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  1. Yes, they said it was a coolant bypass valve stuck open. They ordered the part and it's backordered. I'll let you know how the repair goes
  2. Was in the highway sand saw Reduced Engine Power message. CEL illuminated. Pulled p26C0 with scan tool. Truck had intermittent stutter from stop for a few weeks prior. I'll let you know what the dealer says when I have a chance to bring it
  3. No, they've been around for some years now. My 2014 5.3 had them
  4. My tonneau (Truxedo pro X15) was made specially for that handle. The side rail is notched to allow full use. It's a killer tonneau
  5. They always have a ton of exclusions. It's really only a select few items that qualify for the discounts. You can call at use chat to get a better price than listed on their website.
  6. I want to lift the truck a little for the plow I installed. I'm thinking of doing the Icon stage 1 kit. Icon can't verify compatibility w/ the 2020 MY yet. Has anyone installed the Icon kit on a new 1500 diesel? Icon tells me the Eibachs they use on the 2.5 VS shocks are 650#.
  7. I installed a Snowdogg MD75 on my 2020 diesel. I'm going to do either the OEM 2" lift or the Icon stage 1 before I go with timbrens. The sag when I lift the plow isn't too bad
  8. I love my 2020 1500 CC std box diesel. The SLT trim i bought has absolutely every amenity I've wanted in a truck including adaptive cruise. The interior is enormous and comfortable. The Multipro tailgate has proven useful a handful of times in the month I've owned it. The 3.0 Duramax diesel is a fantastic engine that returns a smooth, quite ride with excellent fuel economy. I've been searching for my "forever" truck for a long time. In the last 4 years I went from a 2014 Sierra 1500 5.3 CC std box to a 2017 Sierra 1500 6.2 CC short box to a 2013 Tacoma to a 2018 Canyon diesel to the 2020 Sierra. Its just about perfect! I've had zero issues in the first 2500 miles I've put on it. I should be able to tell you how it handles a snowplow later this week!
  9. I'm going to agree and say that bumper is HIDEOUS. Great job digging in and replacing the grill yourself though!
  10. Don't have to remove bumper. Have to remove valence. Easiest place to find instructions is from any vendor of aftermarket bumpers. It's not that bad. Definitely not worth paying someone $130 if you're mechanically inclined.
  11. Agreed. 0w20 protects from about -50* to 400*. It lubricates a cold engine faster than thicker oils. I have no concerns about it.
  12. Is it a diesel? I don't recall seeing a boot that large and accessible in the engine bay. I'll look again tomorrow. Perhaps I'll reach out to GMs outfitter team for advice if I don't have the same boot available.
  13. I had a somewhat difficult time finding one equipped how I wanted in NH. I think the diesel in the 1/2 ton is really going to take off.
  14. I'm running the harness for a snow plow. I need to get the controller harness into the cab from the engine bay. It needs about 1"+ hole to get the molex plug through. The engine bay is tighter than a nun's ****. The underside of the dash on either the driver or passenger side is no better. Everything is jammed tight. The best place I found is where the hood latch cable runs through the firewall. It runs through a small grommet. There's reasonable access to it and a little over an inch of open space on 3/4 the circumference. I was planning to push the grommet out and drill a 1/2" hole right next to it. Then connect the 2 hole with a file. I'd run the molex through and then fill it with strip caulk. I would love a cleaner location with easier access but haven't come across anything. I even poked around with a Milwaukee inspection cam. Couldn't find anything easier. I don't love the idea of running the cable across the engine bay. The cable runs from the battery side with is passenger side. The cable needs to run across the turbo area. I'm a little concerned about hear although I could wrap the cable. Hoping someone might have a good suggestion for me. I'd prefer to have it enter on the passenger side to minimize heat damage risk.
  15. Installed the 1/2 louvered Backrack with tonneau adapter kit and the Truxedo Pro X15 tonneau. Love em both. The tonneau is made of a canvas material vs the vinyl you typically see on a soft roll up. It's as low profile as I could find. I had a Truxedo Lo-Pro QT on my 2017 and really liked it. I like this cannas material a lot more. Smoking deal on the tonneau through Kyle at Truckalterations.com. By far the best deal. Found him on an F150 forum. Wanted to post some pics as I haven't seen either of these on a new Sierra yet.
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