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  1. I’ve used them in the past but never did ceramic. Last I knew ceramic was pretty expensive.
  2. i installed the kit. Very happy with it although I definitely need about 1.5” in the back. Where did you get your blocks? The tires have a diameter of 34.4”. I’ll probably get the speedo corrected. Is there a preferred module? fuel economy went goodbye the lift and LT tires but that was anticipated
  3. I just installed the stage 1 Icon kit front and rear. It’s real solid now. Used to rock going over speed bumps at an angle. Now nice and firm. Not hard, but controlled.
  4. Might be worth a call to the parts dept along with your VIN to try to verify part #s
  5. I ordered the stage 1 Icon kit and some LT275/65r20 tires for my 2020 diesel crew cab std bed 1500. Does the stage 1 kit sit level or does it retain factory rake? I tow frequently and want to maintain the same rake as factory. If blocks are needed, what’s the recommended block? Also didn’t go with UCAs as the only off-road the truck sees are dirt roads to boat ramps while towing. edit: also, will the Speedo need correcting? Thanks for your input
  6. I called them this morning. They claim it's due to the weight. I pointed out the 3.0 is lighter than the 6.2 but the gentleman was confident in his answer. They did state their existing coilovers were fine for the 6.2. They started they were coming out with a set for the 3.0. I dunno. I think I might order them anyway.
  7. I blew a tire and will take the opportunity to get larger tires all around. I have a friend who can get good pricing through Rough Country so I was looking into their lift options. Their 2" coilover is listed as "not diesel compatible". Anyone have thoughts why they might be incompatible? I'm not aware of any difference in the factory suspension and the 3.0 is equal to or slightly less heavy than the 6.2. I intend on calling RC in the morning but thought I'd get some opinions here also. These are the coilovers in question. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-vertex-coilovers-
  8. I had roughly 6k miles on the oil and a little under 20k miles on the truck. This sample was from the 3rd oil change completed. Edit: the truck is currently equipped with a plow and 800lbs of sand in the bed. It also frequently tows a boat.
  9. Wind-chill was -16F the past 2 mornings. Started w/ remote start with zero issues not plugged in. Love this truck.
  10. I had about 30% remaining. The weather was decent in NH and I'd rather change it when the temp is above 30*. I thought it was fairly clean given almost 20k miles and around 940 gallons of diesel. I almost exclusively fill at a Shell station that has diesel lanes for rigs. It seems to be both high volume and high quality fuel.
  11. Google tells me Yes. Personally, I don't know. My 3/8 torque wrench is set in NM
  12. You need a 36mm socket and torque to 25.5NM. The new filter should come with 2 O rings. The large one is for the filter cap and the small one goes on the tip of whatever the hell is sticking down inside the filter housing.
  13. Changed the fuel filter. Definitely need to pay attention to the torque when reinstalling the filter. I overtightened and fuel sprayed everywhere when I pressurized the system. Backed the filter out and properly torqued. No more leak. Old and new filter attached. The filter had a little about 19.6k on it when replaced. Also sending an oil sample to Blackstone.
  14. You might have saved a lot of money with an SLT vs Denali if you wanted to alter the suspension. You can do it however you need to disable the adaptive ride control or buy a kit designed to reuse your arc shocks
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