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  1. Took it out on our first trip into the mountains. Towed very well. Gas mileage was 7 mpg up and 17.6 mpg back down. 12.3 average was better than I was expecting with the lift and off-road tires.
  2. Finally found the trailer I’ve been after. Grand Design 21BHE 4,700lbs unloaded. Just ditched the Chinese bomb tires and went with Goodyear Endurance. Need to get it aligned. Will report back on how it pulls.
  3. Is it possible to link a trailer back up camera to the built in display on a Trailboss? Or is that only possible in the higher trim models with certain packages???
  4. Found a good use for it today. Plugged in a small air compressor and aired up the tires on my trailer.
  5. Awww crap so I would have to basically replace the whole mirror???
  6. So I was in a hurry and clipped my mirror backing out of the garage like an idiot. No major damage just a crack in the plastic. Looking for a part number for the dull plastic part on the bottom. 2020 Trailboss. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Think someone nailed it with the tailgating. Will easily handle a TV.
  8. I used the handle end of a plastic frozen yogurt spoon to work it into the gap.
  9. Only been about 3 months but holding up great. No idea what they did I just dropped them off and picked them up. $40 total.
  10. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/239152-exhaust-tips/
  11. Are you talking about the exhaust tips? Pulled mine off and had them powder coated for $40. There is a thread about it in the mod section.
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