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  1. 2020 Trail Boss 5.3 10 speed with around 900 miles. Also have a tonneau cover. First trip of a few hundred miles got about 19 MPG highway. Wasn’t too impressed. However I’ve heard MPG improves after break in. We will see.
  2. Made an appointment to take the truck in, of course 2 days before the appointment the message disappeared on it’s own and hasn’t come back. Hope this isn’t a reoccurring issue...
  3. No cross traffic alert and no back up sensors.
  4. Don’t remember seeing a box behind there. LT Trail Boss here. What model do you have?
  5. yeah I posted in there. Doesn’t look like it’s happened to anyone else recently.
  6. 2020 Trail Boss LT. Service Steering Column Lock just popped up. Does the update address this??
  7. This is the gap I sealed and what I used
  8. Hard to tell from the picture but that strip doesn’t look waterproof. I could see water getting in from the slant as well. My next move was to try and get some stripping in on top of the window.
  9. The cracks make sense. However it is still a major design flaw that there is no weather stripping or anything along the top gap of the spoiler. That gap basically funnels water directly to those cracks. I’m still thinking if the top gap is sealed the leaks would basically be non existent even with the cracks. Of course they would still leak when you blast water in there during a wash but being parked out in the rain or elements wouldn’t be an issue. Just my theory and I could be completely wrong. I have weather stripped that gap and am waiting for the next rain to test my theory.
  10. To each their own but I’d rather pay Amazon $3. Probably costs at least that much to drive to the dealership not to mention the time and effort.
  11. $16.50 delivered straight to your front door..... how much did you pay?
  12. Just ordered some off Amazon last week. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B010GGGSRG?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
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