diesel sound. Have gotten over 26 MPG on some highway trips. Haven’t towed long distance yet but got 12.5 mpg in the city towing our trailer to and from storage. The 5.3 got around 10.5-11 on the highway. Like someone else said they all have their place, but I’d recommend the 3.0 to anyone interested.
  11. Hell no. Risk damage and headaches over like $50 worth of fuel?? Not worth it.
  12. GM bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, NOT a "do-it-yourselfer". LOL
  13. I can tell by the picture below that someone posted of the high clearance. The spacing between the three brackets on the sport step is pretty much the same, but the high clearance has two close together and the third pretty far away. There were extra holes that I didn’t use on my 22 when I installed the sport step. Makes sense why. The others are set up for the high clearance.
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