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  1. Does anyone know if L84 and L87 trucks without the DFM software will get the new lifters? Does GM think the lifters could fail even though they are never deactivated? If GM only replaces undelivered models with active DFM, it would seem that those of us who bought a 2021 with DFM should install the Range or equivalent. IF they replace all of the L84 and L87 lifters, regardless if the DFM is active or not, I would think that the Range would not prevent lifter failure. I have a Range, but if it will not prevent lifter failure, I would just as soon not use it and get better mileage.
  2. I have a 2021 Silverado LTZ71 4WD. I like the ride and handling. Based on my experience over 50 years of driving GM trucks, I can recommend the following. For a very soft ride: Monroe Sensitrac For a soft ride: KYB low pressure gas shocks For a good combination of ride and handling: KYB high pressure gas shocks For great handling, but with a harsh ride: Bilstein
  3. Some lifters are failing while still on the break in oil with almost no miles. Mobil 1 is a proven excellent motor oil. I believe that the lifter failures are a combination of poor engineering and quality control. Some lifters are failing soon after being replaced on warranty.
  4. I used the range on my 2015 Silverado 5.3, 6 speed for 4 years and 44k miles. It worked perfectly.
  5. My 2021 5.3 DFM Silverado was assembled on September 30, 2020 in Mexico. I would assume that it has the defective lifters. I have 6500 miles with no failure yet. My question is, was there more than one lifter supplier? Do all trucks built in the September - March time frame have bad lifters, or do just some from a particular supplier? I have a Range for it, but I am waiting to see if it fails before 8000 miles so I can have all lifters replaced if it fails. Does anyone know if the Range actually does any good to prevent lifter failure? My city mileage is terrible even with the DFM and no better than my 2003 with a 5.3. The highway mileage is better though and is actually quite good. Any help on this issue would be appreciated.
  6. These would most likely be an easy install if you already have factory fog lamps. If you don't, it could be difficult. My 2021 Silverado LT did not have fog lamps. I purchased the GM kit and had to have the dealer install and flash them to the body control module. The GM fog lights were not all that bright, so I spent several hundred dollars more for Diode Dynamics replacements. The DD lamps did not require any additional reprograming.
  7. I have a 2021 Silverado, 5.3, 8 speed 4WD assembled in Sept. 2020. I was getting intermittent rough downshifts into 1st gear. My dealer replaced the transmission valve body last month and it now shifts perfectly.
  8. I live in Portland, Oregon and wonder if anyone knows of a GM dealer in my area that has online parts prices? The nearest dealer that I have found so far is in 'Arizona, too far to drive to.
  9. My 2021 Silverado LT with leather has harder seats than my 2015 did. I don't know why they made these seats harder, but I don't like it either.
  10. Earlier this year I recommend that you should not purchase an 8 speed truck based on my problems. My dealer finally called GM and asked what to do about the rough downshifts to 1st gear. The head GM transmission tech recommend a new valve body. A new one was ordered and replaced. It has been over 800 miles since the repair and it is operating perfectly. I am now very happy with the performance of this transmission with the 5.3 V8.
  11. GM recommends DOT 3 because it s less hydroscopic than DOT 4. If you were racing DOT 4 would be a better choice., I will stick with the recommended fluid.
  12. I have a 2021 Silverado 1500 4wd, 5.3, 8 speed. Every 500 or so miles it would clunk on a downshift to low when slowing up to a stop for about 1 to3 days and then quit for another 500 miles and start over. At 5000 miles my dealer installed a new valve body. It has been about 500 miles since the repair and is shifting perfectly. I hope this repair will be permanent.
  13. My first thought was, if the spacers work so well , why doesn't GM install them at the factory? Then I thought about the continuing valve lifter failures, and wonder where GM gets their engineers.
  14. My 2021 8 speed did this intermittently. They just replaced the valve body under warranty. So far it shifts OK, time will tell if it is a permanent fix.
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