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  1. This is a pretty specific scenario I'm looking for help with, but hoping some experts on here are familiar with some of these details. I was previously in a 2017 Sierra Denali and currently in a 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn. I thought the Denali had a nicer ride so looking to switch back to GMC and/or Chevy. I like the redesign so looking to go 2019 or newer and going back to a Denali may not be in the cards right now based on price, which is where my concern and questions come in. How would ride quality compare between a 2017 Denali and a 2019 SLT? I know they switched to Adaptive Ride Control in the Denali in 2019, but curious if the SLT got any suspension upgrade for 2019+. Did the SLT get the magnetic ride control? Looking at 2019 or 2020, is there any suspension differences between the SLT and a Silverado High Country? Any owners who have been in both a Ram Big Horn and Sierra SLT, how would you compare the ride quality? Looking for ride comfort so suspension questions are all focused on that. Appreciate any thoughts anyone has. Thanks!
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