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  1. I took mine in yesterday. The Service peeps looked and acted like I was nuts for bringing up the rust issue. I stood my ground and they sanded/pained it. BTW, while I was waiting I looked at 2 other new T1s on the lot and they both had minor rust. Lesson learned: always look under the truck before purchasing!
  2. I live in Ca. After reading this post I looked under my rig and not happy with what I uncovered. Looks like the differential has rust spots also. I am definitely going to ask the dealer about it.
  3. I am thinking about getting the GM accessory truck bed sport tent. It would be nice sleeping above the ground. Has anyone purchased/used one? If so do you recommend it?
  4. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    I saw a T1 LTZ on my way home from work at the light going the opposite direction. I must admit, a little blood rushed to my Peeni.
  5. IRS on the GM Triplets

    Its been $4 per gallon here in So Cal for a while
  6. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    I live in So Cal where gas prices are at $4+. Since I purchased my RST at the end of Jan, I have only seen 3 other T1s on the road. Mine definitely turns heads as there aren’t many in the wild. This is the 1st time I purchased a vehicle during the 1st year of a refresh; I’m always looking for others on the road.
  7. So basically, the bed power outlet is only realistically useful if I need to charge something in the bed while driving. Kind of a pointless option I guess.....
  8. Just curious if anyone has used the bed power outlet? It does not operate when the truck is turned off. I am thinking about getting the rear tent and that outlet would be nice if it was functional when the truck is off. So what Is it’s utility since it does not have its own battery source? Thx
  9. No matter what I do, my front driver and passenger side windows have streaks. If there has been any type of moisture or morning dew and I roll my windows down, when they come up, it’s streak city. I think it’s a defective felt/rubber piece. Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    Great post above and I agree with all the comments. When I 1st got my RST, I also was disappointed that the passenger seat was not 'Power' operated. However, since I nap almost daily at lunch (in the passenger seat) I am now actually glad its manual. I can quickly recline for nappy time. The driver power seat SHOULD include 2 memory settings but it has none. Booooooooo Another item to add to the negatives is that the RST does not come with rear wheel well covers. If I had noticed this, I would have told the dealer to throw them in as a condition for purchase. Overall, the RST is one bad @ss Rig and I am stoked on it!
  11. Safety Package - Aftermarket?

    Well I started this Topic and wanted to give an update. My car before this was a Infinity G35; so after driving that for 13 years I finally stepped up to a big boy Rig. At first I felt like I made a mistake by not getting the Safety Package because driving the Silverado is WAY different than the G35 (obviously). Now that I have ~2K miles on my RST, I don't feel like the sensors were really needed. Sure they are helpful, but I don't think I would have substituted my other options for it (i.e. convenience package II, Max Tow, leather bucket seats, and heated searing wheel/seats (surprised at how much I love the luxury). It took time getting used to the longer wheel base, etc. But now I can park that baby confidently...Backing up is easy with the HD camera (very precise and i love it). Parking forward is fine now that I have a good idea of how far the trucks front end is...it literally falls straight down from the end point of the hood (stub nose). Sure if you have the $$$, get the safety package, but if it means substituting other options important to you, you may want to think twice.
  12. Z71 vs Max towing package

    My friend at the Dealership definitively told me the Max trailer package rides smoother than the Z71 on street. My RST w MTP definitely rides smooth and sporty with 20”. I am almost at 2K in miles. However going over speed bumps is rougher than desired. Do others with the MTP agree? How are the Z71s driving?
  13. Can someone recommend a good cargo net? thx
  14. Window Tint in CA

    That makes sense since the back 3 already come tinted from the Dealership. Would you say the 12% front is what is making you paranoid? Maybe I should go half that %. Does having a rear window slider make the tinting process more problematic?
  15. Console Organizer

    I just got mine from the link above. Thanks for the recommendation friends. It fits perfect and does its job.

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