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  1. It's a common and known issue with its own TSB. You shouldn't have any trouble getting them to fix it along with your recalls. It's a software update I believe, I had the same issue on my truck. I usually get 90k miles or more out of a set of pads, mostly highway driving.
  2. I believe they close when you are at highway speeds to improve aerodynamics and thus fuel economy.
  3. Also I think the 2022 model year is when we are supposed to see an electric Silverado, so a refresh at that point would make sense. Along with that we are supposed to see independent rear suspension, but maybe that comes sooner.
  4. Same problem. Sometimes I lock it with the fob (or try to), don't realize it didn't work, and just come back to an unlocked truck that doesn't blink when I press the unlock button.
  5. I can try that -- but I don't think it's the battery. It's only in this one spot, and everywhere else the fob works from WAY across a parking lot. Farther than any other car I've owned.
  6. There is this one strip mall parking lot by my house with a gas station and some restaurants, etc. Maybe 1 in 5 times I park there, my keyless fob won't work. I usually lock the car by pushing the button on the interior door when I get out. Then to get back in, nothing works. The buttons on the fob won't work, the button on the door handle won't work. I have to pull the physical key out of the fob to unlock the door. Thankfully it will still start the truck. It's the weirdest thing, I've never had it happen anywhere else, just a bunch of times in this one parking lot. Must be some kind of interference. Anyone ever run into something like that?
  7. I traded my 17 in for a 19. I could never go back. Do it.
  8. If I recall, I think there is a setting somewhere where you can flip that behavior so the single press is the next station in order.
  9. The cool part is it will automatically disengage when you try to drive the truck.
  10. Take it into the dealership, they’ll do a software update and fix it.
  11. I’m at 23k and they did. They were originally supposed to put on new pads, then said that was only for the Cadillac. So it was reset to 100%. They tell me that my pads weren’t showing any wear and our close to that. Maybe, those are almost all highway miles. But whatever. I’m just glad it’s not throwing up error messages any more, or showing 14%.
  12. Should be about a half inch taller with the 275/65. So lifts the truck a quarter inch.
  13. Yeah it’s not for that kind of driving. It’s for the boring monotonous kind of day in and day out driving where you are stuck on the highway behind some jackhole who can’t manage to maintain a constant speed. Trust me it is a great thing I won’t buy another vehicle without it.
  14. How do you not like it? Got it on my wife’s van and drove a few other cars with it. Best thing ever for a road trip. It would make my morning commute so much better, I could just leave cruise on the whole way.
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