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  1. Anyone done a Wilson WeBoost Cell Signal Amplifier install? Would love to see pics, notes, and comments on your installation. Thanks
  2. They are not flashing with the signals. But I am getting the fast beat turn signals and the malfunction message, which indicates a malfunction somewhere.
  3. Yes. That is the one I'm referring to. I do know they come on after remote start and with the parking lights. Anyways, if they don't work as turn signals, then there must be a computer glitch or a controller malfunction somewhere.
  4. 2017 Sierra SLT. I just had a shop install a set of Airlift Airbags on the rear of my truck. After leaving the shop I noticed I was getting a fast turn signal and a message that says "Left (or Right) Front Turn Signal Malfunction". Both front LED turn signals are working (in the headlight assembly) and it appears the outboard marker light bulbs are working fine, although I haven't noticed if they are supposed to flash with the turn signals or not. I would think they would. Additionally, I was towing a motorcycle trailer when this issue started. The plug for the trailer lights has seen better days so I thought maybe I was getting erroneous signals because of a shotty connection to the trailer. After disconnecting the trailer and cleaning the receiver the problem persists. Is there a blinker controller that needs to be replaced? Any other suggestions? I find it hard to believe both outboard marker bulbs burnt out at the same moment. Thanks in advance!
  5. Cranked up the truck this morning and found the Intellilink touchscreen did not boot up. After a few minutes it did come up but only to a “maintenance page” with a prompt that says “Waiting for Update Media”. To me this sounds like a firmware update is pending but I didn’t do anything to prompt this. Any ideas how to get the screen back or am I due for forced update from GMC? thanks
  6. I ended up going with the Open Country AT II. My dealer here said they don't sell a lot of the C/T's and it would be a special order for them. They take really good care of me, and having experience with the AT II, it's proven and badass. 33x12.50 20's .
  7. To be clear, you mounted it under the truck in the area you mentioned on the frame? Not that you should need to, but is it accessible where it is? I'm curious...could one theorhetically service their tires with it if they had too? Seems like it might be a slow way to go for that job but when in a pinch I'm curious if it could be done. FWIW, I already have the WirelessOne...just looking into where to mount it right now.
  8. Curious if anyone has installed an AirLift WirelessOne and if so where did you choose to install it? 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT Z71 Crew Cab 6.5' Bed. Discuss. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I wish it were my piece of land. It’s actually my boss’ plantation up in Georgia. Far to nice indeed to be the Treasure Coast!
  10. In the aviation business, we call that "Electrical Smoke or Fire" and it is one of the most serious emergencies you can encounter. In a ground pounding truck it isn't so bad, but as one other said, I would get that sucker to the dealer ASAP and pull the fuse on that system in the interim.
  11. Thanks, everyone! I can already tell this is a great place to get good info.
  12. I'm not with the truck right now, but if I remember correctly its 265/55R20 with room to grow and there will be more after the leveling kit is installed. I'll update once I can check again to be sure.
  13. Yeah I hear you, but given the fact that we upgraded to truck it only made sense for us to get enough truck. It’s a little tight in parking areas but the camera and radar make it a piece of cake.
  14. I bought from an independent dealer in Jackson. Not a GM dealer.
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