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  1. I have the AVS Aeroskin II matte finish. More of a protector than a deflector. Love the looks of it.
  2. I had the headliner rattle above the passenger seat in the rear of my 2020 double cab. After prodding around, I discovered the culprit was Styrofoam spacer blocks on the inside between the headliner and the metal ceiling. I ending up pulling the liner down above the rear window in each corner just enough to put some foam cushion material above the blocks and pressing the headliner back in place. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Apparently the headliner has a little slack in it and didn't fit snug enough to prevent movement when you hit a bump. The Styrofoam is also very stiff and dense which made a noise when it tapped against the metal roof. Just needed something softer in between to fill the void and make the headliner fit a little bit tighter to prevent movement. I hope this can help someone with a similar issue.
  3. Very easy install. Perfect fit with factory threaded holes.
  4. https://runningboardwarehouse.com/p/raptor-6-black-oem-running-boards/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/I think the Raptors look good and compliment the body lines and styling of the new truck. Provide pretty good protection for the rockers, too.
  5. I had a Havis in my previous gen Silverado and loved it. This time I wanted a more integrated look. It looked great, but I just couldn't see the screens being down so low. Had to modify it to make it work.
  6. Not Ham, but mounted 2 Uniden scanners on a Jottodesk console. I had them mounted inside, but couldn't see the screens due to the angle. I simply installed the faceplates backwards and mounted them externally. I'm happy with my setup.
  7. Ordered my 2020 LTZ 5.3 in January. Got her last month. Best riding truck I've ever driven. Love this color. My 3rd silver Silverado. 5th bowtie truck I've owned.
  8. Is anyone going to order a truck from GM after the strike is resolved? Not everyone wins when a new contract is ratified. Some workers will be happy while others won't. What do you think the quality of the vehicles will be when manufacturing resumes? If I'm willing to buy a new vehicle, I sure hope everyone one on the assembly line returns to work happy with what the UAW and GM agrees to.
  9. I got the Undercover Elite and love it. I don't haul much tall stuff, so it works fine for me. Due to the design, it seals over top of the bed to eliminate any chance of water entering.
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