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  1. Right. My guess is they need new pads so they system can be recalibrated to 100% and be accurate.
  2. They said the bulletin just came out Friday to replace pads if truck has over 6000 miles. Mine has 13,800. And they are actually ordering parts, I'll need to go back when they come in.
  3. So... interesting update on this. Just got a call from the dealer after them having the truck all day. He said there was an updated bulletin from GM, and the truck is not only getting a software update, but they are also replacing front and rear brake pads. They didn't have the pads in stock so they are being ordered for me.
  4. I don't know... I've seen a number of posts on here where people say there is an actual sensor, and that's what the dealer is telling me. A software thing makes a lot more sense, it seems dumb they would put money into a sensor system on these trucks, when they are nickel and diming away so many other little things, for something people really don't need.
  5. Dropped off the truck this morning for this issue and an oil change. The service advisor knew all about the issue, I didn't need to give him the TSB number. He said the only fix he was aware of was to replace the sensor, and that those were way backordered. My truck has about 12,700 miles, and I'm at 14% front, 16% rear. Have been stuck there for awhile.
  6. I was just looking for that, couldn't find it. Just saw the TSB that says they are working on the issue. Does anyone have it they can repost? I have an appt. at the dealer tomorrow for this and want to give them guidance if possible.
  7. Actually those of us who the bench seats have a lot fewer options. Just the armrest cubby, and that's not easy to open and dig around in when driving. Lost a cupholder too. And that dash cubby is near useless, can't see inside it, and hard to reach.
  8. Mine dropped rapidly, then stopped dropping when it reached 14% at about 10k miles, never got any warning lights or anything. Been sitting at 14% for like the past 2000 miles.
  9. If they are highway miles (and me thinks they were for 31k on a 2019 truck) then that's about right. I drive about 36k miles a year, and on my last truck I traded it in at 90k miles and the pads were still fine.
  10. I'm pretty sure the folks at GM and other auto manufacturers read these blogs -- so I think it's important that they document both what their customers are happy with, and unhappy with. Because maybe they thought they could save a few pennies by omitting the glasses holder and adjustable shoulder for the seatbelt, and that no one would really notice. Yet, there are people like me who didn't even think to check for these things I assumed would just be there when I went from a 2017 to a 2019, and I'm fairly unhappy about finding them gone. I like my '19 over the '17 better in almost every way, it's a great truck, but for a vehicle I spend over 2 to 3 hours a day in, the little things in the interior matter to me. When I buy a new truck in 2 or 3 years, as I usually do, I will at least go look at Ford and Ram instead of just automatically getting another GM over these little issues.
  11. Not so sure any more... my truck just did an OTA update this morning. Took like 10 minutes. A message came on my screen telling me it needed to run and to leave the truck parked for a bit. Not sure exactly what it fixed, some kind of bug fixes. Probably just infotainment stuff, but not sure where you draw the line any more between the infotainment and the rest of the vehicle systems.
  12. And look at what we are getting now vs. 1991. So much more power, comfort, room, capability. You could buy a used truck today for $18k and it would still be nicer than what was being sold in 1991.
  13. I don't know that the model year change makes a big difference. Generally, regardless of model year, I look to pay about 20% under MSRP with all rebates and discounts. Anything over that is icing on the cake.
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