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  1. Funny you say that. I live in NJ and I was looking for a 2019 LT with a keyed ignition. My local dealer is trading a nice red Trail Boss with Pine Belt as we speak for my soon to be LT.
  2. My wife totaled her '05 Equinox LT with a v6 in August 2016. We've had it since new and it had less than 50k miles. Everyone survived with only scrapes/bruises so she wanted to replace it with as close to the same in a modern Equinox. She test drove a '16 v4 and said she liked it. I asked to drive it and agree with everyone else regarding the power. I insisted on the v6. The dealer told us the v6 wasn't available in a '16 but located a '17 AWD v6 for dealer trade. The suspension in the AWD is a little stiffer than her old one, but she likes it so we took it. With supplier pricing, we knew it wasn't an upsell situation.
  3. My 2009 Silverado just this past month had an issue with intermittent cruise problems and the service stabilitrack/traction control messages. I couldn't find the fix except restarting the truck. This past weekend, I noticed that the brake lights wouldn't turn off, even the third brake light, until I took out the key. I took a look under the dash trying to test the switch outputs before buying a new one and I found a broken wire coming off the switch that was barely hanging on by one strand of copper. I cut it and spliced in a small piece of wire and the problem was solved. The lights and cruise control work and no service stabilitrack/traction control messages yet. Hope this helps.
  4. Loose Rear Wheel

    I have the same problem on my 2006 Sierra. I was searching for some help when I came accross your question, hoping you had an answer. Did you get yours fixed? I have no found out what it is. still there, same as before. I had the axle bearings replaced and the c-clips too. was a waste of money and time. didn't fix it. I don't know what to do. I have a friend with a 2000 Ford SportTrac. He had similar symptoms (excessive play, pop when shaking the bed side to side). He took it to a Ford dealer and they found something wrong in the rear differential. I can't remember for sure but I think they had to replace a gear or two. I'm not saying yours is the same case, but something else to think about. Good luck!
  5. I've got a similar problem with a 2009 Silverado. When I hit my brakes, the headlights will briefly dim and come back to full brightness. Took it to the dealer thinking the winter temps are killing my battery or something. They told me it was normal and gave me a printout of a bulletin (#02-06-03-008D) covering cars and LD trucks from 1990 - 2009. They also claim to have checked the electrical system, whatever that means. To quote from the bulletin (and hopefully someone can post the whole thing): There's even a nice chart of electrical system loads! My thing is I don't think I fall into this bulletin. It happens no matter what my speed is. I could be rolling down the road at 60mph and if I tap the breaks the lights will dim. Even if my headlights aren't on, the dome light will dim with the breaks. I've only added a radar detector and a remote start so I'm not draining the electrical system with "customer added electrical accessories". Does anyone else see this with their trucks?
  6. Not quite that expensive. A quick Google Shopping search shows them as low as $250. I saw them that cheap as well but two issues with that. First the BlueFusion Gen1 had issues with audio and a few little software bugs....make sure $250 isnt buying that early version commonly found on EBay. Secondly, when I called Scosche they were very clear, no warranty or support if its not purchased through them or authorized dealer. Third, the A2DP Bluetooth audio device for music is $75 if purchased alone and its included if you buy the BlueFusion direct from Scosche for $349. Good points. I never heard about the Gen1 issues. Is there a way to identify it (ie, serial range)? Thanks for the tip. I figured the A2DP piece was missing since I didn't see it on the various site descriptions. It's not that big of a deal to me since I hear the A2DP performance sucks and I'll just burn an MP3 CD. Another thing to look for is the XM cable/harness. I see it offered separately everywhere and not many places list it as included.
  7. Not quite that expensive. A quick Google Shopping search shows them as low as $250.
  8. Good question. I've been saving my money for a BlueFusion. I still have an active OnStar subscription and I don't want to lose it.
  9. Rick, Do you have the steering controls and/or the updated Onstar mirror? I don't have either. I'm wondering if I buy a used but activated VCIM, antenna and microphone if that's all I need. Thanks.
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