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  1. Bought my 2022 Ltd in February and was told March for then I will get the chips for park assist, cooled and heated seats and steering wheel. Since then anytime I reach out to the dealer or chevy customer service all im told is that they are coming sometime in the future but they don't know when. Has anyone had their chips put in or gotten some kind of a date when they will be available?
  2. Which trim and year is your 3.0? I got a 2022 ltd ltz 3.0 and mine doesn't have the last option in settingd menu.
  3. I know that 2022 LM2 3.0 duramax got cooling improvements for increased towing capacity with max tow package, does anyone know what they changed? I saw larger radiator mentioned but chevy previously said the heat issues were related to egr and dpf.
  4. Has anyone seen full air suspension for 2022 ltd that allows you to lower the truck below stock and raise it above stock? I found some kits but looks like they only go higher than stock but not any lower.
  5. Has anyone had an issue where with the power up tailgate if you close it with the button on the key instead of picking it up by hand when you hit a bump it will say tailgate open and the only way to fix it is to open it and slam it closed by hand? It's a 2022 that's been doing it since the day I picked it up, guessing either sensor or latch is bad.
  6. Should I still get clear ceramic or would it make no difference on windshield since it's already uv reducing? And just do enough on the front to get it to match 20% on the rear?
  7. It says 20% on my rear windows, doesn't that mean that it only let's 20% of light in which is from the factory and would be illegal in kansas?
  8. Does anyone know what the factory rear tint on 2022 silverado ltd ltz is? From what I looked up it's 20% but in Kansas legal requirement for rear windows is 35% so I don't think that's correct unless it's different rear tint depending on the state, I'm currently in florida but moving to Kansas next few months so need tint that will be legal there, what are your recommendations?
  9. Just picked up a 2022 Ltd ltz z71 with duramax. Haven't driven a truck in years so pretty new to this stuff. What are some things I should buy to keep in the truck? I will be doing light offroad driving, mostly just Florida dirt roads nothing crazy. Do I still need to air down the tires to a certain psi if that's all I'm doing offroad driving wise? Also any recommendations on what windshield sunshade brand to get? Anything else I should pick up and keep in the truck? Or any small mods I can do? Also any hidden or lesser known features on the silverado?
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