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  1. I used KYB Gas Adjust struts on my 15 Silverado Z71 4WD. Not as firm as Bilstein, somewhat firmer than original. I agree, I would never buy Bilstein based on past experience with a 3500 van. The ride was extremely hard. Apparently some of our readers love them, I don't!
  2. I probably found source of the fumes. I located an old jeep can that was seeping at the bottom seam. I purchased a tube of Seal All at AutoZone and treated the seam. Hopefully it was not the truck after all.
  3. I sometimes smell gasoline fumes in the garage where I park my 2021 Silverado with a 5.3 V8. Has anyone else had this issue?
  4. I have a 2021 Silverado LT with dealer installed GM fog lamps. My dealer was unable to get the dash indicator to work either. I purchased a small green led lamp from Amazon. I ran a wire from the left side fog lamp hot wire to the LED( I installed in the lower panel, left of the steering wheel) and another wire to ground. Now I have an indicator lamp. My GM fog lamps are not all that powerful. Diode Dynamics tells me that they will have an installation kit available by the end of the year for their excellent SAE fog lamps. This kit will fit 2019-2021 Silverado's.
  5. The traffic info I am missing is the warnings about wrecks and the heavy traffic indicators like my 2015 Silverado with factory navigation had.
  6. 2021 with sliding rear window, no leaks. Has been through many automatic car washes in the last 5 months.
  7. I installed the OBDgenie kit on my 21 Silverado LT Z71. It was easy to install and works like a factory unit, except that the traffic information doesn't work. I called their tech line and they said I should call my Sirus XM people an give them my radio number. The Sirus XM people said they could not install the traffic software because the radio was not a navigation radio. Subsequent attempts to contact OBDgenie have not been successful.
  8. Rockauto has many different brands at the lowest prices anywhere.
  9. What does this have to do with GM trucks?
  10. I had a 2015, 1500, 5,3, 6 speed. 3.42 axle, 4x4 until it was totaled in an accident last fall with 54,000 miles. This transmission was the best transmission that I have ever had in any vehicle. Now I have a 2021 with the 8 speed and wish it had the 6 speed.
  11. Mine does the same thing, accept that it is worse after warmup. 2021 8 speed.
  12. I spent another half day at the dealer with my 2021 Silverado. The service writer and the technician have both driven the truck and acknowledge the issue, but say they don't know how to fix it. GM refuses to replace the transmission, or even admit that 2020 and 2021 have any issues. This would not have happened at the old GM I grew up with.
  13. My 2021 5.3, 8 speed does this for about two days, every 500 miles. I had my dealer witness it last week and they made an appointment to diagnose the problem. I spent 4 hours waiting and they came back and said they could not tell me what the issue is. They said the will discuss this with GM and to come back for a second appointment. I have owned only GM products since buying my first car, a Chevrolet, in 1964. GM started selling Hydramatic transmissions in 1939, in the Oldsmobile. The 8L90 transmission is in the 7th year of production. There is no excuse for this! Despite being a Chevrolet
  14. Does anyone else have hard shifts into 1st gear when coming to a stop. My dealer says newer trucks don't have a problem. They will have a tech check it out tomorrow, but I am concerned that they won't fix it. My truck is a 2021 Silverado 5.3, 8L90 transmission. I don't see why a fluid change will correct the problem when the truck was delivered with the latest fluid.
  15. Several colors are available from Amazon for a fraction of the dealer price. I installed black ones for about $30. So far they have survived the car wash.
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