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  1. Anyone running the Toyo M-55 on their 2019 body style HD? Curious about noise and ride quality. I just bought the truck (2019 Sierra 3500HD Duramax CC/SB/SLT/4x4) and am very impressed with the ride compared to my '17 Sierra 1500 SLT. That said the tires on it are the original OEM Michelin "all-season" highway tires and are not going to cut it come hunting season and winter on the Palouse (Inland Northwest). All the reviews on the tire are phenomenal, saying it's an awesome tire for any HD truck with some comments on noise and even a few on "stiffness transferring to the ride quality". TIA
  2. I've been shopping aux tanks for a 2019 3500 Diesel. Removability isn't really a major discussion point on the products I see, so I am curious how permanent are these installations? I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on a 2019 3500 standard box and would be interested in an aux tank, but only if I could remove it if it became necessary. I know it's not rocket surgery, but not sure how invasive these installs are. FYI this would be an AUX tank (gravity feed into trucks main tank) and NOT a transfer tank (with a nozzle and pump).
  3. I am thinking about mounting an IC-7100 or 5100 in my 17 5.3 SLT with captains chairs. I'm leaning heavily on the 7100 as it'll probably be my only rig until we finish building the house. I'd like to mount the head in as clean a manner as possible, ideally utilizing the huge "bucket" in the console just forward of the cup holders. Alternatively a mod to the little pencil trays just in front of the aux switches would be nice as well. Any pics of something like this? Other radio suggestions welcome as well...loyal to ICOM for some reason - probably because my uncle swore by them.
  4. Thanks for the response. Do you know if it is coming at some point (2021 or later) or is it unknown at this point? We have this in our new Subaru and love it, so it's almost worth waiting for in the GMC HD
  5. Have been conversing with a sales person about a potential order for a 2020 3500HD SLT SRW 4x4 with the SLT Premium and Technology packages. While I've gone through a build a few times on the GMC site, I never saw a feature for Adaptive Cruise Control. That is, cruise control that adapts to the speed of the vehicle ahead with adjustable following distance and collision avoidance. I asked him if this feature was available and he said, "we can definitely order one with adaptive cruise control". While that was pretty clear, my gut feeling (which is almost always right) had me thinking he may not know if it's available or not and might just be trying to make a sale. Can someone tell me if it's available or when it will be? Also, I heard wireless Apple CarPlay is coming in the 2021 models. Is that so? I'm all for reading this stuff my self, so you have published sources where I can read this info myself, please share. Many Thanks.
  6. Great feedback from all of you, thanks. Keep it coming, the more info the better as we consider this upgrade. There would be no better way to determine if the ride quality is acceptable than taking test drives in the various configurations. An Aux/Transfer tank would be a nice feature as long as it could be removed when needed should I need the extra space. What I would like to know, is at what payload weight are 3/4 & 1-ton drivers find that the ride "softens"? 300lbs? 500lbs? 700? 800? This is an important factor in my personal decision on this upgrade. I recall a few years back going elk hunting in western Washington with my brother-in-law and my dad. We were in my brother-in-laws 2006-7-8-ish 2500HD Z71 CCSB on US Forest Service roads. My dad was in the back seat and was miserable. To be clear, I don't expect a Bentley or Cadillac quality ride on a forest service road 5-10 miles from from the nearest pavement, but in a truck like this, no one should be miserable. That's what I'm trying to avoid by determining the least amount (but enough) of extra weight necessary to improve the ride quality without compromising the handing or operation of the truck on a typical driving surface. Airing down tires is an option, but not always practical. Extra fuel is useful, the capacity provides for flexibility and tankering and the tank can be left empty if need be - or even removed in a nominal amount of time. Please save your comments on off-roading with extra weight. Forest Service roads are not off roading and we're talking about a $70,000-ish truck...so that is just not going to happen. That's what the UTV is for that rides in the toy hauler. Thanks again
  7. I currently have a 2017 1500 Sierra SLT Crew Cab Std Box Z71. We are getting serious about upgrading to a 3500 SRW Crew Cab SLT but still debating the virtues of Long Box Vs. Standard. We would buy new, more than likely since I spend enough time in my truck that the value exceeds the cost, to us. I prefer the SLT, but when it comes to 1 ton does the Denali ride any better than the SLT? The cost difference between the SLT and Denali could pay for an Aux or Transfer tank. The purpose of our upgrade would be to facilitate a bumper pull travel trailer for summer camping, motorcycle trips (toy hauler), and various hunting seasons. We live the Pacific Northwest with mountains, long grades and distances to go, so we need to "bring enough truck". I am well aware that the 1-tons offer a substantially firmer ride than the 1/2 tons...I will sorely miss the floating ride of my 1500. So with that said, are Aux tanks (those that feed into the main fuel tank) and Transfer tanks (those that are not plumbed to the main tank but use a filler nozzle) a good way to soften the ride when I am not towing? My thought process is that a 100-gallon tank when full would put about 850 lbs of additional weight in the truck. 700lbs of fuel and 150ish for the tank. The problem is 100 gallons is a HUGE tank and would require the long box less it take up almost half the bed. I like the aesthetics and compactness of the Standard box, but if a big aux or transfer tank were in the plans I think the long box might be the way to go as we'd still retain 6+ feet of bed space even with the tank. It would offer a lot of extra fuel capacity and flexibility as we could tanker when we find a good price. I drive enough that the fuel would get used. While I would enjoy the soft ride too, hauling this extra weight would really only be necessary for the wife, who also loves the way the 1500 rides. I'd hate to upgrade, spend double on the next truck and have her hate the way it rides, even if it could pull a train out of a ditch. What is the smallest capacity tank that would provide appreciable ride dampening? 30 gallons? 50 gallons? 70 gallons? I prefer the aesthetics and compactness of the Standard box, but if feedback suggests this is a great idea, then the long box will still be in play. If a small enough tank <50 gallons is enough to significantly improve the ride, then the Standard box may still work as long as the tank is removable as needed. Any input from the brain trust is appreciated.
  8. Anyone done a Wilson WeBoost Cell Signal Amplifier install? Would love to see pics, notes, and comments on your installation. Thanks
  9. They are not flashing with the signals. But I am getting the fast beat turn signals and the malfunction message, which indicates a malfunction somewhere.
  10. Yes. That is the one I'm referring to. I do know they come on after remote start and with the parking lights. Anyways, if they don't work as turn signals, then there must be a computer glitch or a controller malfunction somewhere.
  11. 2017 Sierra SLT. I just had a shop install a set of Airlift Airbags on the rear of my truck. After leaving the shop I noticed I was getting a fast turn signal and a message that says "Left (or Right) Front Turn Signal Malfunction". Both front LED turn signals are working (in the headlight assembly) and it appears the outboard marker light bulbs are working fine, although I haven't noticed if they are supposed to flash with the turn signals or not. I would think they would. Additionally, I was towing a motorcycle trailer when this issue started. The plug for the trailer lights has seen better days so I thought maybe I was getting erroneous signals because of a shotty connection to the trailer. After disconnecting the trailer and cleaning the receiver the problem persists. Is there a blinker controller that needs to be replaced? Any other suggestions? I find it hard to believe both outboard marker bulbs burnt out at the same moment. Thanks in advance!
  12. Cranked up the truck this morning and found the Intellilink touchscreen did not boot up. After a few minutes it did come up but only to a “maintenance page” with a prompt that says “Waiting for Update Media”. To me this sounds like a firmware update is pending but I didn’t do anything to prompt this. Any ideas how to get the screen back or am I due for forced update from GMC? thanks
  13. I ended up going with the Open Country AT II. My dealer here said they don't sell a lot of the C/T's and it would be a special order for them. They take really good care of me, and having experience with the AT II, it's proven and badass. 33x12.50 20's .
  14. To be clear, you mounted it under the truck in the area you mentioned on the frame? Not that you should need to, but is it accessible where it is? I'm curious...could one theorhetically service their tires with it if they had too? Seems like it might be a slow way to go for that job but when in a pinch I'm curious if it could be done. FWIW, I already have the WirelessOne...just looking into where to mount it right now.
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