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  1. Going from a 2019 Silverado with DFM to a 2022 Refresh TB W/O DFM, I definitely like not having DFM. If you can snag one w/o DFM I recommend pulling the trigger ASAP B4 DFM is standard again.
  2. I called my Dealership and they had no clue. I am skeptical we will get them before Winter; but I am a pessimistic person. HaHa
  3. Beautiful. What brand bed cover is that and does it fit nicely on the Refresh?
  4. My 8 speed 2019 RST was fantastic and had no problems. The handling was sporty and it was faster off the line than my 2022 TB.
  5. I completely Agree. I always purchase extended warrantees; they have come in handy. I just tapped into mine for my 2016 Tahoe: The Infotainment system would go dark periodically or mix up the screens. GM put a brand new infotainment control system in.
  6. Anyone else get the black CA Legacy Plates? The wait period says 3-9 months. Unfortunately, the state law says we need front and rear plates. I like the blacked out look and think these plates will look awesome on my TB.
  7. That's ridiculous. Sine 2019 I have been consistently reading about the rear window leak issue. GM should fix these issues when they arise with no questions asked.
  8. I spoke to my dealership and they have no updates as of now.
  9. Thankyou Kind Sir. I can use my Chevy rewards for that! I realize this should be a DIY project; I don't want to ****** it up.
  10. Where did you get the black Z71 badges from? those look great!
  11. It looks like a lot of dealers are adding a few thousand dollars to MSRP on some of these trims now. The disclaimer states supply/demand..blah blah blah. I'm curious if dealers will honor the prices quoted at the time of order. THEY BETTER!!!!
  12. The Glacier Blue Metallic looks amazing. I still haven't seen one in the wild.
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