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  1. Great write up, helped me better understand upgrading mirrors. But I need some additional help and am going to take you up on your offer to tap into your expertise. I have a 2014 Siverado LT 1500 Extended Cab 5.3L gas with Max Towing Package It came with DL8 mirrors: Heated, Power Adjust, and Manual Fold. I wanted to upgrade to DPN mirrors: Manually Folding, Manually Extending, Heated, Turn Signal, Cargo, and Clearance Lamps. Before ordering mirrors, I checked with GM supplier what harnesses I needed. Based on the VIN, the upgrade would require new door harnesses and the RZY harness, as well as reprogramming BCM. However, I verified at the door connector that the body side connector had all the necessary pins #3, 9, 11 and 41. After completing the installation, the mirrors only had power adjust, heat and signal—marker and puddle lights did not operate. My local Chevy dealer reprogrammed BCM, but the marker and puddle lights still did not operate. I was told additional wiring was required as written in Doc ID 4209433 (Accessory Wiring Harness Package Installation). I reviewed the very detailed document and checked various connectors at the BEC and under hood. However, since it appears the RZY is not needed I’m not completely sure what portions of the installation instructions would apply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone. I’m Robert from So Cal and have been looking around at the various GM forums trying to decide which one to join. I found the information on GM-TRUCKS to be one of the best. It’s great to be a member. I currently drive a 2014 Silverado LT 1500 Extended Cab, 5.3L and am looking to put it to some serious use with our new travel trailer. I have some issues with a mirror upgrade, so I’ll be digging into the resources right away.
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