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  1. 2021 Sierra 1500 Denali 5.3 V8 21k miles I was driving my truck into work last Tuesday... As I make my last turn, it feels like my engine gives out and I receive "Service Parking Brake", then I get a "Service ESC" shortly thereafter. Engine light also came on. I was able to limp my truck up the hill and in to the parking lot. The truck was making some serious noises and I could feel the loss of power. No previous symptoms or hint this was coming whatsoever; sort of reminded me of when my timing belt went on Christmas Eve (87 Integra) way back in the day... I called the dealer right away and let them know what happened. I explained that I could not drive it to them and they recommended calling GMC Roadside Service. I let tehm no that I would need a loaner, but was told they did not have anything for me. I did some bitching and complaining, and 30 minutes later, they had a loaner for me. A three year old Buick Encore that was not fun to drive! After trying Onstar and told they could not help because I am not registered to their plan, I called roadside and get the automated BS which suggested I use the app. Hung up and tried the app - The app sucks, so I called them back and eventually got a human after 15 minutes - damn glad it was not a true emergency. Anyway... 30 minutes later a flatbed had arrived. I asked they guy if he had enough room or if I should back up the truck to make it easier to get it up on the bed. I started it up and put it in reverse for about 10 feet and I can smell oil, started seeing some smoke - oh ******! The dealer gets my truck in to the service bay the following day, but no word. I call back on Thursday and was told it was a lifter (same thing I found on my first Google search when it happened). I was then told that they would be disassembling the engine to get to all of the cylinders to see how much damage there was, and I should not expect another update until Monday. Monday morning, I receive a call first thing to let me know that my truck was ready for pick up. Which means it was dine Friday and I could of had it for the weekend, but no big deal... As it turns out, two lifters, a push rod and gaskets were replaced. It sounds like one of the lifters was actually broken in two pieces. All covered under warranty, so about $3300 to GMC. It seems there are a lot of trucks out their with or with potential to have this issue. No recall as of yet, but there is a service bulletin from GM to the dealers, and it sounds like they are covering the costs in most cases. I have seen cases that were as low as 3k miles, so every 2021 (maybe more) truck may be in play here. Just wanted to give everyone a head's up on this - Good luck!
  2. Quick Update: A couple of hours later and it seems to be working... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. 2022 Sierra Denali - Anyone else having recent issues? Not sure if it is a software update on the phone or the truck, but this morning my display locked up. I powered down the truck and restarted and now Apple CarPlay will not connect. I tried a fresh install and re-paired with the truck - nothing. I even tried to connect through the USB, and... nothing! Any help is appreciated! Thanks, JB
  4. As much as I would like to use my phone, the USB is much more convenient because of what it can hold. My music folder is larger than the capacity on my phone (just under 80GB of tunes). I am still holding out hope that a future software update may change something, but probably not!
  5. I asked the same question in a thread a few months back about my 21 Sierra 1500. It seems that there is a safety feature that disables browsing on the USB while the vehicle is in motion. So stupid - You can browse AM/FM, Spotify, Sirius, but not the USB??? It really sucks, because I have my entire music library on USB and cannot use it in my truck. I have mostly used Spotify these days to have the ability to browse.
  6. Thinking of installing a bug shield on my 21 1500 Denali. Any thought of what would look best from the link below?? My truck is Satin Steel Metallic. https://realtruck.com/c/exterior-accessories/bug-shields/v/gmc/sierra-1500/2021/
  7. Thank you. Is this the 303 you are referring to?
  8. Any suggestions for cleaning the "leather-like" material used on the dash and door panels in the Serra Denali? I have tried Meguiar's Quick Interior Detailer Wipes and Chemical Guys Total Interior, but was hoping to come across something that does the job better. Any suggestion are appreciated!
  9. I have the Gator EFX hard folding cover and have no issues with the grab handle. I find that I never use the handle and may just remove it anyway. https://gatorcovers.com/p/gator-efx-hard-fold-tonneau-cover/ If you find a coupon code, you can save 20% or so, or pull up the chat window and they will discount your purchase, especially of you are buying multiple items..
  10. Thanks Reel; appreciate the quick response! I assumed that would be the case, although I already have the vibrating seat which turns out to be helpful when parking in my garage .
  11. This may be a stupid question, but here goes anyway... I purchased a 21 Sierra 1500 Denali "base", really no additional packages other than what would come with the "standard" Denali package. Are there any additional features that can be activated with software upgrades - Technology Package? Driver Alert II?
  12. Yes - You want it, especially at 5'2". I am about 5" taller and I use it just about 100% of the time, and oddly enough, have never used the assist bar. In fact, I am thinking of removing the bar all together. With the multi-pro, I can simply step up into the bed at any time.
  13. Yes. Browsing works when stopped or in park. Once you hit about 5MPH, the button is no longer "clickable". Voice control still works, so I can pick out songs from there. I will have to see if it will work with artist and/or albums. Still tying to figure things out - learning something new every day!
  14. Thanks Kodiak... I called my salesman and he confirmed that browsing is turned off. He tried it on the sales manager's 21 Sierra with his personal USB drive.I just seems odd that it is not possible on USB but I can be distracted by browsing all the other audio options. I am thinking that there had to be a way to override it somewhere. Maybe I will reach out to GM to see what they have to say...
  15. Hi all, I am new to the forum; just purchased my 2021 Sierra 1500 Denali last week. I came across a great feature that I did not have in previous vehicles - I am able to listen to music from my WD Passport Ultra hard drive. To me, this is incredible, as I have about 15,000 songs stored.So, the issue I came across is that I can not access the folders on the drive when the truck is in motion - the "Browse" button is not activated. I understand that it is most likely a safety feature, but I can browse through AM/FM and Siruis stations without issue. Does anyone have a way to override the default setting so I can browse freely while the truck is in motion? Thanks for your help in advance!!
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