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  1. Today I started up my AT4 and the power steering died. The stated I needed to get power steering service. After a couple of restarts, it started working again. Is this a known issue? I already have an issue with my seat cooling where only the passenger side works, but as soon as I push the driver side the passenger side stops and neither work. And the auto-stop engine doesn't work either. Taking it in tomorrow, but seems like there is some computer/wiring issue from all the problems creeping up.
  2. Nothing. No sound, no air. Just checked my girlfriends GMC Sierra and you can hear the air in her seats when they are on. Is there a connection or fuse I can check?
  3. The ventilated seats, both driver and passenger don’t blow cold air. The blue lights come on when turning them on but no cool air from the seats. The seat heaters work fine. Any suggestions? Trying to keep from having to take the truck in to the dealership.
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