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  1. Presumably, you mean "Carbon Fiber-look"? Or are there actual CF pieces available from someone?
  2. No problems with the light or power brick popping free under hard braking or bumps?
  3. I like this. Might have to get one. Would be great if they had a version with red or green beam as well.
  4. Me too! BuiltRight Industries has said they're working on GM products, but has been delayed for a while. They do have some universal-fit panels that have some good looking mounting hardware, for the time being. I too like the Valhalla panels for the Colorado. Have you reached out to them regarding GM 1/2-ton options?
  5. Just a fun thread and curious what you've all been using and where you mounted it. I am looking for a durable(preferably metal), bright(500+ lumens) and rechargeable light to keep in my truck. I have a much smaller light I keep on my person, but looking for something a little more robust. Interested in any price point. Would also be interested in any clever spots you've found to mount them, so they can be plugged in charging. Not interested in something I have to remove the batteries from in order to charge. Would also like to hear about any larger, but still portable, lights or lanterns that you may have stores elsewhere in the truck! I have a 2020 AT4 Crew Cab Thanks in advance!
  6. Go big, or go home... https://www.addictivedesertdesigns.com/gmc-sierra-1500-front-bumper-F471403030103 Also, you do realize that lumens aren't always a higher-is-better scenario, right? There is a proper amount of light for a given situation. I doubt very much that even 100,000 lumens would be useful in 99% of them.
  7. I actually don't like the column shifter, but I think I hate the push-button even more. I actually preferred the console shifter in my F-150, though it's kind of a waste of space. Not sure why some think a column shifter is any more or less "truck-worthy", other than for nostalgia purposes. I mean, didn't all cars have them, not just trucks?
  8. Oh, probably, looking at that design. I was only familiar with them because they came up in a search for the new ones. These damn new ones just seem like such a lazy design to me. Then again, I suppose I'm not the target customer for them.
  9. Has anyone seen these yet, or know anything about them? They look pretty interesting, though no doubt will be quite expensive. Always thought the idea of custom brackets for Pelican cases and coolers would be great to have! https://www.pelican.com/us/en/discover/cargo-cases/ Signed up for the email list, so hopefully more will come out soon.
  10. Not hard to color-match a bezel. Especially a bezel that doesn't even match the interior design aesthetic. Honestly, they look like a part that was designed for the previous generation truck that they were too lazy to refresh, though perhaps ironically those trucks actually had very well-integrated upfitter switches. Admittedly, I'm quite picky about such things.
  11. Agreed. Personally, I don't feel like they actually match the interior to the point where they look aftermarket. Nowhere near as well integrated as the Ford Super-Duty ones.
  12. Congrats on the new truck! Just picked up the 2020 AT4 myself, but went with the 6.2 really just for fun. This is my first GM truck, came from my first truck, which was a Ford. Love it so far.
  13. I never said she couldn't get approved. It all comes down to the numbers. If she has a high enough income, debt-to-income won't be an issue. Obviously I don't know any of the numbers, so a lot of this is open to interpretation. Simply getting approved doesn't mean it's a good financial decision. Believe me, banks will let you make bad decisions all day long as long as their back end is covered. "Pre approved for 220" really means nothing. The devil, they say, is in the details. Mortgages are actually very easy to get. You simply need to meet the requirements and manage your finances accordingly. Reality is, a large car payment eats up a lot of buying power in your mortgage application. The only way to solve for that is to make enough money.
  14. Quick payoffs do not improve your credit. On-time payment history does. Having a certain number of accounts does as well. Unless she's making crazy money, or buying a very inexpensive house, I can promise you that her mortgage consultant is telling her to get rid of the truck to qualify for the loan. Having a $500+(likely higher) payment is very bad for her debt-to-income ratio, which will stop a mortgage application in its' tracks.
  15. These cheap camera's always have poor low-light capability. The cheaper the camera, the worse it is. This is why they always talk about low-light performance on new phones Adding better lighting will ALWAYS help.
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