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  1. If I recall, I think there is a setting somewhere where you can flip that behavior so the single press is the next station in order.
  2. The cool part is it will automatically disengage when you try to drive the truck.
  3. Take it into the dealership, they’ll do a software update and fix it.
  4. I’m at 23k and they did. They were originally supposed to put on new pads, then said that was only for the Cadillac. So it was reset to 100%. They tell me that my pads weren’t showing any wear and our close to that. Maybe, those are almost all highway miles. But whatever. I’m just glad it’s not throwing up error messages any more, or showing 14%.
  5. Should be about a half inch taller with the 275/65. So lifts the truck a quarter inch.
  6. Yeah it’s not for that kind of driving. It’s for the boring monotonous kind of day in and day out driving where you are stuck on the highway behind some jackhole who can’t manage to maintain a constant speed. Trust me it is a great thing I won’t buy another vehicle without it.
  7. How do you not like it? Got it on my wife’s van and drove a few other cars with it. Best thing ever for a road trip. It would make my morning commute so much better, I could just leave cruise on the whole way.
  8. lol it’s the height difference between the front and back. If it’s not level it has a rake to it.
  9. Thanks for posting, good to know. That’s just very slightly smaller than a 295/65r20, so that should fit well too. I have 2” both front and back, so kept the rake.
  10. Yes you also get new brake pads if truck has over 6000 miles.
  11. Right. My guess is they need new pads so they system can be recalibrated to 100% and be accurate.
  12. They said the bulletin just came out Friday to replace pads if truck has over 6000 miles. Mine has 13,800. And they are actually ordering parts, I'll need to go back when they come in.
  13. So... interesting update on this. Just got a call from the dealer after them having the truck all day. He said there was an updated bulletin from GM, and the truck is not only getting a software update, but they are also replacing front and rear brake pads. They didn't have the pads in stock so they are being ordered for me.
  14. I don't know... I've seen a number of posts on here where people say there is an actual sensor, and that's what the dealer is telling me. A software thing makes a lot more sense, it seems dumb they would put money into a sensor system on these trucks, when they are nickel and diming away so many other little things, for something people really don't need.
  15. Dropped off the truck this morning for this issue and an oil change. The service advisor knew all about the issue, I didn't need to give him the TSB number. He said the only fix he was aware of was to replace the sensor, and that those were way backordered. My truck has about 12,700 miles, and I'm at 14% front, 16% rear. Have been stuck there for awhile.
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