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  1. I’m pretty certain that suck air down through the seat, not blow up up.
  2. Dealership found a TSB and applied a software update. Cleared code and good to go.
  3. 2020 3.0 dmax with 38k threw p1339 yesterday. No ill effect other than disabling the remote start while cel is on. seems to point to glow plug error. No trouble cold starting even down to 0*. Dealership didn’t have an appointment till the 25. Will update after.
  4. Magnusson Moss act prevents OEMs from invaliding warranty due to aftermarket parts. OEM would need to prove the aftermarket part caused a failure to deny warranty coverage. They simply can’t blanket deny warranty claims based on aftermarket installation.
  5. Looks like the Mobil stations have efficient. I can start hitting them. It’s on my commute to work.
  6. No apology necessary! Knowledgeable people like you are what make these forums valuable. None of those diesel brands are familiar to this way. Standards up here are Shell, Sunoco, Mobile and Irving. Goes to “off brand” real quick after that. I’ll put an order in for Amsoil and will get their filter if available also. Regarding air filter, do you recommend an OEM replacement or K&N drop in? There also are a few “cold air intake” options now to the tune of $350-400.
  7. Hi! This post really took off . Lots of words and ****** it don’t understand… I haven’t changed the oem air filter yet. I certainly can do so if you believe it can help. I run oem dexosD bought from local dealerships along with the oem filter. I change Oil when the oil life monitor his sub 15%. I run Amsoil in my Indian motorcycle and can make the switch to Amsoil if you believe it beneficial. I almost always fill up at a local Shell truck stop. This is a high volume diesel station. When I say almost always, I mean 90% of the time I hit this diesel station. I do not add anything to the fuel during the summer or winter. The truck has a light duty plow in the winter. The plow and mount weighs about 500lbs and I load about 800lbs of ballast in the bed. During the summer it pulls a boat frequently weighing about 2600lbs. I just did another oil change at 34k but didn’t capture oil for analysis. I’ll grab some from my next change.
  8. I’ve used them in the past but never did ceramic. Last I knew ceramic was pretty expensive.
  9. i installed the kit. Very happy with it although I definitely need about 1.5” in the back. Where did you get your blocks? The tires have a diameter of 34.4”. I’ll probably get the speedo corrected. Is there a preferred module? fuel economy went goodbye the lift and LT tires but that was anticipated
  10. I just installed the stage 1 Icon kit front and rear. It’s real solid now. Used to rock going over speed bumps at an angle. Now nice and firm. Not hard, but controlled.
  11. Might be worth a call to the parts dept along with your VIN to try to verify part #s
  12. I ordered the stage 1 Icon kit and some LT275/65r20 tires for my 2020 diesel crew cab std bed 1500. Does the stage 1 kit sit level or does it retain factory rake? I tow frequently and want to maintain the same rake as factory. If blocks are needed, what’s the recommended block? Also didn’t go with UCAs as the only off-road the truck sees are dirt roads to boat ramps while towing. edit: also, will the Speedo need correcting? Thanks for your input
  13. I called them this morning. They claim it's due to the weight. I pointed out the 3.0 is lighter than the 6.2 but the gentleman was confident in his answer. They did state their existing coilovers were fine for the 6.2. They started they were coming out with a set for the 3.0. I dunno. I think I might order them anyway.
  14. I blew a tire and will take the opportunity to get larger tires all around. I have a friend who can get good pricing through Rough Country so I was looking into their lift options. Their 2" coilover is listed as "not diesel compatible". Anyone have thoughts why they might be incompatible? I'm not aware of any difference in the factory suspension and the 3.0 is equal to or slightly less heavy than the 6.2. I intend on calling RC in the morning but thought I'd get some opinions here also. These are the coilovers in question. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-vertex-coilovers-689018.html?find=2020-gmc-sierra-1500-4wd-740563
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