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  1. 460.00 installed at Dealership here. Thank you Ken
  2. Front Foglamp Kit Part No. : 84125494 Part Only Price $295.00* Installed Price $460.00* Designed to meet the fit, appearance and capability standards of your vehicle Designed to help enhance visibility while driving in low light or inclement weather Fog lights are designed to help other drivers see your vehicle on the road Sets your vehicle apart with added style Wire harness and hardware included Requires recalibration for proper use, must be installed at dealership
  3. I would mount the antenna off the frame down low and come off insulator mount off the stake hole to hold it tight. Stake hole not a great ground for Screwdriver antennas. Make sure coils is above the body Thank you Ken
  4. Drill those NMO holes. Never seen it hurt trucks valve. mine has less than 10k. Thank you Ken
  5. Looks Great to me. I have someone that sits in the middle area though. I do have a Ram mount laptop mount and might be able to do something with it Thank you Ken
  6. Looks great, I have a havis that I used to use, but I have four Granchildren and with two more makes a full truck, so middle spot can't be used. I have a ram mount laptop holder that is easily removed. Will look at that JottoDesk Console though. Appreciate your comments Thank you Ken
  7. Appreciate your comments, did notice the 2 inch or bigger plates under the crewcab back. Radio head on Icom is big and desktop like. Thank you 73 Ken
  8. Wiring up and Icom IC 7100 Crewcab with main body in under the seat, don't know if this qualifies as a " Mod ". Interested in seeing installs, Pics, or good information. Have Antenna on top of Cab, running wiring from battery down the passenger side.. Planning HF Antenna on Drivers side back stake hole. Thank you Ken
  9. Finally got it. Man must have made the truck on a good day.. Any links to the actual tear down of everything for these NBS. Looked on GMupfitters, but guess I was blind as couldn't find much on it. Putting Ham Radio in it with remote radio in the back Thanks to everyone for reading and the replies Ken
  10. sill came up, kick panel hasn't moved while directly pulling straight. Appreciate it Thank you Ken
  11. Does the passenger side kick panel pull straight out or up or down to remove. Haven't been able to run wires down to the back seat. Haven't been able to find a video of it. Thank you Ken
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