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  1. When you start playing audio on your phone, the radio will automatically switch over to bluetooth to start playing it, no need to manually push the bluetooth button first. My 2017 didn't do that.
  2. Definitely more fish-eyed than my 2017. It's really annoying. I don't know why they can't get that right. You'll look like you are going to hit someone at the corner and they aren't even close.
  3. I think the difference is that the screens with Convenience 2 are high definition. Not sure how much of a difference that makes, I haven't really compared my HD screen to the non-HD ones. I don't remember if the screen in my 2017 was HD, or if that was even a thing then, but the backup camera looks pretty much the same to me.
  4. This package was a must-have for me when I bought my truck -- for kind of a dumb reason -- you get the built in garage door openers. Between my garages at home and gate at work, I hate having multiple remotes hanging off my visor. It was very hard to find that package, only one dealer within a 100 or so miles was optioning trucks with it, but no Z71 package. All the other dealers had the Z71 with no convenience 2 package. So no skid plates or 4-low on my truck -- but honestly, I have never used either, I really only use 4wd for snow. SiriusXM is nice and all, but there are better options streaming off my phone these days. The only time it's better is when out of cell coverage area, which doesn't happen too often for me.
  5. The system in the Silverado sucks. Can't be good for the engine to shut down for half a second at a stop sign before I take my foot off the brake and it starts up again. The only system I've driven that I like (a lot) is the one in my wife's Chyrsler Pacific Hybrid. But that's a full plug in hybrid. Once the battery runs out and it goes off full electric, the engine is starting and stopping all the time, but it is completely seamless, you don't feel a thing unless you are really trying to pick up on it, or looking at the gauge on the dash. If they put that system in a Ram truck I will switch back to Ram. We've had the van over a month and she has used barely a quarter tank of gas.
  6. Wow I only got $22k for my 2017 LT Z71... Of course it had 90,000 miles on it.
  7. I think with the increase in the bed sizes, the case for a double cab now is less than it used to be. My crew cab bed is way bigger than on my 2017. Unless you need to carry long stuff...
  8. I don't know if Chevy's extended warranties include this, but the aftermarket extended warranty I got through my credit union includes paintless dent removal with zero deductible. Might check on that... I've had it done on a few vehicles I've owned, a guy locally called the "Ding King", and I'm always amazed at how well it comes out.
  9. Seems like $10k to $12k discount is the average, that's always where I've landed. Some people do much better, especially on the higher priced trims.
  10. Very likely you can.
  11. Murse. It's a murse.
  12. Yeah this drives me crazy. I switch between prescription clear and sunglasses. Could not find a good place for them in my bench seat setup. Ended up buying a little console storage thing to go on the floor under the center stack, and the glasses case goes in there. Overall love the 19 over my old 17, but very disappointed in GM on a few points including this one.
  13. 5% window tint

    I always go 35% on front and rear windows. No visibility problems at all, light enough to not get pulled over for it here in California (though technically still illegal), and provides a good deal of glare and heat reduction. Been doing it like that on all my cars for years.
  14. Did some of the incentives they were including expire? Have to watch out for that. They’ll come back before long.
  15. Bro, you are looking at almost a $13,000 discount as it is. Go buy that awesome truck and enjoy the heck out of it, you have close to a 20% discount, anyone would be happy with that deal.

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